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January 31st, 2000

It’s about time… but what about the commercials?

Well, it’s about time we had a decent Super Bowl! I wouldn’t hesitate to say, actually, that the fourth quarter was the most exciting and unexpected finish to a Super Bowl thusfar (though a couple have come close).

But what was up with the commercials this year? They were terrible — I snickered at perhaps two the whole evening and none (aside from the random cat wrangling) really seemed to stretch the imagination. Sure — the Christopher Reeves walking bit was interesting, but looked too awkward and computerized to really have any lasting value. Interestingly, what would have been the best commercial of the evening was rejected by ABC’s high-and-mighty Standards and Practices.

The WWF had an ad (much better than the one that actually showed) that had a group of people in a nursing home reciting recent WWF catch phrases — an old man yelling, “I want to see some puppies,” an old woman doing a DX crotch-chop, and grandpa doing the Val Venis standby, “Helllloooo, ladies…” I guess most of this wouldn’t mean anything if you haven’t succumbed to the addiction that is professional wrestling, but I laughed my butt off. It sure as hell was a lot better than those weak Budweiser ads. -ram

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