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February 22nd, 2000

Digital music’s gonna be great.

Yesterday I relocated my CDs to a temporary location (in an elfa seven-runner I purchased at The Container Store). Although I wwas impressed at how many discs the elfa held (all of them!), it just hit me that CDs are almost as clunky as records were.

The jewel box itself is a bit too much, although I can’t think of any other way to store them. Cardboard fold-outs work, but they’re the same size as a jewel box. Simple inserts, used for singles, are too minimal and offer no way to easily identify a disc, either. I understand that CDs were also never intended to be portable – witness the bulkiness and amazing battery-eating power of any CD Walkman.

So what’s the answer? It’s purely digital music, of course. Instead of having all of my CDs sitting in my closet, it would be much easier to have them on my hard disk, taking up no physical space. The only problem with this setup is, of course, that playing my music in the car or on a portable device is going to be hard… since I don’t have an MP3 player anywhere but on my computer. I have a CD burner, but that only reinforces the problem at hand.

A wireless network between my portable music player, my car, and my computer would be nice. Sure, the network wouldn’t have much of a reach, but it wouldn’t need it. After an initial download, I could just drive or go wherever I want to, with the music I want, without bulky CDs. Now that’s technology at work. -pm

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