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January 23rd, 2000

You named your child what?!

Here are some actual names that make you wonder exactly how much their parents hated them:

  • Gay Mount
  • Dick Heimendinger
  • Dee Lord
  • Peter Long
  • an OB/GYN named Dr. Beaver
  • a urologist named Dr. Penis (though not pronounced like the male member)
Some of them seem almost too strange to be true (especially the first two), but these are all first or second-hand. I have a feeling most people know at least one person with a “your-parents-must-have-hated-you” name or a name that’s especially appropriate for their occupation. Feel free to contribute yours… – ram

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FROM: Aaron
DATE: Monday January 24, 2000 -- 1:45:03PM
Here's a favorite of mine:

A dentist named Dr. Savage.

An unfortunate young man, who attended the same high shcool as I, was named by his parents "John Rambo". How could Mr. and Mrs. Rambo have known naming their son John would cause him much teasing in Jr. and Sr. High?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday February 4, 2000 -- 9:31:57AM
I saw a van today on my way into work that I've been meaning to mention -- it's a company called Peed Plumbing.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday February 25, 2000 -- 1:46:17PM
I played basebell with a kid who had a class with a Mr. Bitch.

My little brother said his 4th grade (or somewhere around there) had a friend named Ima Hogg.

FROM: Michelle Kinsey-Clinton
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2000 -- 3:07:06PM
A relative of mine once worked with a man named Hans Fagg. Poor him; can't imagine the crap he took for *that* when young. And this one isn't offensive or naughty, just silly---I worked once with a guy (a good guy who probably doesn't deserve this embarrassment) named Rodger Rodgers. What were his parents *think*ing?

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2000 -- 3:46:15PM
I remember some sit-com from the 80's where the name Bud Weiser appeared during the credits (I think he was the writer?). Bud is probably not his real name but I always thought it was cool anyway.
-Old Fezz

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2000 -- 4:42:09PM
A kid in my high school had the first name Vincent. His mom divorced and re-married a Mr. Vincnet. He became Vincent Vincent -- bummer.

FROM: pistol jack
DATE: Sunday May 7, 2000 -- 7:24:02PM
there is this antique store in my home town of Treadwell, NY called "Willie Dicker's Antiques."
WOW did we used to do prank phone calls with that place!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday May 11, 2000 -- 12:36:25AM
I know this isn't really the same subject, but a friend and I (Matt Wright, if you care) were trying to come up with as many of those "joke names" as we could. Here are the ones I could remember:

-Dick Hertz
-Mike Hunt (my favorite)
-Mike Hawk (I made that up so it's a bit of a stretch; I actually knew a Mike Hawk once, go figure!)
-Rob McCrotch (someone else I know made that up for a guy who's name was Rob McC--something)

You could go on with the really famous ones (Oliver Clothesoff, etc) but I won't bother.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Thursday May 11, 2000 -- 3:14:00PM
For my Info Systems classes in college, we made tons of applications that required test data and of course we'd come up with the rudest names we could possibly think of:
- Heywood Jablowme
- Buster Cherry
- Buster Heiman
- Ben Dover

I can't even remember the others....
-Old Fezz

FROM: pistol jack
DATE: Thursday May 11, 2000 -- 9:16:51PM
you forgot Phil Mckracken

FROM: dave
DATE: Sunday October 15, 2000 -- 10:21:53PM
My dad had a shop teacher named Harry Legs.

At work I saw a flyer (for what I don't remember) saying for more information, call Richard Dick.

And, maybe off-topic a bit, but there is a town in Kentucky called Big Bone Lick.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Monday October 16, 2000 -- 2:29:56PM
On The Man Show last night, they had a segment with guys with humorous names. They had guys with the names: Dick Hertz, Mike Hunt, Chuck Dick, and Jack Hoff. Chuck Dick claimed to have a sister named Anita -- ouch.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Monday October 16, 2000 -- 5:28:02PM
Yep, those Man Show ones are great!

I was reminded of a good fake name the other day:
Amanda Hugenkiss

I think it's from the Simpson's but hadn't heard it for awhile.


FROM: Master5
DATE: Sunday August 19, 2001 -- 4:01:25PM
There are 520 joke names on this site.

FROM: Alan Gee
DATE: Monday May 20, 2002 -- 6:10:49 pm
My last name is pronounced like the letter "G." My first born son's name will be Apollo.

DATE: Tuesday July 16, 2002 -- 4:00:07 pm
The 80's sitcom mentioned with "Bud Weiser" was Lassie. I believe he was the producer. Hated the show, but I'd always watch the opening credits to laugh at his name.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday July 16, 2002 -- 4:48:49 pm
Bud Wiser was also on the staff of Who's the Boss??, the vehicle for Katherine Hellmond.

DATE: Tuesday July 16, 2002 -- 5:12:40 pm

FROM: Greg
DATE: Tuesday July 16, 2002 -- 5:14:39 pm
Let's try this again without the CAPS lock...

A guy I work with is named Dick Willie

FROM: Greg
DATE: Wednesday July 17, 2002 -- 9:55:24 am
I was watching The Shawshank Redemption last night. As the credits rolled, a person on the production staff was named Dick Firr.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Tuesday November 12, 2002 -- 10:04:54 am
I'm keeping this Ping alive!

A guy in the Chicago Sun-Times was named Red Wiener.

DATE: Wednesday November 13, 2002 -- 8:07:27 am
There is a guy registered on our database called Ramit Pal.

FROM: jay coff
DATE: Tuesday December 3, 2002 -- 1:14:18 pm
theres a resteraunt in flordia with a womens, men and undecided
bathroom i thought it was funny i went to the undecided

FROM: Vince
DATE: Tuesday December 3, 2002 -- 9:02:26 pm
My mother swears that the woman in the room next to hers in the maternity ward at the time of my birth named her daughter "Deliria".

DATE: Thursday January 2, 2003 -- 6:58:44 pm
My mother used to work with a man, Richard Hair, who for some reason chose to use Dick for his first name. Dick Hair.

FROM: Deuce
DATE: Saturday January 18, 2003 -- 10:24:41 am
My dad had two students, brother and sister, whose parents named them Donald and Daphne. They were second-generation Vietnamese immigrants. Their last name was Duq.

FROM: vlm
DATE: Sunday January 19, 2003 -- 2:06:44 am
Had a substitute teacher once for sex ed: Dick Seamen.

As a high school teacher, my mother taught students named Candy Barr and Melody Bonk.

And as for fake names, the doctor played my John McGinley on "Scrubs" was named Harry Cox until they changed it to Perry Cox. I loved that they never said his first and last names in the same show. They seem to've dubbed over the earlier reruns for continuity.

DATE: Thursday January 23, 2003 -- 11:25:32 am
It's true. I am Richard Heimendinger. Very funny site. I was wondering where you heard my name. I can't imagine there are too many Richard Heimendingers running around.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday January 23, 2003 -- 2:09:05 pm

FROM: SailorMoonFan
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 8:45:18 pm
My friend made up this one...Ima Jerk and Mike Crotch...(my crutch, get it?)

FROM: SailorMoonFan
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 8:46:26 pm
rick heimendinger, r u kidding????????? *mouth falls open*

FROM: SailorMoonFan
DATE: Sunday January 26, 2003 -- 8:47:58 pm
just a question...what's dunb-ass mode?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday January 27, 2003 -- 9:58:12 am
just a question...what's dunb-ass [sic] mode?

If you have to ask....

FROM: chris
DATE: Monday January 27, 2003 -- 9:01:17 pm
I went to school with a guy named Robin Hood. Story has it he was out joyriding with a buddy one night, got pulled over by the police,showed his license, and the cop didn't believe him. Cop said, "So who's your friend, Donald Duck?" Friend's name (no lie!) was Donald Gosling.

FROM: Meredith
DATE: Tuesday February 4, 2003 -- 2:26:24 pm
really funny site... how could people seriously name their kids that? they must have been really ugly babies!

FROM: Mike [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday February 4, 2003 -- 10:06:20 pm
I went to school with twins named Tuesdee and Wensdee, and also a girl named Chanda Leer. And if I remember correctly, her first name was Crystal, but she went by her middle name.

FROM: sophie
DATE: Thursday February 6, 2003 -- 2:53:06 pm

DATE: Thursday February 13, 2003 -- 8:38:49 am
wow look at me aint i cool

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Thursday February 13, 2003 -- 11:30:54 am
I cant believe this ping has gone on for...3 years...without mentioned how f'ed up Frank Zappa was to name his kids!! I mean, Dweezil and Ahmed look downright normal compared to...Moon Unit?!?! Seriously, School must have been a bitch with a name like Moon Unit Zappa.

FROM: chris
DATE: Sunday March 2, 2003 -- 9:36:29 pm
some others i havent noticed on your site : ivor bigun , hugh jass , I.P freely . drew peacock , buster gonad , joe king , Mr E man , sukma boobie :)

DATE: Thursday March 13, 2003 -- 8:55:17 pm
There was a Dick Heimendinger in my class at school. We never thought anything strange about his name. Figured it was a German name perhaps. We lived in the good old days. Found your site because I was looking up his name.

FROM: Kisti Samsundari
DATE: Friday March 14, 2003 -- 6:39:25 pm

FROM: muesli
DATE: Monday March 24, 2003 -- 7:30:39 am
my name is muesli eliott. wierd enuff for you?

DATE: Tuesday April 15, 2003 -- 10:47:49 pm

DATE: Tuesday April 15, 2003 -- 10:52:30 pm
I went to school with Donald and Daphney duck, Tom Sawyer, Anita Pancake and Mary Christmas. I also dated a guy (Mike Linc) who wanted to name his son Missing or Chain.

What about movie Titals:
**My Favorite** (blushing)

FROM: Danny
DATE: Tuesday June 3, 2003 -- 12:10:47 pm
Glass works BONG

DATE: Tuesday June 3, 2003 -- 5:03:46 pm
Know someone who has a step-daughter called Fo'mica.... (formica)

used to actually know someone called shawn Ganguly... thought we could marry.. and I would be Julie Ganguly (I think they used to call him "Ging")

which is nice

DATE: Thursday September 4, 2003 -- 6:22:07 pm

FROM: Barry Cowan
DATE: Friday September 5, 2003 -- 10:41:12 am
In the sixties I knew a USAF Non-com who worked in EOD (explosive ordenance disposal) who's name was Sgt. Blow

FROM: Caroline
DATE: Friday September 5, 2003 -- 1:45:15 pm
In high school by bus driver's actual name was Bunny Christmas. She was a big woman too and mean. Boy were we surprised to learn that her name was Bunny. Oh and she did have a sister-in-law named Mary who legally changed the spelling of her name to Meri. Very sad.

FROM: Wang Koff
DATE: Wednesday September 17, 2003 -- 2:49:03 pm
Harry Balzagna, Phil McCrevis, Richard "Dick" Fitzwell, Kraven Morhed are somemore

DATE: Wednesday September 17, 2003 -- 5:24:07 pm
I have friends who are married - She kept her maiden name. They are Anita White and Harry Weiner

FROM: tussie
DATE: Thursday September 25, 2003 -- 1:09:43 pm
my name bonk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

FROM: Rick
DATE: Thursday September 25, 2003 -- 8:32:11 pm
The guy in the office next to mine is Richard Paine, and he does go by "Dick Paine".

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday October 1, 2003 -- 4:33:56 pm
Pinger Yanek just sent this gem along to me. Made me laugh like a 12-year-old boy.

FROM: Yanek [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday October 1, 2003 -- 4:36:17 pm
My mom used to work for a guy (in India) whose name was Mr. Booger. She had a fit when she came to the US and learned the connotation.

FROM: Shumanoo
DATE: Thursday February 5, 2004 -- 9:16:35 pm
are we forgetting the infamous Dick Trickle? look him up. dont u think he'd at least call himself richard???

FROM: shmel
DATE: Thursday February 5, 2004 -- 9:18:11 pm
my dentist's name is dr.paine... it kinda scares me...

FROM: geoff
DATE: Friday May 7, 2004 -- 6:23:35 am
I went to jr high with a girl named Chanda Leere

FROM: Trish
DATE: Thursday May 27, 2004 -- 4:12:44 pm
I went to middle school with a guy named Goble Huxhole.

FROM: Jim Burke
DATE: Monday June 14, 2004 -- 6:12:49 pm
I worked with a guy in Knoxville, TN named Phat Ho.

FROM: Trace
DATE: Wednesday June 30, 2004 -- 3:51:43 pm
I worked with a guy in DC named Dick Stanke.

FROM: george
DATE: Sunday September 19, 2004 -- 9:06:17 pm
i think a neighbor of mine acually named her kid Nosmo King. i guess she liked the "no smoking" sign at the hospital.

FROM: Haha
DATE: Wednesday November 3, 2004 -- 8:34:08 am
Those are cool

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:08:04 pm

FROM: Ryree
DATE: Friday August 5, 2005 -- 12:24:32 am
In our small town our chiropractors are Krusch and McCracken. My brother went to school with a Dink Dinkler

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Tuesday June 13, 2006 -- 11:24:33 am
I also had a dentist named Dr. Paine

Doc O'Debiegh November 18, 2007, 2:30 am

Ben Denover.

Ryan November 19, 2007, 4:02 pm

I don’t believe you.

Sharon April 14, 2008, 5:29 pm

My sister went to school with a girl named April May. ^^
There is a man at my job named Peter Y Peter.

Rachael August 29, 2008, 11:14 am

i know someone from primary school called Richard Nobs (Dick Nobs).
he would get paid out heaps now.

mike hunt March 29, 2010, 2:22 pm

My name…. and my boss, staff sergeant jack hoff, usaf
Weird office… my cousin, treasure hunt, done on purpose…

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