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December 2nd, 2012

The Origin of LOST

I can’t be a LOST fan and not link to this great Alan Sepinwall article on its origins, shown to me by my coworker and fellow-LOST head Marteki. It’s a pretty great insight into how the whole thing came about and, oddly enough, it came from a network executive.

“And then the notion of Survivor popped into my head,” recalls [ABC Entertainment chairman Lloyd] Braun. “I don’t know why. And I put it all together: What if there was a plane that crashed and a dozen people survived, and nobody knew each other. Your past was almost irrelevant. You could reinvent who you were. You had to figure out — how do you survive? What do you use for shelter, for water? Is it like Lord of the Flies? How do we get off the island, how do you get home? And I start to get very excited about the idea, and I start thinking about the title Lost.”

Pretty sweet. I miss this show.

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