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March 23rd, 2000

Paging Doctor Pepper…

One of my co-workers is kind of obsessed with the Dr. Pepper imitation soda, Dr. Thunder. He deserves credit for the inspiration behind today’s Ping.

So here’s a starter list of the Dr. Pepper-ish sodas, just to show the amusing similarities in name:

  • Dr. Pepper — The original
  • Mr. Pibb — Coke’s knock-off
  • Dr. Thunder — Wal-Mart brand
  • Dr. Whatever — Saw at Freshfields
  • Dr. Becker — Saw at Freshfields
  • Dr. Perky — Food Lion brand
  • Dr. Skipper — Safeway brand
I compiled this list from my own memory, but to see the astounding array of Dr. P imitations (and Dr. P weirdos like Yanek), you’ve got to check out the Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered site (which contains rankings!), TheDr Pepper “Clone” Page, or Imposters, Pretenders, and Frauds. -ram

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday March 23, 2000 -- 10:35:03AM
I love Dr Pepper. Interestingly, my mom loves Dr Thunder... but I always laugh at it. The sites you linked to are great! Who would've known there are so many knock-offs?

FROM: Kirk
DATE: Thursday March 23, 2000 -- 1:08:53PM
Personally I can't stand Mr Pibb but I love the original Dr Pepper. My favorite imposter would have to be Dr Diablo formerly the Smiths brand. They have since renamed it something different.

DATE: Saturday March 25, 2000 -- 9:17:11PM
Oddly enough, I don't have a position on this...but I have a couple of friends who swear by Mr. Pibb (and dislike Dr. Pepper)...but also drink generic "Red Cream Soda"

FROM: Matt Wright
DATE: Sunday March 26, 2000 -- 12:43:34AM
I like Mr. Pibb alot too, although I think both Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb are fine and dandy

FROM: Kevin Neese
DATE: Friday March 30, 2001 -- 10:40:47PM
Dr Pepper sucks big can u say that Mr. PiBB is worse than that nasty drink Dr Pepper.Everyone likes Mr PiBB (except for some idiots on this page)And would like PiBB better if Coke
wouldnt bottle Dr Crapper in some areas.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 10:34:50AM
LOL... oh, you fans of the Dark Side...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 10:51:30AM
You fools! Diet Dr Pepper is the answer! Just about the same flavor with none of the sugar! I'm drinking one right now!

FROM: Monica
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 11:35:38AM
and Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like... everything else!! ;-)

FROM: Kevin Neese
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 11:56:01AM
dr pepper still sucks.......
so does diet.....
caffiene free sucks......
Mr PiBB 4 LIFE!!!!!

DATE: Monday July 16, 2001 -- 12:26:04AM
I tried Mr. Pibb the other day at Arby's. It is by far the most god-awful thing I have ever tasted (including that one time I got drunk and ate horse dung). It tastes like sweat and congealed milk mixed with toothpaste-spit-water. It was so nasty I actually slammed the nearly-full cup into the garbage and stormed out of the restraunt. I will never touch Mr. Pibb again. I haven't tried the other knock offs... are they all that nasty?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday July 18, 2001 -- 11:19:03AM
Bob -- If it was a fountain drink, perhaps it was improperly mixed. Give it a shot... try a can sometime. It tastes pretty much the same as every other knock off.

FROM: Mike B.
DATE: Thursday July 4, 2002 -- 11:37:46 am
Sobe's new Mr. Green is Dr. Pepperish.

FROM: Ken Aitchison
DATE: Monday November 18, 2002 -- 4:16:12 am
I dunno if it's still there, but Trader Joes had a clone called Texas Lightning. It tasted a bit more cherry than DP though.

Oh, and to Kevin Neese: Ha ha! Enjoy your Pibb Extra! Apparently Coke thinks so little of their loyal customers that they actually did a MAJOR reformulation to try (yet again) to crush DP. When will Coke learn that we Dr Pepper fans won't drink Pibb on PRINCIPLE and that they'd be better off just cancelling the whole concept and just offering something, I dunno... ORIGINAL?

FROM: Cameron Formica
DATE: Sunday December 1, 2002 -- 4:40:51 pm
I've never really noticed, but I think I prefer the new Pibb Xtra over Dr.Pepper. The old Mr.Pibb tastes like crap!!!! It is very hard finding Pibb Xtra from where I come from in Mobile, Alabama. From where I live you can only get Pibb Xtra from a foutain in a restaraunt. Dr.Pepper is good too,but I prefer Pibb Xtra a little bit more than Dr.Pepper.

FROM: makioka
DATE: Thursday June 24, 2004 -- 9:03:45 pm
Does anybody remember Dr. Nut? It was kind of a brownish can with a squirel on it and it tasted like a cherry-flavored Dr. Pepper.

FROM: Maribel
DATE: Saturday November 6, 2004 -- 7:55:22 pm
I like Dr. pepper, mr. pibb and xtra. I can't believe they took off Mr. pibb already, that just ticked me off. Xtra doesn't taste as good as the original, so I suggest they re-replace it back. So I might as well go back to Dr. pepper.

FROM: Sammy Reed
DATE: Monday November 8, 2004 -- 3:15:28 pm
Save-A-Lot's brand for it is Dr. Pop.

FROM: john
DATE: Tuesday November 16, 2004 -- 11:53:38 pm
if you want to see the most ridiculouse assortment of knockoffs...literally HUNDREDS...check this page out

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:16:47 pm

FROM: cj
DATE: Monday January 3, 2005 -- 12:26:20 pm

DATE: Monday January 3, 2005 -- 12:28:36 pm
you are all gaywads, cherry coke RULES

FROM: chris
DATE: Monday January 3, 2005 -- 12:30:59 pm

FROM: Span
DATE: Tuesday May 3, 2005 -- 5:27:45 pm
all these Dr. Pepper-ish sodas suck... i can't belive how people like it so much ...

FROM: James
DATE: Wednesday June 29, 2005 -- 11:12:04 pm
I agree with Span, they all taste like medicine to me... BAD MEDICINE. Barq's Root Beer owns Dr. Pepperish drinks anyday

FROM: Kayla
DATE: Friday August 5, 2005 -- 3:00:57 am
Root beer is horrible, James. Nothing like Dr. Pepper. Shame on you. Shame.

FROM: Sammy Reed
DATE: Friday August 5, 2005 -- 7:40:18 pm
Excuse me here but, ummmm...

"Dr. Becker"?!?

Does Ted Danson get residuals? (ouch)

FROM: Natasha Kershaw
DATE: Monday May 15, 2006 -- 2:45:11 pm
I hate cherry coke.It is so disgusting and my dad is the only person I know who likes it.I wish they still did vanilla coke,but sadly I never see it in the shops anymore.At least I can still have it at college.

Dio February 4, 2007, 5:05 pm

Where can I find Mr. Pibb or Pibb Xtra?

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