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January 24th, 2000

Snapple Elements

I can’t hold it in any longer. Snapple Elements are perhaps the best beverages I’ve ever tasted, ever. They are delicious. While you might not go gonzo over every single flavor (I personally don’t like Sun all that much), the fact remains that they are impressive.

Plus, you get a neat-looking glass bottle. Surprisingly not plastic!

I really had no clue of what the Elements were until I was talking with Liz one day and she mentioned them. The next day I ran over to Albertson’s/Jewel to pick up a few and gave them a shot. Totally delicious. This is the beverage that could still unseat soda as my #1 beverage of choice. The things are that good. Give them a go.

And be sure to see Snapple’s flash-happy site. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday January 24, 2000 -- 10:41:30AM
I tried Elements recently strictly based on Paul's recommendation. I didn't dig "Rain" very much (though it certainly was distinctive), but both "Fire" and "Earth" have been quite good.

And the bottles make great planters.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Thursday March 2, 2000 -- 3:53:59PM
"Lightning" is super yummy.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 2, 2000 -- 4:04:30PM
I have not tried that one yet, though I've been looking for it. Also haven't tried "Gravity." They had all of them at MWC, but silly me didn't buy any...

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Thursday March 9, 2000 -- 12:33:53AM
"Rain" is also good.

I'm not usually into fruit juice drinks because their taste is too sweet or too strong. I liked "Rain" because of its subtlety.

FROM: Mike
DATE: Thursday February 15, 2001 -- 5:48:23PM
I used to like SoBe because of it's okay taste and it's energy boost. But this drink is a heck of a lot better and, better dosage 2:1 ginseng.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday February 15, 2001 -- 11:22:54PM
I really like Sobe drinks, too, especially for a long drive. The only problem is that sometimes they're a little too... I dunno, thick or syrupy or something.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday February 16, 2001 -- 12:11:50PM
Plus, Sobe attempts to steal my name.

DATE: Sunday February 25, 2001 -- 12:06:26PM
I love the elements, so far i've had all except moon and lightning. They're all great! I found two new ones the other day, "sky" and "altitude". Sky was very good, but altitude was ok.

DATE: Sunday February 25, 2001 -- 2:58:19PM
element drinks are the best thing only because of the cool bottles!!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: Bomb boy
DATE: Sunday April 22, 2001 -- 10:24:05AM
I love Snapples Elements!I always get Fire,but now I've had....Sky,Altitude,and Fire.I've liked all three flavores so far.I get a new,and different one,I go to Kroger.Spapple rocks!!!!!!:)

FROM: dominique
DATE: Monday April 23, 2001 -- 3:52:57PM
i was just curious if you know of any places in Maryland to find the altitude, sky, and diet ice bottles because i've got all the rest and i cant find them. If i sent money would you be able to send me those three bottles? please reply

FROM: Ginger
DATE: Monday April 23, 2001 -- 4:19:43PM
Hi. I'm doing a report on Snapple Elements and I was wondering if you could send me some info. Maybe some pictures. Thanx.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday April 23, 2001 -- 5:04:06PM
Oh no! The Progeria Ping is spreading!!!

Dominque -- I haven't seen any of those in VA, either.

DATE: Monday April 23, 2001 -- 8:45:15PM
Rain is the best Snapple Element ever!

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Tuesday April 24, 2001 -- 5:02:29AM
I could really use one of 'em right now...I am SO THIRSTY!

FROM: Roman Martynyuk
DATE: Saturday June 9, 2001 -- 11:45:31PM
i love snapple. the elements are great. i even have snapple collection. oh man i want a snapple rite now!!!

FROM: Justin
DATE: Monday June 11, 2001 -- 5:31:56AM
I have all of them including both diet ice and air.....they look so tight together.

DATE: Tuesday June 12, 2001 -- 4:22:54PM
I've tried all the regular flavors. Rain is my favorite fruit one, and moon is the best tea of any kind I've ever tasted! I've seen Diet Ice, and it looks like sugar-free meteor.

FROM: dawn
DATE: Tuesday June 12, 2001 -- 7:31:34PM
i've tryed fire, sun, meteor, earth, diet air, rain, and gravity, the only one i dident like was diet air it was to sweet but i havent seen lighting, sky, altitude, diet ice or moon any buddy know wase i can git them in oklahoma? p.s. the bottles make good sun things

DATE: Tuesday June 12, 2001 -- 10:47:37PM
is this for real or is somebody makeing it up

FROM: j.b.
DATE: Friday June 15, 2001 -- 5:57:31PM
ice lokks like it tasteslike meteor. what does air taste like.

FROM: dawn
DATE: Friday June 15, 2001 -- 6:43:16PM
air is real sweet and it tactes like peach

FROM: Mike B.
DATE: Saturday June 16, 2001 -- 7:49:57PM
If anyone has visited the Snapple website, they may have noticed that some drinks are available in certain parts of the country (i. e. mint tea is sold exclusively aroung the Washington DC area). It is possible that people looking for certain flavors might not find them in their particular area.

FROM: dawn
DATE: Tuesday June 19, 2001 -- 12:17:04PM
hay mike so is that y i cant find lighting, sky, altitude, diet ice or moon in oklahoma?

FROM: Mark
DATE: Tuesday June 26, 2001 -- 11:07:22AM
Has heard about when the new flavors are coming out? Cuz in the new commercials, they show ones called "Volcano" and "Voltage" and something else I couldn't read.. I've tried, Fire, Diet Air, Diet Ice, Meteor(the BEST!!), Rain, Gravity(the WORST!), Sky, and Altitude. I can't find sun, earth or lightning ANYwhere in new jersey....has ne1 else seen them in jersey?

FROM: Dave
DATE: Tuesday June 26, 2001 -- 4:07:02PM
check out

FROM: dawn
DATE: Thursday June 28, 2001 -- 9:32:42PM
mark oklahoma has sun and earth. but that night noght help u much if u go to snapple .com the can send 12 lighting but i havent trice is so i dont know if its worth is sorry!

DATE: Friday July 20, 2001 -- 2:15:56AM
Yeah, im also wondering about if any new flavors are coming out. I've seen the commercials, n i wanna get my snapple grabbin paws on some of those!

FROM: Mike B. (again)
DATE: Monday July 23, 2001 -- 6:13:19PM
There appear to be four new flavors coming out: Voltage, Velocity, Volcano, and (to avoid the overuse of alliteration) Spark. The site lists each with only 2 grams of sugar each, but some of the older drinks aren't listed at all, with newer flavors (or maybe just the names) possibly replacing the old ones (Earth, Gravity,both teas, and Sky and Altitude were missing from the site).

FROM: Mike B.
DATE: Wednesday July 25, 2001 -- 5:11:18PM
Scratch that last message, except for the new flavors. The site wasn't fully updated when I went the first time.

FROM: stooge
DATE: Wednesday July 25, 2001 -- 5:16:58PM
Why aren't ther more tea elements! It's all juice juice juice

DATE: Tuesday July 31, 2001 -- 10:41:49PM
if any one knows where i kan find altitude,moon, or lightning in houston i kan pay u big money!

FROM: blind
DATE: Tuesday August 7, 2001 -- 10:02:26PM
iv tryed rain,fire,sun,gravity,sky, meteor,. my favorite turns out 2 be meteor and i cant get any in canada,alberta, red deer. that sux snapple drinks are soooo good im absest with them yuuummmm!!!!

FROM: blind
DATE: Wednesday August 8, 2001 -- 12:07:31AM
yes i found meteor and altitude yaa!!

FROM: komo
DATE: Saturday August 18, 2001 -- 5:04:38PM
dude snapple elements r the best i've tried fire,earth,rain,sky,altiyude,lightning,gravity,spark,sun,meteor and moon
but ineed to find volcanoe electricity and voltage

FROM: meredith
DATE: Saturday August 18, 2001 -- 11:06:50PM
okay i have lightning, fire, sun,earth,sky,diet ice and air, velocity,spark, gravity, meteor, rain, moon, and altitude !! what am i missin' ?? pleaze help bc i want them all!!!! fire rocks !!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday August 18, 2001 -- 11:46:03PM
Interesting fact: The Daily Ping comes up as the second result in the Google search for "Snapple Elements" (without the quotes) behind only Snapple's official site.

Even more interesting: we're the number one search result for "Snapple Elements" with the quotes.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday August 19, 2001 -- 4:16:50PM
I guess we've arrived!

FROM: Greg
DATE: Monday August 20, 2001 -- 10:00:27AM
Then I guess to keep the population of "The Ping" a respectable bunch of people, let's stick to Snapple Elements, "Jackass", and candles and not dive into adventerous topic like porn.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Monday August 20, 2001 -- 10:02:51AM
Give me an "S"!

DATE: Monday August 20, 2001 -- 5:21:57PM
I dunno. A Ping on Snapple Porn could be interesting.

I've never tried Elements, but I kept seeing this Ping show up in the recent comments section so I wandered over. Now I must have a bottle. Snapple should send Paul a kickback.

FROM: Cittie
DATE: Monday August 20, 2001 -- 9:21:27PM
u ppl rock that u drink the elements !!!!! there's no better drink !!

FROM: Ryan2
DATE: Tuesday August 21, 2001 -- 9:42:35PM
The best is "Fire". But I think they are like Poke'mon "Gotta catch them all!" i am collecting all of the bottles. Could someone please tel me all of the flavors so i know which ones i am missing.

FROM: liz
DATE: Thursday August 23, 2001 -- 7:33:51PM
i need voltage,volcano and electricity! i need to find them!! where can i find them?

FROM: Rachel
DATE: Monday September 3, 2001 -- 5:43:59PM
ima just starting to collect the far ive fire gravity meteor moon rain and sun...what am i missing?

please help me...and where can i find them in north west wisconsin?

FROM: Jackson
DATE: Friday September 7, 2001 -- 4:17:30PM
I've got meteor, rain, ice, air, earth, sky, lightning, volcanoe, voltage, electricity, velocity, sun, fire, altitude, moon, gravity, rain, and spark. Are there any more?

FROM: David Salguerro
DATE: Friday September 7, 2001 -- 4:19:40PM
I think you forgot pussy and dick flavors Jackson you bitch ass fag.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday September 7, 2001 -- 4:35:54PM
Mmmm... TASTY!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday September 8, 2001 -- 12:53:48AM
It's great to see Duke University putting out such fine examples, isn't it, Ryan?

FROM: dawn
DATE: Wednesday September 19, 2001 -- 5:43:30PM
i need voltage,volcano and electricity! i need to find them!! where can i find them? any body live in oklahoma city and got the falloing voltage,volcano electricity! ice sky, lightning altitude, moon

FROM: god lover
DATE: Wednesday September 19, 2001 -- 5:45:12PM
David Salguerro ur just realey grose

FROM: dawn
DATE: Thursday September 20, 2001 -- 8:45:53PM
hay if any body reads this git on at this spot on 10/1/01 we can all meet

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday September 21, 2001 -- 5:42:07PM
I think you should meet down at the ice cream shoppe, myself....

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday September 21, 2001 -- 8:20:41PM
... for a Snapple float!

FROM: ?????i wonder who?????
DATE: Thursday September 27, 2001 -- 8:29:31PM

FROM: gess
DATE: Sunday September 30, 2001 -- 5:21:51PM
ur right they are freaks

DATE: Wednesday October 10, 2001 -- 5:56:56PM
you guys are crazy.... first pokemon, then tech decks, now this!

FROM: Kaia
DATE: Thursday October 11, 2001 -- 10:51:15PM
you people are obsessed with snapple. that's sad.

FROM: me again
DATE: Friday October 12, 2001 -- 7:48:20PM
u a freaks not me!~!~!
but dawn we all missed the meet date how boot 10/15/01

FROM: dawn
DATE: Wednesday November 14, 2001 -- 7:35:04PM
hay whats up i need lighting sky alitude moon diet ice voltage electricty

FROM: Mandee
DATE: Thursday November 29, 2001 -- 5:14:35PM
Whoah.. can we make a composite list here so it doesn't get confusing.

earth (something grape)
diet ice
diet air (prickly peach)
spark (mandarin carrot)
gravity (carrot)
meteor (tangelo)
Volcano (indigo grape)

Please help me out!

FROM: Mandee
DATE: Thursday November 29, 2001 -- 5:17:34PM

earth (something grape)
diet ice
diet air (prickly peach)
spark (mandarin carrot)
gravity (carrot)
meteor (tangelo)
Volcano (indigo grape)

FROM: Mandee
DATE: Thursday November 29, 2001 -- 5:48:03PM
As far as I got..
Voltage (Lemon, Lime, and Orange)
lightning (black tea)
fire (dragonfruit)
sun (orange/starfruit orange)
earth (grape cranberry)
sky (passion fruit)
diet ice
diet air (prickly peach)
spark (mandarin carrot)
gravity (carrot)
meteor (tangelo)
rain (nectar of agave cactus)
moon (green tea)
Volcano (indigo grape)

DATE: Thursday December 27, 2001 -- 3:07:40PM
i have them all but sky i want sky

FROM: steffy
DATE: Thursday December 27, 2001 -- 3:12:26PM
diet ice(ruby tangelo)
velocity(grapefruit cranberry)
Voltage Lemon, Lime, and Orange)
lightning(black tea)
sun(orange/starfruit orange)
earth(grape cranberry)
sky(passion fruit)
diet air(prickly peach)
spark(mandarin carrot)
rain(nectar of agave cactus)
moon(green tea)
Volcano(indigo grape)

DATE: Thursday December 27, 2001 -- 3:14:31PM
peeps x out voltage its not the flavors its sais it is citron

FROM: Mike B.
DATE: Saturday January 19, 2002 -- 8:07:44 pm
I just got a new one called Infusion; it's tea mixed with some juice or other. Good. Is there really one called Electricity? I haven't seen it, and the Snapple site is outdated.

FROM: Who wantsto know
DATE: Saturday January 19, 2002 -- 8:12:52 pm
is it just me or is gravity the same as spark and earth the same as volcano and meteor the same as diet ice but with sugar???

DATE: Friday February 1, 2002 -- 1:18:53 am
There is such a thing as Electricity?!?! I must have verification! My quest will not rest! I shall not fail! Will NOT STOP!!!!!!!! [insert maniacal laughter here]

FROM: Molly
DATE: Monday February 11, 2002 -- 7:14:32 pm
What are all the snapple flavors? I have Lightning, Fire, Voltage, Diet Air, Diet Ice, Sun, Velocity, Spark, and Rain, although Diet Ice is my favorite so far, I have no Idea what the rest of the flavors are, could someone please help me out here?

FROM: mike
DATE: Tuesday February 12, 2002 -- 8:36:23 pm
could you send me a list of all the Snapple Elements please....

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday February 13, 2002 -- 12:42:43 am
It might be even easier to just scan the comments. I think every flavor has been mentioned thirty or forty times.

DATE: Wednesday February 20, 2002 -- 8:15:17 pm
You guys are the best, i'm writing a campaign for Snapple's elements and your comments really helped me!

FROM: Sherman
DATE: Saturday February 23, 2002 -- 11:38:14 pm
aright, my friends and i decided to start to collect these things b/c the bottles are phat and the drinks are anyways, heres a list so you can all stop arguing about what really exists and what doesnt:

diet ice
diet air
Mint Tea

FROM: Queek
DATE: Saturday February 23, 2002 -- 11:40:46 pm
Hey homies, my friend sherman and i collect bottles, we are real nerds!

FROM: Gashed Leg
DATE: Saturday February 23, 2002 -- 11:42:43 pm
snapple elements are not only good to drink, but i poured some of the infusion beverage onto one an open gash in my leg and it cured magically! thanks again snapple ;)

DATE: Saturday April 6, 2002 -- 5:17:41 pm
ok i've been from oklahoma to new york and i have yeet to find sky!!!

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Wednesday May 8, 2002 -- 7:25:39 pm
I am a Snapple Collector. I have over 300 different Snapple bottles/cans/containers ect. Every time they change the lable, I buy ALL of them all over again. I will hopefully set up my Snapple web-sight this year with pictures of all. By the way . . . has anybody had Snapple jelly-beans? Good stuff !

DATE: Friday May 10, 2002 -- 8:01:40 pm
thats grose, hay have you seen the sky bottle??

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Friday May 10, 2002 -- 10:05:57 pm
I do have SKY. I think my favorite Snapple drink has got to be the cidar drinks they came out with a few years ago. They don't make them anymore and it's a damn shame. They were good heated in the microwave on a cold winters evening.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday May 15, 2002 -- 6:02:32 pm
I think earth was discontinued and replaced with volcano. I have not seen earth on shelves in a LONG time. Fortunately when elements first came out I made it a point to keep one bottle of every new flavor. Hardly a 300 bottle collection, but nice nonetheless.

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Wednesday May 15, 2002 -- 10:50:10 pm
I stand corrected about "Super Blue Stuff" and "High School Pranks"; this Snapple thread mighta' put the "Ping" on the map more than anything. LoL

Personally, contrary to those that think Diet Air is too sweet, I actually think it's one of the most subtle fruit drinks I've ever tasted. Still my personal fave so far, but so hard to come by in the area around me. Only place I've ever gotten it was on 16th St. and East Ave. at 7-11. I like it for the lack of calories, the subtle peach taste, and the pure "clear" liquid and glass bottle that lets you see exactly what's in your drink (as opposed to drinking from an aluminum can of soda with dark liquid).

Diet Air doesn't leave that syrupy taste in your mouth like a SoBe or the other fruit juice competition (or for that matter, regular Snapple), and they don't taste as God-Awful as the International drinks stuff they have at my local gas station. I had one the other night, supposedly based on a fruit from Australia, and whoa man... bad, bad, bad. I think it was called "Melano" or something. Can't recall who makes it... definitely not something I'd buy again. Smelled like a rotten mellon, tasted like... well, horrible. LoL

FROM: Snapple Man
DATE: Friday May 17, 2002 -- 12:15:36 am
i work for the company that distributes snapple,here is a list of the elements,past present and future.

fire #1 seller
rain #2
meteor #3
dt. air
volcano,was earth,now w/ 200mg more caffeine,known as the E+ line
velocity,was sky,also E+
voltage,was altitude,E+
spark,was gravity,E+
venom,8oz. energy drink like red bull

never heard of electricity

new lin coming out:

Elements enhanced water,similiar to Propel by Gatorade.

fell freeto post any qustions and i will answer what i can.


ps,my fave is volcano,and any i get for free :)

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday May 17, 2002 -- 9:04:41 am
Can I get Mint Iced Tea back in Chicago? Please? :)

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Friday May 17, 2002 -- 9:49:03 pm
Hey SM, tell 'em to saturate the Chicago Suburbs with Diet Air. I'll buy it. :-D Love that prickly peach goodness. Very subtle and smooth yet not overly syrupy. It's like drinking a peach flavored water almost it's so smooth.

I tried Meteor last night after reading about the rave reviews on here. It's alright, too syrupy for my tastes, although not as bad as some drinks can be. Reminds me a lot of some of the older Snapple drinks that tasted hyped up on sugar, although like... maybe half as bad.

Havta' try Volcano one of these days... had Rain before, it's probably my second fave so far. Fire was alright, haven't had it in awhile but remember that it wasn't that bad.

On a sidenote...

The really nasty International Drink I was referring to is made by Mystic (part of their Zotics line). Horrrrrrrrrrrrible. :-P The one from the Orient I had wasn't bad, but this Melano or whatever it was called (Australian) was horrible.

I might go for a drive later and see if I can get me another Diet Air. :-) I haven't had it in awhile.

DATE: Saturday May 18, 2002 -- 10:56:05 am
I personally think that snapple elements are great. I don't like every single flavor but I don't hate any either. So far I have had Fire,Rain,Meteor,Volcano, Diet air, Voltage, and sun. I have yet to try altitude,sky,moon,gravity,infusion,spark,earth,lightning, and diet ice.(along w/ any other flavor i haven't heard of)My favorites so far are fire and rain. Meteor was also pretty good. They were all good except for i dont really care for peach flavor even though i thought it was pretty good, but sweet.Sun and fire were good, but not my favorite because of their cittrus/orange taste. Overall, I have enjoyed every one that i have had.

FROM: Scott R.
DATE: Sunday May 19, 2002 -- 12:33:55 am
Diet Air, Diet Ice, Altitude, Earth, Fire, Gravity, Infusion, Lightning, Meteor, Moon, Voltage, Volcano, Velocity, Sun, Spark, Sky, Rain, Venom. To the best of my knowledge this is the current complete list of snapple elements. The one I personally like the most of all of them is by far diet air, but then, that's just me. In any event, I love the elements line and hope that the line continues.

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Tuesday May 21, 2002 -- 6:51:36 pm
Hey Snapple Man . . . . . . .
I just bought the new labled diet-ice tea 16 oz. glass bottle and realized that I already had it. But then I looked at it closley. The Snapple logo that is imprinted on the glass bottle is in a different type-face. Looks simular, but one is bigger with more defined seriffs and the other is smaller with less pronounced seriffs.
I also want to know what happened to the Snapple pop-sickles they had about 3 years ago. Thanks!

FROM: Scott R
DATE: Thursday May 23, 2002 -- 7:53:35 pm
Well Jeff in answer to the post you have about the elements I know about the writing but I don't think that the different type faces make any one bottle any more collectable than the next. Standard snapple bottles like actual snapple bottles often reverse the sun and the fruit picture for certain flavors. For example in one lemon flavored snapple bottle the sun is on the top left hand side of the label relative to the word snapple, whereas on another bottle it will be reversed. I don't think that this is supposed to be too much of a difference, I mean hey- why would they only do a few right? I'm sure they didn't make only a select few different, but they do this to screw with us- but it's cool though. As far as the popsicles from snapple go- I'm not really too much into collecting gear beyond the bottles themselves with snapple, however be on the lookout for SOBE MR. GREEN!!!!!!!! It's an actual soda made by sobe and the first beverage that blends the borders between a soda made by a current juice company!! I have also been informed of sobe frozen juice from concentrate, like the old school welch's that you mix in a pitcher with cold water- I'm absolutely moist with anticipation for both of these products.

DATE: Saturday May 25, 2002 -- 3:39:56 pm

FROM: bill
DATE: Saturday May 25, 2002 -- 3:47:13 pm
just some things i've noticed:

apparently altitude was changed into voltage, but they were two different flavors (at least i far as i can remember - wasn't altitude even blue? can't remember). moon i don't think has been cancelled, because i just bought some. and there is no mention at all (at least as far as i could find) of these awesome snapple drinks at (just the ordinary snapple drinks).

anyways, my roommate and i this past year in college (Iowa State!) started drinking these and collecting the bottles. we then filled them with water and put different food colors in them and put them in front of the window (it looked awesome when the sun was shining). my favorite flav. is meteor (which is kind of ironic because my major is Meteorology). i've had all the flavors except for sky, earth, gravity, lightning, and electricity (hope i haven't missed much!) i like most of the flavors (not a big fan of rain, though) and i like these WAY better than the ordinary snapple teas and juices. Snapple Elements Rule!!!

FROM: Scott R
DATE: Sunday May 26, 2002 -- 2:20:10 pm
Didn't know there was such a thing as electricity on the elements line- I'll definitely look into that. BTW Elements now makes flavored water, of which I have berry, lemon, and lime flavors sitting in my fridge. As sobe breaks down the soda/fruit barrier, elements is breaking down the water/fruit barrier- WTG Elements and Sobe!!!!!!!

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Tuesday May 28, 2002 -- 6:08:48 pm
I'm just waiting for Snapple to jump on the "High-Octane Energy Drink" band-wagon. I've tried Red-Bull and that Mt.Dew kind and I've heard that Mr. Pibb is going to have one too. I think these things are a marketing scam if you ask me. These drinks are too expensive for my tastes. But I just bet Snapple will join the gang and put out their own. (and I will be there to collect all of them of course)

FROM: Scott R.
DATE: Tuesday May 28, 2002 -- 9:30:43 pm
Ohhh but riddle me this batman, have you yet seen a yellow can called venom??? This high octane energy drink is in fact made in the elements line!!! that's right- but a can of venom- it's just like red bull and all those, and look at the back of the can very carefully- you will notice the elements insignia- and yes, it is in fact an element- Alas my snapplefull knowledge has helped yet another good and fair citizen- Name's Scott.

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Wednesday May 29, 2002 -- 10:29:25 pm
You are the man Scott! I shall seek out these yellow "VENOM" cans and purchase one (or many if I see a defected can that in years to come, will make me filthy rich because I will be the only one to have it). Thank you sooo much! I think I will be talking to you my friend more often.
Snapple Forever!
Fruitopia NEVER!!!

FROM: Scott R
DATE: Monday June 3, 2002 -- 5:46:31 pm
My fellow friends- A new product has come about that has amazed me and hurt my head in so many ways that I am forced to vomit all over my shoes. ((( BTW Mr. Green from Sobe is currently out and I had the bottle before it was released on the shelves of my local area- I have conections ; ) And for the record I do not appreciate the value of Mr. Green as much as I wanted to : ( So it looks like the color of asparagus juice- but get this- Tastes a lot like cherry coke Interesting ))))) (((((Another FYI Vanilla coke is also good - it looks and tastes like regular coke but has the aftertaste of vanilla - I can appreciate it a lot- It's great burping power too )))))) But back to my nausiatingly cool story- Get This - My friend Jim was in Mass. yesterday offically joining the army- Jim Rocks - and he brings me back a little suivineer- and lo and behold it is a 33.5 oz. aluminum can of Arizona RX Energy- that's right- Arizona Rx's now come in aluminum can- My head still hurts- I fully well intend to get to the bottom of this and when I finish browsing posts I will start my full cavity search of The greatest site for drinks in the world. Well had to share the insider's info Catcha later!

FROM: Scott R
DATE: Wednesday June 5, 2002 -- 6:06:25 pm
My friends I do hate to take up so much room on the board but I absolutely had to post my complete list of everything I have in the drink bottle area- Now before I post I do need your help with a few things- What should I be holding in my right hand??? I should have Sobe juice from concentrate, And what should I be holding in my left hand??? I should have blue luna potato chips in a plastic carton- Blue luna is in some fashion related to FV the makers responsible for Arizona Iced Teas- So I'll start the search with this, and if any of you can help me then please do

Arizona Iced Tea

Gallon Jugs
Cowboy Cocktail
Green Tea
Iced Tea With Ginseng Extract
Original Iced Tea

Original Iced Tea (juice sized)
Green Tea (juice sized)
Original Iced Tea (half gallon sized)
Green Tea (half gallon sized)

Plastic Bottles
Green Tea 42oz
Diet Green Tea 42oz
Original Sport Can Bottle
Green Tea Sport Can Bottle

Iced Coffees
Latte Supreme Iced Coffee
Kahlua Iced Coffee
Mocha Latte Iced Coffee

Aluminum Cans
RX Energy Shot
Raspberry Iced Tea (23.5oz)
Original Iced Tea (23.5oz)
Lemonade (23.5oz)
Green Tea (23.5oz)
Cowboy Cocktail (23.5oz)
Original Iced Tea (15.5oz)
Diet Lemon Iced Tea (15.5oz)
Raspberry Iced Tea (15.5oz)
Lemonade (15.5oz)


Regs Glass
Diet Peach Iced Tea
Diet Lemon Iced Tea
Peach Iced Tea
Lemon Iced Tea
Raspberry Iced Tea
Diet Green Tea
Regular Tea w/ Ginseng Extract
Caffeine Free Herbal Tea
Green Tea
Green Tea Orange
Green Tea Plum
Crazy Cocktail
Pina Colada
Raspberry Iced Tea With Standard Wrapper------ What's Up With That???????

Mad River

Cranberry Orange Lemon
Orange Carrot Medley
Mountain Berry
Oolong Tea w/ Honey
Lemon Green Tea

Planet Java

Java Delic
Cara Mocha


Cranberry Raspberry
Mango Madness
Kiwi Strawberry
Classic Lemonade
Lemonade Iced Tea
Summer Peach
Snapple Apple

Pink Lemonade
Lemon Iced Tea
Lemon Iced Tea**
Cranberry Raspberry

Diet Air
Diet Ice
Venom (aluminum can)

Snapple Elements Water



Maclizard's Lemonade
Lean Orange
Black Tea
Elixir Yellow
Elixir Dark Blue
Elixir Light Blue
Lizard Lava
Lizard Fuel
Lizz Blizz
Lean Yellow
Green Tea
Zen Blend
Oolong Tea
Love Bus Brew
Lizard Lightning
Adrenaline Rush (aluminum can)
Adrenaline Rush (glass bottle)
Green Tea (juice box)
Lizard Fuel (juice box)
Energy (juice box)
Elixir (juice box)
Mr. Green Soda Plastic bottle


Caramel Frappucino
Coffee Frappucino
Mocha Frappucino
Vanilla Frappucino
Double Shot Espresso & Cream (aluminum can)



FROM: Mike B.
DATE: Thursday June 20, 2002 -- 9:33:41 pm
It's been awhile. I just got a new flavor...Ahhhh there's milk in it. MILK! And Lemons! Not surprisingly this mix of acidic juice and basic dairy is called Turbulence. It's good though--distinct is the word for it.

FROM: Mike B Again
DATE: Thursday June 20, 2002 -- 9:36:26 pm
I have yet to find Electricity. Hey, what happened to I liked their little Car racing game...

FROM: katie
DATE: Wednesday June 26, 2002 -- 1:20:49 am
i have them all!!! infusion is awesome! but ive never seen venom...kinda curious about that one.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday June 26, 2002 -- 1:40:09 pm
Since Snapple is on the elements kick, why don't they make one called Water? The original elements from medieval times were earth, wind, fire, and water, right? Maybe Snapple Wind would be good to drink with pizza instead of beer for extra windy effects.

FROM: Scott R. Local Madman At Large
DATE: Monday July 1, 2002 -- 12:48:44 pm
So my esteemed colleagues of elemental proportions- no pun intended- So elements has redesigned their page- its gay now- oh well- There is in fact no element flavor called electricity... Still. Turbulence is out and atomic is up and coming- I'm pleased to say that I've since nearly doubled my coherent list and am currently only missing six standard snapple/diet snapple flavors. Look out for the new crayon look for some elements we've seen and some newbies. I hjave most of them. Turbulence tastes- get this- EXACTLY like a lemon starburst candy. Sweeeeeeeeeet. Well just wanted to let yous know Jim and I are well and the new brotherhood- scott, jim, RJ, shooter are well. TY

FROM: Mike B.
DATE: Wednesday July 3, 2002 -- 7:48:11 pm
Hey, Venom is pretty good. It leaves a sort of "minty-fresh" feeling in the back of your throat. The taste is citrus-like. Venom is carbonated and contains among other things caffeine. The label warns against the drink for children and pregnant women.

FROM: Mike B.
DATE: Thursday July 4, 2002 -- 9:52:53 am

This is the new Elements site. Looks like all the flavors are going to have the new label design, except the diet flavors. Atomic will be an Apple/Dairy flavor. I guess they're getting rid of Lightning and Moon--they aren't on the site.

FROM: Scott R & Jim R
DATE: Thursday July 11, 2002 -- 11:22:02 am
The list is even tighter still now!!! Atomic is like taking a crisp bite of a red apple. It is great. For sweet drinks atomic and turbulence are right on the money! Lightning and moon are still as far as we know recognized elements despite the fact that they may not be posted on the website. However I find it very interesting that the diet air as it has been produced recently is in a clear bottle, not the original blue glass. I have a theory on this. Perhaps the blue glass was not worth it's own worth as colored glass is more expensive that clear glas, and so they changed the bottle color, meaning that the blue bottles may be a rarity. The enhanced waters are good but are very subtle and weak tasting, but I still appreciate the value of them- I have had lemon, lime, and berry, but canot find orange flavored. We in the new brotherhood find that standard flavors of snapple (((((not elements mind you))))) absolutely suck, most of them anyway. But we still need the bottles and so we suck it up and then suck it down. We stand in a circle and pass around half gallon sized bottles of lemon iced tea that is warm and horrible, but not as horrible as ruby red- and even worse diet ruby red. And I leave you with this thought- Peanutbutter and oreo pizza is great- S & J with the new brotherhood

FROM: bill
DATE: Friday July 19, 2002 -- 12:14:37 pm
all right, so the new website for the snapple elements drinks has been updated and now they have a list of the ones and all that, but what i'm kind of curious is about the ones they didn't mention.

Moon? Sky? Velocity? Voltage? Altitude? Are these ones gone forever?!?!? NOO!! i hope not! Moon was the damn best green tea i've ever had in my life and Voltage was my fav. element drink. Atomic and Turbulance sound good i wanna try them, and i like the new labels on the bottles (makes them appear like they have more Energy+ in them).

Oh, and i've got a blue bottled Diet Air. think i could sell it on E*Bay? hahahaha. j/k (IT'S MINE!)

FROM: Nick
DATE: Sunday August 4, 2002 -- 12:57:22 pm
sun rules, but spark is better

FROM: Sacha
DATE: Saturday August 10, 2002 -- 6:58:08 am
Hmm... no one seems very clear on the complete list of flavors yet... looks like I will have to do it myself...

Diet Air
Diet Ice
Enhanced Water (plastic btl./4flvs.)
Venom (aluminum can)

Thats the up to date list... gl with the bottle hunting... ((^(_^))

DATE: Saturday August 10, 2002 -- 4:56:42 pm
Snapple Man.
Do u think it would be possible for u to email me a list of the distribution areas of the elements drinks? My email is

FROM: Megan
DATE: Sunday August 11, 2002 -- 9:18:30 pm
Hey...I was just wondering if anyone can send me more info about the great tasteing element drinks from snapple...I was woundering what kinds are out there and what new flavors are out there and new designs of them...I want to know this please becasue I love the drinks and I collect the bottles for the drinks...if you could thank you

FROM: john
DATE: Sunday August 25, 2002 -- 2:54:07 pm
hi every 1 i have 22 thats right 22 element bottles and i'name them

1 earth
2 fire
3 metor
7 altitude
8 gravity
9 lighting
10 moon

16diet air
17 diet ice
19rain e+
ha p.s if anyone knows any more tell me please at galjoh@excite .com because i am the element champion

FROM: aaron
DATE: Tuesday August 27, 2002 -- 2:13:21 am
check this out,
I have:
1. fire
2. lightning
3. meteor
4. earth
5. gravity
6. rain
7. sun
8. moon
9. sky
10. altitude

11. diet ice(blue bottle)
12. diet air(blue bottle)

13. velocity
14. volcano
15. spark
16. voltage

17. infusion

18. fire(new E+ bottle)
19. meteor(new E+ bottle)
20. volcano(new E+ bottle)
21. rain(new E+ bottle)
22. spark(new E+ bottle)

23. atomic
24. turbulence

thats all the flavors I'm pretty sure, still need to get that enhanced water and venom.

P.S. Is venom a good name for a drink? I'm not sure if I want to drink venom because venom is basically poison.

DATE: Tuesday August 27, 2002 -- 5:54:28 pm
I wonder if the Snapple company is aware the all the geeks obssessed with their drinks CAN'T FRICKING SPELL.

DATE: Thursday August 29, 2002 -- 12:58:09 am
these drinks kick but!!! i've been collecting the bottles. so far i have volcano, sun, rain, meteor,and velocity. i'm planning to get em all, so wish me luck!

FROM: john
DATE: Saturday August 31, 2002 -- 1:14:28 pm
it' me again as u can see i listed all my elements on the 25th well i have 2 more the new e+ spar and a clear bottle of diet air. SO ONCE AGAIGN I AM THE ELEMENT MASTER
p.s screw u to who ever stated that i was a gee and i hope he loses function of his or here genetals

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 31, 2002 -- 6:00:04 pm
I tell ya, I dislike it when beverages are able to kick parts of speech.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday September 10, 2002 -- 1:17:01 am
Sun has a new E+
Old logo but new Energy

20 or more Bucks to someone who
can sell me a
mint tea
Going for the full collection.
Also willing to help collect.
Live in Denver, but not much to offer.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday September 11, 2002 -- 1:13:16 am
The old rain, has a new lid.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday September 11, 2002 -- 1:33:52 am
Strike that last statement.
Diet Air has a new lid.
A bolder "ENERGY" on the side.

FROM: Zebulon
DATE: Friday September 13, 2002 -- 2:31:06 pm
Judging from the photos on the Elements' site (, Diet Air & Diet Ice now both have clear bottles. Also, those two as well as sun have subtle changes to the front label; the Elements logo now appears there along with the Snapple logo (unlike all the other new bottles, which only have the Elements logo). Also, there are TWO versions of Infusion; the new version appears on the Elements site, but there's also an older version that sports both logos on the front label. Other than that, I think Aaron's list from 8/27 is complete. Good luck hunting, all!

FROM: Cherry
DATE: Sunday September 15, 2002 -- 4:03:11 am
Earth is still being sold. If any one is missing it from their collection e-mail me I know where to get it.

FROM: i refuse
DATE: Sunday September 15, 2002 -- 6:36:50 pm
wow, what an advertisement. next time try to conceal your obvious intentions a little more.

DATE: Wednesday September 18, 2002 -- 11:41:55 am

FROM: Zebulon
DATE: Friday September 27, 2002 -- 6:21:51 pm
Apparently the common distinguishing factor for all the new bottles is that the cap is black & silver, rather than the old blue & silver. I just saw a Sun bottle the other day that was bilingual, though (English & Spanish). Anybody else seen any of these?

FROM: steffy
DATE: Wednesday October 2, 2002 -- 8:10:59 pm
i want sky damnet
i have every other bottle sep sky i need it

FROM: briiian
DATE: Monday October 21, 2002 -- 12:39:04 pm

FROM: briiian
DATE: Monday October 21, 2002 -- 12:41:58 pm
i need to know where to get
in Michigan
& what does the e+ mean???

FROM: tree
DATE: Monday October 28, 2002 -- 12:31:16 am
i love the snapple element drinks and i like to collect the bottles

FROM: Heather
DATE: Thursday November 21, 2002 -- 8:20:52 pm
i need to know where to find: Voltage, Electricity, Sky, Moon, Gravity and Turbulance in Iowa!! I have:

FROM: Victoria Moretti
DATE: Sunday December 15, 2002 -- 9:44:48 pm
Of all the energy drinks I have tasted, Venom is by far the best tasting and most enjoyable. I am hooked on the stuff! I hope Element contines to produce this beverage.

FROM: Joey [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday December 18, 2002 -- 9:18:52 pm
i havent tried that many. fire is my favorite.i still have a bottle of sun in my fridge but it is like drinking a bottle of yellow funk. very ditinctive

FROM: Resident Prodigy
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 12:18:30 am
Here you go freaks.

Flavors that no longer exist......

The Rest of the Flavors.....

I have all except the first four in the "Does not exist" column because, well they don't exist anymore. Neways, have fun freaks :P

FROM: Resident Prodigy
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 12:19:53 am
Oh yeah, Rain is the best. Drink it in the right frame of mind, and it may actually taste like rain. Keep that in mind. Peace, love, and chicken.

FROM: Resident Prodigy
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 12:23:52 am
Oh i guess if you wanna get technical, theres the E+ factor, but since those are all the flavors generalized, and since now the 6-8 they still have on the shelfs have now become all E+ or whatever, i dunno i just felt that i had to explain since you all thought you were some kind of "Elements Champion" well i ask do you have a championship belt?? And you can champine over Elements all day, ill be the champion of what you seek the most, a nice slice of that special pie lol

FROM: Resident Prodigy
DATE: Thursday December 19, 2002 -- 12:25:10 am
Oh yeah i filled two bottles of Elements with change, I changed them in it came out to about $150 bucks or so in change, if anyone wanted to know the change capasisty of a elements bottle.....god i have no life lol

FROM: platypus
DATE: Saturday December 21, 2002 -- 2:45:44 pm
I love elements!! I get one every wekk and keep the bottles becauuse i'm an obsessed freak!! I love sun and sky, except sky is no more.... Anyway, I can't find the 2 new ones!!! (turbulance and atomic) Not even the almighty 7-11 has them... anyone know of any other chain stores that sell elements??

FROM: steve-o
DATE: Sunday December 29, 2002 -- 1:42:44 am
here are all the flavors i have
diet air

here is a list of sobe drinks i have
lizard lava
lizard fuel
lizz blizz
sobe tsunami
lizard lightning
love bus brew

FROM: Andrew
DATE: Sunday February 2, 2003 -- 4:39:45 pm
I have had all of them except for Infusion, Atomic, and Turbulence. I still think they are the best drink I've ever tasted despite the few i didn't like (Moon and Lightning). If you haven't tried them do.

FROM: Andrew
DATE: Sunday February 2, 2003 -- 4:42:31 pm
Re:I have had all of them except for Infusion, Atomic, and Turbulence. If you know where to find them in northeast Iowa please contact me ASAP. Thanks!

FROM: Sarah
DATE: Monday February 10, 2003 -- 9:18:36 pm
Hey you guys! Well, i 2 luv the drinks, but i am a beginner in collecting the bottles. so far i have:
and just today i picked up turbulence. Yum!;) it was good!lol! oh by the way, can some1 pleeeeez tell me where i can get a full and accurate list of all the bottles?? thanx!
lots of love-Sarah PS, good luck bottle hunting!!lol

FROM: steffy
DATE: Saturday February 15, 2003 -- 11:51:54 am

DATE: Tuesday February 18, 2003 -- 3:15:49 am

FROM: boogiedtn
DATE: Saturday March 1, 2003 -- 9:16:44 am
i'm selling snapple stuff from israel

DATE: Saturday March 1, 2003 -- 7:26:47 pm

Rush Limbaugh likes Snapple so you know it has to be good.

FROM: RainMan in minnesota
DATE: Wednesday March 5, 2003 -- 12:35:19 am
I am hooked on Rain, 2 or 3 bottles a day. i've emptied every store within a mile of home. found a new bottle today. Its still Rain, but its in an aluminum (not even recycleable!) bottle! AND EVEN WORSE, its 18 ounces instead of 20! its just not right! I went to their website ( and gave them my opinion of this change. I'd suggest any of you who care do the same!

FROM: Lyndzie
DATE: Tuesday March 11, 2003 -- 6:03:48 pm
if anyone is 100% sure about the complete list that they have could you e-mail it to me please. thanx.

FROM: Tracy
DATE: Thursday March 13, 2003 -- 1:45:59 pm
One of the reasons I reached for Snapple Elements was the look of the cool bottle. I love "Infusion" it rocks, great taste and a cool look of orange swirl. I also informed snapple that I was displeased with the bottle and amount change. I have turned countless people on to Snapple Elements and will continue to do so as long as they don't change the taste. Tracy from Dallas

FROM: Tracy
DATE: Thursday March 13, 2003 -- 2:07:43 pm
Another awesome drink is called
Monster Energy
Black, Lime Green, and Silver can
Contains L-Carnitine + Taurine + Ginseng + B Vitamins
(Energy, Energy, Energy)

FROM: Tracy
DATE: Thursday March 13, 2003 -- 2:09:16 pm
Another awesome drink is called
Monster Energy
Black, Lime Green, and Silver can
Contains L-Carnitine + Taurine + Ginseng + B Vitamins
(Energy, Energy, Energy)

FROM: Andiiie
DATE: Saturday March 15, 2003 -- 11:21:04 am
u people need a hobby

FROM: Andiiie!!! u people are sad... :(
DATE: Saturday March 15, 2003 -- 11:22:38 am
wooooowwwwwwww GET A HOBBY YOU FREAKZ!!

FROM: Jaime
DATE: Sunday March 16, 2003 -- 3:23:14 pm
You all should try snapple's earth element drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's soooooooooooooo grapy!

FROM: rainman in minnesota
DATE: Tuesday March 18, 2003 -- 2:30:05 am
found another good'n! It's called Sub-Zero, it's Siberian Cherry flavored. It's in the new cans (AAAARRRGGGHHH...I want my 20 oz. bottles back!) and has ginseng, guarana, ginkgo biloba, and of course, caffeine! Not bad, the cherry taste is fairly light, not overpowering.

FROM: snapple
DATE: Monday March 31, 2003 -- 7:07:50 pm
I have tried all 21 different element snapples including the ones that no longer exist.

diet air
diet ice
sun (Star fruit)--old version
Sun (Berry Banana)--newer version

I'm 99% percent sure this is all of them, does any one know if there are any other that I don't know about?

FROM: snapple
DATE: Monday March 31, 2003 -- 7:23:52 pm
Is there really electricity and mint green tea? And if there is, do they still make them?

FROM: me
DATE: Friday April 18, 2003 -- 3:40:23 pm

FROM: Davey
DATE: Friday April 18, 2003 -- 10:51:36 pm
i like rain and fire

FROM: mike schreffler
DATE: Monday April 21, 2003 -- 1:08:01 pm
how meny elements are there and what are they

FROM: Jason
DATE: Tuesday April 22, 2003 -- 8:28:41 pm
does anyone know where I can get the new aluminum bottles, i live in new yok and havnt seen them

FROM: Eric
DATE: Wednesday April 30, 2003 -- 10:28:27 pm
Rain is the best! No matter what i love my cactus juice :) and Volcano is damn good.

FROM: Kitten
DATE: Monday May 12, 2003 -- 7:09:50 pm
I have been collection the bottles for 2 1/2 years and now they have changed the design to a bold on and now they are in aluminum cans, which i personaly don't care for. if anyone can put the complete list on line that wouldrock but i have found most of my bottles at 'kwick trip' and 'woodmans' grocery store *hint hint* i'm just 16 and i think that the drink is a blast expecially sky! mmmm pasion friut

FROM: steffy
DATE: Monday June 2, 2003 -- 8:03:12 pm
all right, kitten, where do you get sky? i've looked high and low for that stupid bottle and i just cant find it please help

FROM: Tyson
DATE: Saturday June 7, 2003 -- 1:37:27 pm
Does anybody know where to get Sub - Zero in Houston, Texas?

FROM: andyram87
DATE: Wednesday July 9, 2003 -- 2:38:27 pm
ok, guys you're all a bunch of freaks! Yeah these are great drinks from snapple but come-on what the ^@#$. It's like we're collecting pokemon cards here. Just drink them and trash them. And in my opinion the new aluminum cans kick ass. the glass ones are ok too! Fire is the best.

FROM: Rik Rude
DATE: Monday December 15, 2003 -- 10:02:17 pm
From the FLA I must put a few words down. These elements are str8 "PIMP" Pimp I tell you. If you like'em holla out and let dez haters know. Fire was my first, but I am steadily sippin Rain, Moon, Turbulence, and Atomic....Sorry but Lightning was as I figured...Shockingly horrible, my opinion only. Ya'll keep on pimpin and sippin on da sweet elemetal water provided by my main hitters Snapple. Rik Rude Out...

FROM: Snapple King
DATE: Thursday January 29, 2004 -- 11:08:56 pm
I've tried all the flavers and have them ha! ha!

DATE: Friday January 30, 2004 -- 4:52:14 pm
I got to this site by accident. I can't believe you idiots are talking about drinks. Geez. What tools. Who the fuck cares what you drink? Just drink water. It's FREE. Why don't you start caring about more important things.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday January 30, 2004 -- 6:55:52 pm
Why don't you start caring about more important things.

Like why you would take the time to come here and troll....

I got to this site by accident.

Oh, it was no accident. You came here on purpose because you wanted pictures for your school report. Admit it.

erik June 17, 2007, 6:27 pm

dragonfruit is the best!
im having trouble finding it though
i can only find it at our local grocery store..
they should have it at costco or something!
i want to buy it by the box!

Rich October 5, 2009, 1:02 am

where can you find these drinks cause when i was younger i loved fire. now i cant find any, and would likme tyo know where to find them

Ann March 25, 2010, 2:43 pm

I have a few empty Snapple Element Bottles. Does anyone collect them? We have decided not to continue collecting. We have Sun, Fire, Rain. Also an empty collectible Arizona Tea Bottle – USA by Peter Max with the Statue of Liberty.

Kelsie September 7, 2010, 6:43 pm

Diet Air was the best

marshall September 14, 2011, 8:43 pm

back when Snapple came out with the element series, i started collecting them. i was traveling the country at the time and was able to collect them from all over. i have a collection of 19 flavors all together. some are labeled energy and some elements. the list that i have is : TURBULENCE, DIET ICE, ALTITUDE, LIGHTNING, DIET AIR, VELOCITY, VOLCANO, SPARK, VOLTAGE, ATOMIC, INFUSION, MOON, METEOR, SKY, FIRE, GRAVITY, RAIN, SUN, and EARTH. they all have the same shape bottle and in my collection, they are full with the original drink with the seals still attached. i would buy 2 at a time, try one and keep the other one for the collection. it’s a pretty nice sight.

Joseph Tucci September 23, 2011, 5:11 pm

Flavors.. Sun, Sky, Moon, Rain, fire, lightning, altitude, meteor, earth, gravity, voltage, spark, velocity, volcano, infusion, diet ice, diet air…. Just opened the box for the first time in 7 years..
They are Empty Bottles, 17 in my count. These were all the bottles released on LI, NY. Marshall i never saw Turbulence i wonder what the other one I’m Missing is.. hmmmm I’ll keep looking..

James August 25, 2012, 9:11 pm

back when Snapple came out with the element series, i started collecting them. Thought the Bottles looked cool, have 13 in collection all full never opened Diet Air, Fire, Spark, Moon, Earth, Gravity, Rain, Atomic, Lighting, Volcano, Meteor, And Two Different Sun Flavors One of them is Starfruit Orange and the other is Juiced Berry Banana. Wondering Since there’s two different sets how many flavors were there is total First Sets Has Snapple upper left label, the other has Elements upper left label.Also Seal stored in pantry if they still taste good after so long

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