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February 21st, 2000

Exhumed Films

This past Friday I drove three hours from Virginia to New Jersey to watch a movie. Most people I talk to don’t quite understand why I do this every month or two.

Here’s the deal — the great guys at Exhumed Films rent out the Harwan Theatre, a movie theater that hasn’t changed since the early 1970’s, and show old horror and cult films on the big screen. The first show of theirs I went to was about a year ago: a double feature of Zombie and The Howling (this past Friday night they showed Phantasm and Equinox. Since then, I’ve made it to almost every showing they’ve had.

At this point, it’s become a great ritual. I brave the traffic on the DC Beltway and drive up to exit 31 on 295 in NJ to pick up my friend from high school at the Woodcrest PATCO station. We then head back south on 295 to exit 28 and grab dinner at the Black Horse Diner and walk back down the street to the Harwan. The movies start about 11pm and run until 2:30am. Before the movies, they also do a drawing and give away a number of prizes, like videos, t-shirts, and collectibles (this past visit was my first lucky one where I won one of the new Exhumed Films t-shirts). Joseph Gervasi of Bizarre Videos (and one of the three guys who run Exhumed) also hocks his wares (videos dubbed from foreign laserdiscs) before the show and usually gets a nice piece of change from me.

I don’t think it’s that hard to see why I’d drive up 3-4 hours on Friday night only to come back home the next day: I get to see 2 movies on the big screen that are infinitely more entertaining than anything showing in the local cinemas, I get to hang out with a friend from high school that lives in Philly, and I get to hang out with my family for a few hours. Seems reasonable to me. 🙂 -ram

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday February 21, 2000 -- 12:40:35AM
I understand why you do it Ryan. People who are into something should not be lethargic and half-assed in their interests. I've driven 7 hours both ways to watch and ECW PPV live in New Jersey, I've driven a few hours to catch concerts and record shop etc.
If you believe in it do it.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday February 21, 2000 -- 12:48:41AM
Right-o! My favorite line from that movie Pecker (that's also a signature in my e-mail):

"Life is nothing without obsession."

And my own version of that:

"If you can't do it obsessively, don't do it at all."

... Ryan

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday February 21, 2000 -- 7:38:19PM
Pecker was a very good film.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday February 25, 2000 -- 1:49:33PM
Don't forget: "Mixing pubic hair and alcohol? That's gotta be illegal!" (or something to that effect).

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday February 25, 2000 -- 4:09:46PM
Actually I was first intro'ed to Pecker through Johnny B's radio show ( Him and Buzz were mentioning "teabagging", and it sounded quite... uhm... funny.

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