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January 24th, 2000

Snapple Elements

I can’t hold it in any longer. Snapple Elements are perhaps the best beverages I’ve ever tasted, ever. They are delicious. While you might not go gonzo over every single flavor (I personally don’t like Sun all that much), the fact remains that they are impressive.

Plus, you get a neat-looking glass bottle. Surprisingly not plastic!

I really had no clue of what the Elements were until I was talking with Liz one day and she mentioned them. The next day I ran over to Albertson’s/Jewel to pick up a few and gave them a shot. Totally delicious. This is the beverage that could still unseat soda as my #1 beverage of choice. The things are that good. Give them a go.

And be sure to see Snapple’s flash-happy site. -pm

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erik June 17, 2007, 6:27 pm

dragonfruit is the best!
im having trouble finding it though
i can only find it at our local grocery store..
they should have it at costco or something!
i want to buy it by the box!

Rich October 5, 2009, 1:02 am

where can you find these drinks cause when i was younger i loved fire. now i cant find any, and would likme tyo know where to find them

Ann March 25, 2010, 2:43 pm

I have a few empty Snapple Element Bottles. Does anyone collect them? We have decided not to continue collecting. We have Sun, Fire, Rain. Also an empty collectible Arizona Tea Bottle – USA by Peter Max with the Statue of Liberty.

Kelsie September 7, 2010, 6:43 pm

Diet Air was the best

marshall September 14, 2011, 8:43 pm

back when Snapple came out with the element series, i started collecting them. i was traveling the country at the time and was able to collect them from all over. i have a collection of 19 flavors all together. some are labeled energy and some elements. the list that i have is : TURBULENCE, DIET ICE, ALTITUDE, LIGHTNING, DIET AIR, VELOCITY, VOLCANO, SPARK, VOLTAGE, ATOMIC, INFUSION, MOON, METEOR, SKY, FIRE, GRAVITY, RAIN, SUN, and EARTH. they all have the same shape bottle and in my collection, they are full with the original drink with the seals still attached. i would buy 2 at a time, try one and keep the other one for the collection. it’s a pretty nice sight.

Joseph Tucci September 23, 2011, 5:11 pm

Flavors.. Sun, Sky, Moon, Rain, fire, lightning, altitude, meteor, earth, gravity, voltage, spark, velocity, volcano, infusion, diet ice, diet air…. Just opened the box for the first time in 7 years..
They are Empty Bottles, 17 in my count. These were all the bottles released on LI, NY. Marshall i never saw Turbulence i wonder what the other one I’m Missing is.. hmmmm I’ll keep looking..

James August 25, 2012, 9:11 pm

back when Snapple came out with the element series, i started collecting them. Thought the Bottles looked cool, have 13 in collection all full never opened Diet Air, Fire, Spark, Moon, Earth, Gravity, Rain, Atomic, Lighting, Volcano, Meteor, And Two Different Sun Flavors One of them is Starfruit Orange and the other is Juiced Berry Banana. Wondering Since there’s two different sets how many flavors were there is total First Sets Has Snapple upper left label, the other has Elements upper left label.Also Seal stored in pantry if they still taste good after so long

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