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March 23rd, 2000

Paging Doctor Pepper…

One of my co-workers is kind of obsessed with the Dr. Pepper imitation soda, Dr. Thunder. He deserves credit for the inspiration behind today’s Ping.

So here’s a starter list of the Dr. Pepper-ish sodas, just to show the amusing similarities in name:

  • Dr. Pepper — The original
  • Mr. Pibb — Coke’s knock-off
  • Dr. Thunder — Wal-Mart brand
  • Dr. Whatever — Saw at Freshfields
  • Dr. Becker — Saw at Freshfields
  • Dr. Perky — Food Lion brand
  • Dr. Skipper — Safeway brand
I compiled this list from my own memory, but to see the astounding array of Dr. P imitations (and Dr. P weirdos like Yanek), you’ve got to check out the Not Quite What the Doctor Ordered site (which contains rankings!), TheDr Pepper “Clone” Page, or Imposters, Pretenders, and Frauds. -ram

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Dio February 4, 2007, 5:05 pm

Where can I find Mr. Pibb or Pibb Xtra?

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