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March 14th, 2000

Spam just got weird.


Subject: God bless YOU I’m Interested in YOUR skills!!!

I owe YOU this because I found you at the top of the member’s directory of your ISP. I’m glad I found you because I’m always looking for intelligent people like You! First of all I gotta tell you this and I hope you agree with me…..

Some of the large companies are unfair, they are literally taking sling shots with spikes and smashing the teeth of the little people! No this isn’t funny at all! You can finally see the the reason why trying to find a way to step on the Big Kings would be a Powerful venture to get into. The Big companies wants to hold down the little ones from making it to the Top, but may not succeed because they are still missing one thing!!! Something that YOU and I have!!!

I didn’t check out the accompanying link, but I think it’s porn. (It’s gotta be.) Anyway, in his book High Weirdness by Mail, Rev. Ivan Stang claims that random capitalization of nouns is the sign of a "kook". I concur. -pm

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