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January 30th, 2000

Theme Restaurants of Tomorrow

In the 90s, theme restaurants became popular. Rainforest Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood… the list is almost… endless.

With those great establishments in mind, what will tomorrow bring?

Microsoft Bar and Grille – This one is so obvious it’s not even funny. Who wouldn’t want a Windows Burger 2000 Professional? Or a sip of Excel Latte? Naturally you can try the delicious Bob Salad or try your hand at the house’s specialty drink, the PowerPoint.

iCafe – A completely translucent (yet colorful!) building, iCafe features no solid object on its menu; everything is either transparent or flavorless, yet wildly popular.

Cafe 90s – And tell me you didn’t see this one coming! A vintage 90s joint that plays nothing but early 90s alternative and cheesy late 90s pop. Greasy fast food is served, and poor customer service is always on the house.

The Blair Witch Pancake House – A darkened, old house serves as the backdrop for your favorite pancakes. Enjoy a short stack in the stairwell where Heather first got lost! Or try the delicious strawberry pancakes in the basement where all the killings took place! -pm

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