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March 22nd, 2000

Choco-Lite and Razzles

Ryan was on a weird Oreo kick last week (but that’s okay because Oreos are great, right?) I’d like to indulge you, then, in a favorite candy bar from my childhood: Choco-Lite.

Insofar as I know, it’s no longer made. But a trip to the candy store would be incomplete without picking up a Choco-Lite. Imagine a somewhat small chocolate bar similar to Nestle Crunch. Now take out the crisped rice, leaving the teeny holes from the rice intact. That was pretty much it. But it was a sweet, sweet chocolate and a dentist’s nightmare.

I’m also reminded of Razzles – "the candy that’s a gum!" and "the gum that’s a candy!" I described these things to people for years and no one remembered them. Razzles were packaged in a gaudy, 70s-based white pouch (smaller than Big League Chew). A Razzle was a little cylinder, about 1/2" in diameter and maybe 1/4" high. They had a weird design on top and came in different flavors. They were somewhat hard when you first put them in your mouth, but upon chewing them you’d find that they had the consistency of… gum! Yes, it morphed into a gum.

I finally saw Razzles at Walgreens about four months back, and I was elated. The packaging was updated for the 90s, of course, but they appeared to be the same gum/candy (gandy?) I had grown up with.

It’s the little things. -pm

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FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2000 -- 10:58:49AM
Razzles kick ass! When I was just a little Fezziwig, my parents would use Razzles as a reward when I had good behavior (same with the candy Chuckles). Razzles are still around and I often buy them for old-times sake. They taste exactly the same, although I think the gum part is less chewy than it use to be.
-Old Fezz

FROM: Alyse
DATE: Wednesday February 28, 2001 -- 4:50:55PM
I have been going crazy trying to find Choco-lite. It was my FAVORITE candy growing up. I heard that it can be found in Pennsylvania, but so far I have had no luck. If you happen to find a place that still carries it (if it's still made), PLEASE email me. Thanks.

FROM: Hope
DATE: Thursday May 10, 2001 -- 2:52:22PM
Whats funny is I am eating razzles right now. It reminds me of my childhood. I have the habbit of eating one color until the flavor goes away. Then spitting it out and eating another handful. I eat an entire bag in one sitting. Choco-lite was my favorite candy bar. If you do find it would you e-mail me. I would love to have one again.

DATE: Saturday July 7, 2001 -- 8:20:33PM
Choco-lite is no longer available in the US. It is sold in Canada under the name Aero Bar. How do I know? I asked Nestle.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday July 7, 2001 -- 11:54:19PM
Funny you should mention that, Dawn. I happened to find an Aero bar at a European store in a suburb here... and although it was good, I wasn't entirely certain that it was the same as Choco-Lite.

FROM: Holy Molar
DATE: Friday December 14, 2001 -- 10:45:26AM
Amazing! The two culprits of my dental demise. Actually there was a third........the Marathon Bar. Oooooh, those dastardly fiends.

FROM: Joan
DATE: Monday January 21, 2002 -- 1:27:02 am
Paul, you're right. Unfortunately, the Aero bar is NOT the same as the Chocolite. The Aero is too soft and does not have the same taste as the Chocolite.

If anyone would like to find an alternative to the Marathon bar, try the Curly Wurly from Cadbury. It is sold in the UK, and it can also be found in some import shops in the USA.

FROM: sheri
DATE: Saturday August 17, 2002 -- 7:13:14 pm
I too have been searching for the chocolite bar for years, it was my favorite candy bar from childhood. It's funny but when I mention how I liked the chocolite bar from childhood, no one knows what I am talking about. I'm glad everyone here agrees with me that it was the best. Who made the chocolite bar?

FROM: sheri
DATE: Saturday August 17, 2002 -- 7:17:23 pm
After posting the last message I was looking at a site for lost candy, and came across a candy bar called Wispa bar, it is by Cadbury and the site assures that it tastes like chocolite bars

FROM: Diana
DATE: Saturday September 28, 2002 -- 6:11:56 pm
I remember Chocolite as my favorite from childhood, but of course, no one I ask remembers it. Nice to know I'm not going crazy - it did exist!

DATE: Wednesday October 16, 2002 -- 12:29:59 am
I also loved Chocolite, but have had the Wispa Bars by Cadbury and they were wonderful. Not exactly like Chocolite, but sooooo good. I've only seen them in England, but did find a website that sells them. Can't remember the site but do a search on the web for Wispa and you'll find it.

FROM: Patrick [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday November 7, 2002 -- 1:34:12 pm
I haven't had a razzle in years and those rocked too, but the reason I would up here was because I was searching for those damn Chocolite bars...nobody I knew could come up with the name, in fact, nobody I asked (and I'd asked several folks) could even remember what the heck I was talking about...the wispa things sound good but it's depressing in that it's not a REAL Chocolite. I wonder why they ever went out of business in the first place? I loved them and after doing this little internet search for them today, after having found the name on some candy memory forum it seems there are a lot of people out there who'd kill their own mother to get their hands on one. Get it together, Nestle! Like the other couple people on here, people just thought I was nuts, I too, am glad that they weren't just a figment of my childhood imagination.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday November 8, 2002 -- 3:09:01 pm
I've told everyone I know about Choco-Lite and they think I'm nuts. They say candy bars don't disappear. Then ask them if they've seen a Marathon lately? For some reason they remember Marathon, but it was heavily advertised on TV and in comic books with a Marlboro-esque cowboy. I do remember the TV commercial for Choco-Lite as well. It was a cartoon of a woman in a psychadelic dream world and she was slogging around in a river of thick chocolate. It was supposed to be like those dreams you have when you're running but can't get anywhere. Anyway, she is saved from the heavy doldrums of normal chocolate when, I believe it was a bird, swoops down and introduces her to Choco-Lite. She takes a bite and is whisked away from the chocolate sludge and floats up into the sky. It went something like that. It's been at least twenty years since I've seen this commercial. I also remember that the bar was divided into like five squares with a print of a roundish seashell thing on it. There were other chocolate bars that looked the same unwrapped.

I too am glad to find validation here at this site (again) after many fruitless searches on the web to locate a place where I could find this little chocolate jewel. It was my favorite in childhood--and I also don't think they had a fun size to get at Halloween. I remember also that a lot of women of the day complained to Nestle because they were getting fat thinking that this was some kind of diet chocolate bar (which it wasn't nor was it meant to be). I would kill to have one now.

DATE: Monday November 25, 2002 -- 5:42:05 pm

FROM: Lori
DATE: Monday November 25, 2002 -- 5:42:54 pm
Yay for folks that remember chocolite .. such a great candy bar - and not diet at all! wispa is the closest i've found -- but yes, i understand when folks say it's just not the same ..

FROM: Another Sheri
DATE: Wednesday December 4, 2002 -- 5:20:45 pm
I, too, thought I was the only one in the world to have savored Chocolite in my youth. Another one that makes me feel oh so alone is Space Food Sticks. I loved them! And no one seems to have ever heard of them. They all must have had mean moms who wouldn't let them indulge in something so junky and delicious. Or maybe it was a regional thing - only in the midwest or something. Pillsbury does, however, mention Space Food Sticks in their website, although they've been out of production for quite some time now.

FROM: Julie
DATE: Thursday January 9, 2003 -- 8:21:22 am
Feels like a support group! I too have been in search of the awesome Chocolite with no success and have tried every Aero/Wispa/? aerated chocolate bar here and in the UK. There seem to be many try hards but none come near close enough to that delicious sensation. Thanks for the affirmation!

FROM: Grime Squad Soldier
DATE: Sunday January 12, 2003 -- 1:11:25 am
Razzles are unbelieveable. Promote the Razzle Revolution! Everyone give your opinion and fav color, how often you eat them, etc. My fav color is red and ive been known to eat 4 bags at one sitting (18 reds at one time). holla back Razzleheads.

FROM: Stacey
DATE: Tuesday January 14, 2003 -- 4:53:26 pm
I was glad to see others remember the Marathon bar. I don't recall thinking it was such a great candy bar until about ten years after they stopped making them. I remember distinctly having their memory pop back into my head out of nowhere and feeling like I'd do anything to get my hands on one right now. I don't completely remember Chocolite but I'm sure I had those before, also. I don't remember being particularly impressed with chocolate with holes in it. I actually felt kind of cheated, like there should be rice crispies or nuts in the chocolate, instead of holes.

DATE: Friday January 17, 2003 -- 10:04:28 am
I absolutely loved Chocolite bars as a kid, and have missed them a great deal. It seems they are always discontinuing products that are delicious and keeping ones that are awful. I can't figure that out. I'm glad to know there are still some people out there that remember and adored our beloved Chocolite bars! I think we should all write or e-mail Nestle and demand they bring it back! :>)

FROM: Marcus
DATE: Wednesday January 22, 2003 -- 11:08:11 pm
Yes, Choco-Lite was awesome. I recently had a good approximation made by Milka ("Knister-Q") but it wasn't quite the same. Again, too soft and not as sweet (or as thick). Oh well...

peace! ><+>

FROM: christoph
DATE: Thursday January 23, 2003 -- 4:15:55 pm
OH MY GOSH!!! I am not the only one! Chocolites were THE beat all best bar around...they almost "crumbled" into your mouth as I recall ... I WANT ONE RIGHT NOW! I am glad I read on, I almost bought a case of the Aero bars at first mention ... they sound like a bas imitation. What can we do? I just need Chocolite bars and for Proctor and Gamble to put the Aveeno soap bar back to its origina recipe before they bought it up and I willbea happy camper. IS IT TO MUCH TO ASK?

FROM: carline
DATE: Tuesday January 28, 2003 -- 3:48:42 pm
I loved chocolite candy bars. I grew up in Conn. and chocolite was my favorite candy bar. I now live in Florida and have yet to find it anywhere. Maybe one day they will bring it back. Yummy Yummy!!!!

FROM: Aimee
DATE: Thursday February 6, 2003 -- 12:00:28 am
I was so happy to find this website!! I work for a company that deals alot with candy corps, and I would ask all the time if anyone had ever heard of the "choco" bar. I had for got that it was called the "chocolite" bar. But anyway, I talked with someone from Nestle, and they said they quit making it due to slow sales, and I have never tasted anything like it since. Maybe someday... I am so glad to see that I am not the only 70's kid that loved the Chocolite bar! Question though: Did it come in a brown and yellow wrapper? Thanks for responding! :)

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Thursday February 6, 2003 -- 12:08:32 pm
I don't think they have Choco-lite but this site has alot of other candy you can order in bulk.

FROM: Grime Squad Soldier
DATE: Monday February 10, 2003 -- 4:27:24 pm
talk about razzles! chocolites were gross

FROM: Jeff O\' Lite
DATE: Tuesday February 11, 2003 -- 5:10:04 pm
I've never met anyone who remembers this great candy bar. Growing up in the 70's, it was one of my favorites-not as crunchy as a Nestle's Crunch and not as smooth as a 3 Musketeers-somewhere in the middle. The bar had about five sections with a shell stamped on each section-lite and airy in the middle. Kind of a dark brown paper wrapper with an off-yellow or goldish inner wrapper. As I remember "Choco-lite" was in yellowish, 70's looking script-reminds me of The Electric Company on PBS. I haven't had anything quite like it-will keep my eyes open for a Cadbury Wispa.

FROM: Shirley Bhutto
DATE: Friday March 14, 2003 -- 2:30:53 pm
I too remember chocolites as being the best candy bar around. They do really crumble in your mouth! has Wispas....I think I'm going to order some and try them until Nestle smartens up.

FROM: Mike
DATE: Saturday March 15, 2003 -- 7:33:12 am
I remember chocolites as being about one inch thick two inches wide by about six inches long. they were kind of scored so you could snap off a chunk. I think they were in a yellowish type of wrapper. didn't they have real thin slivers of honey in them also? I say we start a grass roots effort to bring it back !
And yes not many people I know remember them I know my dentist did.

FROM: Kelly
DATE: Thursday April 3, 2003 -- 9:11:16 pm
Why did Nestle ever quit making the Choco-lites? Does anyone know? What would it take for them to make it again?

DATE: Tuesday April 8, 2003 -- 3:10:23 am
if y'all dont start talking bout razzles ima flip, so lets get focused on razzles. chocolites are gone, accept it. razzles can still be purchased at walgreens and various corner stores. buy a bag, open yourself up to the razzle revolution.

FROM: Vicki
DATE: Wednesday April 9, 2003 -- 4:27:43 am
I really enjoyed Choco-Lites. I really miss them. I feel we all should (those who are not against Choco-Lites) send in our request to Nestle so that they bring back the Choco-Lite. Hopefully, they haven't lost the recipe to the candy bar. I'm glad that I found others who enjoyed the candy bar and desperately want it back.

FROM: Deanna
DATE: Saturday April 12, 2003 -- 9:28:27 pm
Ahoy, Choco-Lite lovers!!

I, too, was a fan of that holey, airy candy bar -- going so far as to ride my bicycle, at 8 or 9 years old, at least 2 miles to the downtown shopping area to buy myself one!! Nobody that I talk to seems to recall this candy, but it's wonderful to find many of you remember as fondly as I do!! :-)

As I write this, my tummy is full of the nearest thing to Choco-Lite that I have found, in years: a Milka Lufle Alpenmilch bar. My in-laws returned from a trip to Germany today, and they brought back tons of German chocolate with them! I turned up my nose at booze-filled, nut-laden, or fruit- bearing chocolates, preferring plain to all that fancy stuff. But when my eyes fell on this Lufle bar, they grew as wide as saucers!! This was a VERY large candy bar (150 g), but in the last several hours, I managed to finish it off!! The caffeine will no doubt keep me up l-a-t-e tonight, but it was WELL worth it!

Having not had an actual Choco-Lite in nearly 30 years (!), I can't promise that this was identical, but it was awfully close -- thick chocolate with all those little holes, making it look almost like a sponge, and that special "whipped" taste that some folks either loved or hated! Ahhh, my tummy is singing right now ... :-)

Now the true test is determining if we can get our hands on this German candy here in the U.S. The label identifies the website as, and apparently they are a division of Kraft Foods. There is a picture on the web site of both the regular bar, along with a yogurt-filled version. The one I devoured was NOT, of course, the yogurt-filled one.

Anyway ... if any of you are very clever and discern a way to get this item shipped here in bulk, let all of us know!! I will continue to look for a source and will post back if I find anything!

Happy searching, Choco-Lite fans!

Deanna ;-)
P.S. I do remember Razzles, too, FWIW! :-)

FROM: melissa ward
DATE: Monday April 14, 2003 -- 1:29:22 am
I so miss the choco lite bar. I live in USA and we don't even have the Aero bar , so I can bloody try it. I also wonder if any one remembers the banana bubblicious flavor gum, they still have bubblicious just not in banana flavor, ohI found razzle dazzles on a website called the candy store. It's in USA, I also love mega zots. Help me if you know where to find these or if you know the company that made them. Melissa Hungry in Florida

FROM: Sara
DATE: Monday May 26, 2003 -- 10:32:01 pm
I'm glad to see I'm not going crazy. I was starting to think my long lost love, the chocolite bar, was a hallucination. I'd often wondered what had happened to it. FYI.....if any of you are in Canada, try a Mirage bar. Excellent chocolate candy bar. Light and airy like the chocolite, but much better in my opion.

DATE: Thursday June 12, 2003 -- 1:47:57 pm
I, too, adored Nestle Chocolite bars when I was little. I wish they would bring them back. I can't believe Nestle discontinued them in the first place. Another great candy bar I loved was "Willy Wonka Oompas" - the original ones that were half chocolate, half peanutbutter, not the ones now that are fruity - yuck!

DATE: Thursday June 12, 2003 -- 1:47:57 pm
I, too, adored Nestle Chocolite bars when I was little. I wish they would bring them back. I can't believe Nestle discontinued them in the first place. Another great candy bar I loved was "Willy Wonka Oompas" - the original ones that were half chocolate, half peanutbutter, not the ones now that are fruity - yuck!

FROM: frank
DATE: Monday June 30, 2003 -- 10:27:15 pm
when i was a kid every sunday after visiting my grandma, my dad would stop for a beer and i would order my "usual" a chocolite bar and a coke. no one i talked to remembers the chocolite bar. this is so great that there are people who remember. my dad had passed on in 1979 and the chocolite bar is one of my strongest memories with him. i'd love to find a picture, does anybody have a site with the chocolite wrapper? long live our memories

FROM: cathy skinner
DATE: Tuesday July 8, 2003 -- 10:52:44 pm
WOW!!!! i too thought i was the only one in the world to remember the yummy choco lite bar. any time my parents would let us pick out a candy at the store....that was the one for me. also, i remember, if i said the same thing at the same time as someone else (and you did the punch with the you owe me) i would (and still to this day) say..."you owe me a choco lite". of course, when i say it now people just look at me like i'm crazy.

FROM: Jill
DATE: Saturday July 19, 2003 -- 1:05:58 am
Wow- here I was thinking that I was the only one. People look at me as if they were a figment of my imagination! I guess, then, that Jonny Socko and his Flying Robot may also not have been a dream? Razzles - yum..they were powder one second, gum the other. Does it get any better?

FROM: Sonya
DATE: Saturday July 19, 2003 -- 5:21:17 pm
I can't believe I found others who loved this candy bar like I did! This is great. I would ask people at work about it and they don't remember them at all! This is too cool! I really need a Chocolite bar!!!

DATE: Thursday July 24, 2003 -- 1:05:25 pm

FROM: Deanna
DATE: Friday July 25, 2003 -- 11:01:15 am
Try this link, Choco-Lite fans. It goes to where you can order the closest thing to a Choco-Lite bar that I've had in 30 years. A bit on the expensive side, but how can you put a price tag on those memories??

Have fun, and happy munching!! ;-)

FROM: Lynn
DATE: Friday August 1, 2003 -- 1:03:17 am
Hallelujah, I can't believe there are so many of us! We ought to just buy the Chocolite recipe from Nestle and start a company to make them ourselves. If nothing else, we could support our own habits. I don't know what was in those Chocolite bars, but it was potent stuff for me to still be hopefully putting the name in a search engine, "just in case." Thanks everybody for making me feel less alone. Crazy, crazy Nestle to discontinue the most heavenly candy bar ever made!

FROM: Denise
DATE: Monday August 25, 2003 -- 9:55:03 pm
Hooray for Chocolite lovers. I have never tasted anything so wonderful in my life... and am DYING for another one. I, like a lot of you, was beginning to think it was a figment of my imagination. None of my same-age friends remember it at all. Does anyone remember Banana Frosted Flakes? My sister and I loved them (probably late 70s- early 80s), and I can't find anyone that remembers them either!! How about Cookies and Cream Twix? What happened to those?

FROM: Lisa
DATE: Thursday September 18, 2003 -- 10:14:43 pm
I am absolutely amazed that there are so many of you out there that remeber and loved Chocolite bars as much as I did. I almost had tears in my eyes while reading most of your responses. I too have been searching for this for a long time! Everyone I talk to about these wonderful candy bars of the past seem to think I'm crazy (even my husband). What I wouldn't do to get my hands on one of those now. I would savor every last bit. And I'm also suprised to find that a lot of you loved the Marathon bar and Razzles as well. The only thing left are the Razzles...Ah, to have one thing from my childhood. I wonder how much else we all have in common besides these candies of the past.

FROM: Annette
DATE: Monday October 13, 2003 -- 11:33:00 pm
I loved Chocolite as a child. My sister did too, but she says she doesn't remember it! Not sure why I do - strange the things one remembers. There also used to be this yogurt type dessert (made by Hood???) in a mold that you turned upside down & poked with a fork. I really liked the challenge of turning it out of the mold without ruining it. Can't remember the name of it though.

FROM: Kimberly
DATE: Tuesday November 4, 2003 -- 9:33:39 am
I'm astounded at the number of us! I've been trying to remember the name of this candy bar for months now; only yesterday did I finally remember it. I'm glad I found this site but disappointed to find out that there are no more Chocolites being made. Why, Nestle?! Can't you see how great the demand is?! Let's hope Nestle feels nostalgic soon and brings back the Chocolite!

FROM: Bert
DATE: Thursday November 6, 2003 -- 10:26:24 pm
All I do is think of Chocolite all day long, and then I think of Chocolite some more. I can't believe there are so many devotees of Chocolite. No I can go on, knowing you are out there. My late wife could not understand about the Chocolite. My many sermons could not convert her. Perhaps I am better off.

Does someone have a stash of CL bars somewhere? I would pay anything and meet them anywhere. Cash on the barrel.

Email me if you are interested in the Chocolite gathering in January 2004. Hopefully we'll have the bars by then. Who's with me!

In solidarity,

FROM: Meaghan
DATE: Tuesday November 11, 2003 -- 8:01:43 pm
My sister and I were just talking about Chocolites this evening when I decided to get online to find them. WOW...much to my amazement there are more people like us! Has anyone found the German candy referenced above? At Let me know if it's the same!

FROM: Marn
DATE: Monday November 24, 2003 -- 3:51:30 pm
Wow! I'm mind was fixed on this candy bar from the past and stretching for the name. When it finally hit me, I HAD to find it...which is how I ended up here with all you other Choco-Lite lovers. How sad that Choco-Lite no longer exists! It was definitely a fave of mine growing up. Dastardly Nestle! They still make that wretched Chunky Bar...but drop the sublime Choco-Lite! Rats.

FROM: stefanie way
DATE: Monday December 8, 2003 -- 8:23:41 pm
i remember that good ole chocolite candy bar, and how i miss it!!! everyone that i have spoken to doesnt remember it. another thing i remember growing up, that no one else does, its the sara lee brownies(totally different thing) does anyone remember those????

FROM: Wee Willy Wonka
DATE: Sunday December 28, 2003 -- 12:51:43 am
Yes, as I recall, the Choco-Lite bar "yielded" when you bit into it--it was so full of air, it didn't resist, as if to say, "Eat me; I don't care; in fact I welcome your teeth." They were good, all right. And I remember Razzles too, but I haven't seen one of those in a long while, either. I recall they had a rounded flowery sort of bas-relief design stamped into them, very pleasing to look at.

FROM: Tiffany
DATE: Monday February 9, 2004 -- 6:57:33 pm
In my opinion, Cadbury Wispas don't taste the same as Choco-lites. They are a little bit on the 'dry side'. I remember Choco-lites being a lot smoother. I've also tired the Aero but they're not very sweet. I have bought them at a US candy shop that sells UK chocolates and I have purchased them while visiting Canada and the UK. By the way, a couple of good chocolate bars to try are the Nestle Lion bar (Nestle Ireland) and Nestle Toffee Crisp! Very good!

FROM: Derek
DATE: Monday March 22, 2004 -- 1:57:24 am
I knew I wasnt crazy. the chocolite did exist, no one I know remenbers it.

FROM: Colleen
DATE: Tuesday April 20, 2004 -- 9:06:17 pm
I am so excited to find people who remember Chocolite! No one I know does, even though we're the same age. They were so good! I tried the Aero bar, but the thing crumbled in my lap and turned into a huge mess. I don't remember my Chocolites ever doing that!

FROM: CocoMo
DATE: Friday May 7, 2004 -- 3:12:22 am
Okay......I have been searching high and low for the Chocolite it's out of production,eh? That BITES!!! I remember it well during the 70's I was in elementary school. My granny would take me to the local mini-market and I would run right to the candy isle and get one. I remember the cover wrapper was brown and the inner wrapper was yellow........does anyone else remember that? I can taste it right now. I guess the Crunch bar is kind of close, but the Chocolite didn't have any rice crisp in it. It was dense and airy at the same time...a true wonder..... I just love it when a smell or taste or sound takes you back to your makes you feel like a kid all over again. That's what Chocolite does for me when I think of it......When I was in the possession of a Chocolite, I was the happiest kid in the world!!!!

FROM: Mike
DATE: Monday May 10, 2004 -- 3:21:15 pm
Choc - lite, Space Fudge Sticks, CapNCrunch Jean LaFoote Cin. Cereal.

Oh the good life back in the 70's. Our kids don't have a clue. OH... Who can forget Quisp Cereal. Ok. NOW I am hungry. Just close your eyes and dream.....

FROM: tyrose
DATE: Friday May 21, 2004 -- 7:17:11 pm
Never tried a choco-lite though it seems everyone is out of luck in finding them but I do live in the states and have have consumed mass quantities of Aero, regular and the mint variety which are very tasty as they are becoming more avilable here and seem to be the same general idea, although of course the difference being the chocolate itself. If your favourite chocy store doesn't carry em go to and start ordering - curlywurlys too :)

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday May 24, 2004 -- 4:16:22 pm

Quisp is still around, but I went to buy some and it was outrageously expensive--like $4 for a box that was hardly larger than a Grape-Nuts box. It seemed artificially small and I was suspicious that Quaker produced it only to catch a wave of nostalgia, and not for people to actually eat. I turned it away as fast as I turned away the green box of "Cheese Poofs" being sold at the South Park movie for $5.

DATE: Saturday May 29, 2004 -- 1:52:37 pm

It's nice to know that I'm not insane, and that Chocolite candy bars really existed! I can still recall the yellow letters on that wrapper. It was all about the "holes"...classic!! Does anyone remember the commercial ad? Despite being 31 years old, unfortunately not many of my peers remember this chocolate piece of perfection. It's nice to know that there are others who do! Now all we need is for McDonald's to bring back the old-school (fried) apple pies.

Happy binging!

FROM: lisa
DATE: Sunday June 6, 2004 -- 2:46:53 pm
I emailed Nestle and they explained they explained that due to a lack of interest in the Chocolite bar, they discontinued the product..however I could try thier Aero bar which is the husband went to Canada for a business trip and brought back an Aero...too soft and not the same flavor at all...maybe if we sent an influx of emails or a petition Nestle would come to their senses and make them again

DATE: Monday June 7, 2004 -- 11:09:12 pm
Count me inn for emailing Nestle and requesting chocolite. Last year I called Kellogs and told them to make Cocoa Hoots again (remember this early '70's masterpiece?). A post from Ann last year recalled another favorite of mine - Willy Wonka's Oompas when they were chocolate and peanut butter. Closest thing to them now is the m&m's with PB filling. Oompas were much bigger though. Finally, I loved Wacky Wafers - I always started on the side with apple and strawberry so I could end with watermelon and tangerine. I love all you classic candy nuts like myself - it was great being a kid in the '70's!!!!!!!


FROM: makiok
DATE: Thursday June 24, 2004 -- 9:00:27 pm
Yes. You can still buy Razzles, but I think the modernized Razzles aren't as good as the classic Razzles (that came in the white package). I don't remember there being a 'Blazin' Blueberry' flavor before. I liked them much more when it was just the simple Lemon, Orange, Grape and Cherry(?) flavors. The flavors now seem too strong.

FROM: Mechele
DATE: Saturday June 26, 2004 -- 11:28:23 pm
ME TOO! AMAZING! chocolite rules {d}

FROM: Gloria
DATE: Wednesday July 14, 2004 -- 7:31:53 pm
I have been thinking about Choco-lite bars as well and picked up one of the Nestle Tollhouse Candy Bars. It's the closest I've gotten to Choco-lite and it's delicious.

FROM: Terri
DATE: Sunday October 3, 2004 -- 7:37:12 pm
I have been asking everyone for years if they remember the choco candy bar with the holes in it that was wrapped in a yellow inner wrapper. No one ever knew what I was talking about. I'm glad I wasn't going crazy!

FROM: OompaloompasRevil
DATE: Monday October 4, 2004 -- 12:17:34 pm
Ah brothers and sisters in candy love!!! I remember a cartoonish add with a girl sliding down a slide saying Chocoliiiiite. I loved those bars and Aero is NOT the same. I also waited with anticipation for shopping trips when I could get the Marathon bar. I remember Ice Cream gum, and when the 100,000 bar was the hundred thousand dollar bar and not 100 grand. I loved cheese kisses and Freakies cereal (which did make a comeback in the mid-80's) I inhaled glasses of PDQ by the truckload I had candy cigarettes when they were good, and those gum rocks in the brightly colored bags, I chewed orbit the first time around in the 70's and got some necco wafers in a treasure chest box with a plastic witch's finger, yum yum's were great(coconut chocolate chewy cookies).....the 70's were cool

FROM: Carol
DATE: Friday October 22, 2004 -- 9:42:46 pm
I loved the Chocolite candy bar! I wish Nestle would make it again. Although, I do disagree with the person who hated the Chunky bar. I like those too.
And I do remember when the 100 Grand bar was the 100,000 bar.
I miss PB Max too!

What I love (but can't find locally) are those little Ice Cubes candy. They are great refridgerated. They lose their coating when you chill them, but they don't melt as fast.

If someone makes an official petition to send to Nestle to bring back Chocolite, I'll sign it. :)


FROM: Trina
DATE: Wednesday November 10, 2004 -- 12:31:27 am
Carol, you can find Ice Cubes at any Cumberland Farms convenience store. At least you can here in MA.
I wont go into my memories of Chocolite or how I feel about it, I'll just say "DITTO" to all the above comments! I emailed Nestle tonight to plead with them to bring it back! Please do the same and if we all do it, maybe, just maybe, they will have enough input to bring our beloved Chocolite back to us!

FROM: Dave
DATE: Wednesday November 17, 2004 -- 12:12:21 pm
Choco-o-lite and Oompas! Both great candy. I load up on Aeors when in Canada. There is another Canadian candy bar that has air pockets in the chocolate, but I can't remember of the top of my head. I also used to love Choc-cola, a chocolate flavored drink.

FROM: razzles
DATE: Wednesday January 12, 2005 -- 9:03:10 pm

FROM: razzles
DATE: Thursday January 13, 2005 -- 6:22:14 pm
any body out there? what about you dave? choco-lite sux razzles rock

FROM: Amy Tee
DATE: Sunday January 23, 2005 -- 5:16:15 am
Couldn't sleep 2nite...figured i 'd check out all the exciting stuff on the web-i can't believe they discontinued choco-lite!!!-HUGE major dis-marathon were awesome too-the companies come out with new all the time,most end up being horrible,and get disc anyway-don't these companies understand that it truly is not the product that is not selling-maybe it's their marketing approach-they should have a 70's comeback-it's obvious if a select few are standing on their soapbox that just maybe there's an interest...i encourage all who feel so inclined to follow through and get the wheels in gear!!!!

FROM: Josh Herndon
DATE: Friday January 28, 2005 -- 1:21:44 pm
To the person who mentioned Space Food Sticks....they are till made. Check them out here

FROM: Dave
DATE: Friday February 11, 2005 -- 5:06:34 pm
Oh my gosh how I would love to get a choco-lite bar. Growing up in the 70's it was my favorite candy bar. On another note, does any remember that gum that would come in a rectangle or a brick about a half an inch thick. Usually it was a sour flavor such as sour apple or sour grape--I think the packaging might have had a smiley face on it--they also had another style that was a long rope style.

FROM: Sandy Zink
DATE: Tuesday February 15, 2005 -- 3:12:33 pm
Choco-lite bars were the greatest. I actually forgot about them until I tried an Aero bar. Dave, are you talking about Super Daddy or Sugar Daddy Gum? It came in foot long sticks. They also had lemon-lime.

FROM: hilda
DATE: Thursday March 17, 2005 -- 9:44:42 am
please bring the chocolite bar back.........

DATE: Tuesday March 29, 2005 -- 10:42:28 am
I found a websight that sells a chocolite bar in a brown and yellow wrapper. Its the same chocolite bar I remember getting when I was a kid growing up in the Ft. Lauderdale area in the early seventies. The websight is They are 19.95 for ten bars plus shipping and handling mine was$7.00 extra. I have one in my stomach right now it was great with a coke. Hope everyone enjoys

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday March 29, 2005 -- 8:00:36 pm
Are you spreading rumors, Tom? I tried the link and got bumpkis.

I'll try again later. You'd better not by lying. My credit card's in my hand and I'm waiting to buy.

FROM: Faybee
DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 12:57:56 pm
I bought Choco-Lite in the late 70s early 80s, and also remember that commercial, the slide was made out of a curvy chocolite bar and there were bubbles floating in the air too. All cartoon except the kids. I think they had another one showing a person pouring 'air bubbles' into a cauldron of chocolate, demonstrating the process of making choco-lite candy bars! Tried Aero a couple years ago and it's pretty good, but expensive, almost $3 a bar I think. Got it in Pittsburgh's Strip District chocolate store called "Mon Ami". They have lots of European candy. Sandy and Dave, is the 'rope' gum you are talking about Bubs Daddy? They were my favorite gum from many flavors! Not sure if they still make them though, havent looked.

DATE: Wednesday April 13, 2005 -- 2:48:29 pm
Hey Joseph I was really telling the truth. The website is down temporarily but they will take phone orders. You can reach them at 800-234-7863. Enjoy the chocolite bars!

DATE: Saturday April 16, 2005 -- 2:44:15 pm
Has anyone sent this page to Nestle? Wanting to refind the Chocolite bar 5 years ago, I contacted Nestle. This was their response:

July 6, 2000

Mr. Joseph Schmidt
13735 96th St
Ozone Park, NY 11417-2850

Dear Mr. Schmidt,

Thank you for calling about Nestl Chocolate and Confections. We
questions and comments
from loyal consumers. We have reported your comments to our Marketing
personnel. Unfortunately,
sales volume was not great enough to justify space on the grocers'
I will report to our
Marketing group that you called about Chocolite.

Many Nestl Confections are marketed worldwide and not imported to the
Chocolate may
sometimes have a very noticeable taste difference depending on the
and/or region of the world
and are formulated to meet the preferences of the majority of consumers
those areas. Currently the
following product Aero is not marketed in the U.S., however, we will be
happy to report your
comments to our Marketing personnel.

Mike Shimko
Consumer Response Representative

Ref: 6050656

The e-mail address is

By the way, Faybee. You are correct. There was a commercial where a kid delivered a bag of air bubbles to the factory, and he then poured the bag into a couldron.

Anyone who wants to contact me can at Just put Chocolite in the subject.

FROM: Stephanie
DATE: Saturday April 16, 2005 -- 2:50:35 pm
I've tried the Aero. I'd also like to see them bring back Twix Cookie's and Cream. Yum.

FROM: Sharon C
DATE: Monday April 25, 2005 -- 12:21:14 pm
I too loved the Chocolite bar with it's brown and yellow wrapper. I too have also contacted Nestle and Cadbury only to find there is nothing that comes close. I see that they have used the name Marathon Bar on a new Snicker's energy bar, but definately not the same. I was also happy that someone remembered the name of Space Food Sticks by Pillsbury. I remember them, but I couldn't remember the name and everyone thought I was crazy. They were like Tootsie Roll sticks. Does anyone remember the name of the yogurt type dessert cups where you would flip it upside down on a plate, stab it with a fork and pull the cup away to reveal a fruit covered dairy snack? I do, but can't remember the name of that one either. I was born in 1968 if that helps.

FROM: Sharon C
DATE: Monday April 25, 2005 -- 3:38:24 pm

This is an excellent site for products that are no longer manufactured, plus many that still are and hard to find.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday April 25, 2005 -- 4:00:59 pm
Tom's a jackass. I googled 1 800 234 7863 and found out that it's a gay sex line or something.

I only wonder how Tom knows the number so well. Care to explain, Tom?

FROM: oompaloompasrevil
DATE: Tuesday May 3, 2005 -- 11:45:02 am
I think Tom is having us on. If they did have chocolite bars they would be nearly 30 years old. Even the worms would have deserted them! At they do a sort of quick websearch and I did see many of the things I remember...THEY HAVE RAZZLES for the Razzle crazy among us. They do have curly wurly and they say it is the same as marathon.

FROM: Regis
DATE: Friday May 6, 2005 -- 9:39:26 am
Why can't Neslte make limited batches and sell them directly online?
M&M's does this, where you can order custom color mixtures of colors you can't buy in stores at all.
I bet people would pay way more for some of these discontinued bars to make it worth their while. is a site about BAR supplies, it has nothing to do with candy at all....why are you guys saying it does?

FROM: Regis
DATE: Friday May 6, 2005 -- 9:51:51 am
Check this site out for pictures of ALL kinds of wrappers, hopefully he will add Choco-lite up soon!

FROM: Melissa
DATE: Monday May 16, 2005 -- 10:35:46 pm
I too had been longing for a chocolite bar.....fortunately for me I have friends in Ottawa that send me care packages with the Aero bar. I've also been craving sour cream & onion Doritos. I remember eating then with my brother while watching "A Charlie Brown's Christmas". Those were the good old days!

DATE: Monday May 23, 2005 -- 2:07:32 pm
My explination is that I'm gay you moran.

FROM: Dawn
DATE: Sunday June 26, 2005 -- 4:47:53 am
I definitely remember banana bubblicious! That's what brought me to this site. I wondered what happened to it.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Sunday June 26, 2005 -- 10:25:31 am

What does being gay have to do with Choco-Lite and Razzles?

Go fishing elsewhere. That's not what this site is about.

FROM: Tricia
DATE: Monday July 18, 2005 -- 1:34:48 pm
People thought I was friggin' crazy when I used to talk about Chocolite and even could recite the commercial jingle, but I am a chocolate fanatic (favorite ever Reese's peanut butter cups also love non-pareils, chocolate covered pretzels, Hershey special dark and Thornton's (England). I used to love the Chocolite packaging too - brown w/ a yellow inside wrapper - I can practically taste and see it. God, I'm pathetic.

FROM: Renee
DATE: Friday July 22, 2005 -- 9:44:17 pm
i used to looove the original oompas...bought them alot when i was a kid....i miss them so much....i dont understand why they discontinue great candy...i loved the cookies and creme twix bar...and the peanut butter snickers....bring back the good old stuff....why have fruit flavored oompas now...they are just like skittles but bigger...and no one buys them....bring back chocolate and peanut butter american favorites!!!

FROM: Bill
DATE: Sunday July 31, 2005 -- 7:41:22 pm
This site is awesome! I'm going to order the Curly Wurly's and see if they are like the Marathon bar.The Aero bar is as close to the chocolite as you can get.Ilive near Windsor Ontario and get them anytime i go across the border.i suggest you try them if you like the chocolite bar.

DATE: Friday August 5, 2005 -- 12:17:18 am
I loved Chocolite when I was growing up.So did a friend of mine. What I woudn't give to have one now. By the way Tom that was wrong of you to lie on here. Besides you didn't even spell moron right in your post.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday August 17, 2005 -- 3:54:45 pm
I know that everyone is saying the same thing but , I can't believe
that people of our age group do not remember the Chocolite bar. The commercial was on TV all the time. When conversation comes up with people of our age group about childhood that candy bar is the first thing that comes to mind. Most important is that was so good how could you not remember it. The same thing happens when you mention the Marathon bar. If you can't remember a candy bar that was the size of the school ruler(which was one of their marketing plans) when your looking in the candy aisle then you've got problems. For all those out there that feel the same way I do just remember that your not the one that is crazy, your just dealing with people that we should all be glad that we have those people's long-term memory retention.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday August 17, 2005 -- 4:27:08 pm
Besides you didn't even spell moron right in your post.

Not to mention "explanation."

FROM: Mollena Williams [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday August 24, 2005 -- 9:30:41 pm
This is too amusing...I did commercials as a child, and I was IN the original Razzles commercial.

The jingle (gods help me i still recall it, but who wouldn't after singing it several hundred times in one day):
First it's a candy
Then it's a gum
Little Round Razzles
Are so much fun
I love my Razzles
It's a whole candy store in a package
frooty-froot flavors
Gimme my Razzles
It's a whole candy store in a package
frooty-froot flavors


Problem was, when me and the other punk-ass child actors were on break, we snuck to the production wagon and jacked 2 cases of Razzles, just so that we could have "Who can jam the most in their mouth at one time" contests. The buzz was incredible.

The day after the shoot, I woke up COVERED in tiny red bumps, very much like the bumps on the back of the Razzles. No, not measles...OD on sugar and red dye #5.

Ah, the good old days,,,,



FROM: Bob Cobourn
DATE: Wednesday September 7, 2005 -- 8:11:59 pm
Okay, let's make it happen folks. Sign the petition at !!

FROM: Bob Cobourn
DATE: Wednesday September 7, 2005 -- 8:11:59 pm
Okay, let's make it happen folks. Sign the petition at !!

FROM: dcat
DATE: Thursday September 22, 2005 -- 12:33:40 am
NEWS about Chocolite TYPE bar LOOK:

FROM: Jerry
DATE: Wednesday October 12, 2005 -- 12:21:55 pm
Could anyone can send me a picture of the choco-lite candy bar wrapper or tell me where I could find a picture of it.
Thank You

FROM: Sharon C
DATE: Wednesday October 12, 2005 -- 12:22:32 pm
Thanks DCAT, what a score! This is the first I have heard of the Bubble Wrap candy bar. According to the link you provided, they are in PA. I just e-mailed them to find out where I can purchase their product in my MA area. Have you tried this product yet and how does it compare to Choc-o-lite?

FROM: Sharon C
DATE: Wednesday October 12, 2005 -- 1:00:18 pm
I just e-mailed Frank at Bubble Wrap and this was his response:

Thanks for your interest in Bubble Wrap Candy , we are currently in production and product will be on sale the first part of 2006 in the USA.

FROM: jim
DATE: Thursday October 13, 2005 -- 1:21:59 pm

FROM: Nature Boy
DATE: Friday October 14, 2005 -- 10:19:44 am
I was reminded how good the Choco-Lite bar was recently, when a firend of mine returned from working in Russia. She brought back several Russian chocolate bars that were very similar in texture (with the air bubbles). She insisted this type of chocolate was still quite popular there.

FROM: Jeannine
DATE: Saturday October 15, 2005 -- 5:08:23 am
Oh, the beloved Choco-lite. Didn't the bubbles make a little snap sound when you crushed it between your molars? The wrapper was retro cool even then. My first replacement for the Choco-lite was the Reggie Bar. Another classic gone to the great candy store in the sky. Being a kid in the 70s was awesome. Will our children feel the same? What candy can we offer our poor little ones in place of our perfect Choco-lite?

FROM: Island Madmacs
DATE: Saturday October 22, 2005 -- 9:41:17 am
RE: Chocolite/Choco-Lite.

Can anyone confirm what the character trademark was for this candy bar? I'm trying to determine if a "genie" was associated with Chocolite.

DATE: Saturday October 22, 2005 -- 6:12:20 pm
Does anyone remember the Choco-Lite jingle?

"When you say Choco-Lite, you've said a mouthful! (bum bum bum bum) When you bite a Choco-Lite, you get a mouthful of chocolate too! (Wow!)"

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Sunday October 23, 2005 -- 4:40:25 pm
I absolutely remember Choco-Lite fact I found this Ping while doing a Google search for Choco-Lite bars. Like most everyone else here, I loved them as a kid, and, like everyone else, no one else I talk to but me seems to remember them! I remember the commercial (.."Light as a cloud...a chocolate cloud! a chocolate waterfall..."). I wish Nestle would bring 'em back. I go thru the same thing with Space Food Sticks...loved 'em as a kid, no one seems to remember them but me.

FROM: Sharon C
DATE: Tuesday October 25, 2005 -- 11:16:01 am

Jeff, this website is for you! It looks like you will be able to order Space Food Sticks again soon via

I was born in 1968. Does anyone remember little yougurt type cups you would open, turn onto a place and stab a fork in the back? It would then ooze fruity flavor over the yogurt snack. Everyone thinks I am insane.

Also does anyone remember McDonald's serving a frozen ice cream cone? I think it was either strawberry of Neopolitan flavor.

FROM: Marji M
DATE: Friday November 4, 2005 -- 3:00:58 pm
Ahhh the Chocolite bar. I haven't thought about it in years. Alas I am old but fond memories of candy and the source of many cavities persist
Here are other I remember:
Charleston Chew (I saw this recently)
Hubba Bubba
Wacky Packs
Garbage Pail Kids
Candy was such a big deal back then. Thanks to you all for the memories!!

FROM: loelle
DATE: Saturday November 5, 2005 -- 5:59:19 pm
where can you buy razzels i am craving them

FROM: alex
DATE: Tuesday November 15, 2005 -- 6:08:05 pm
you can find razzles at sams club, target, most common household stores

FROM: Rick from Wisconsin
DATE: Wednesday November 23, 2005 -- 1:16:49 pm
I have been looking for the "Holy Grail of Chocolate Bars" for years. As a kid I would ride my bike 2 or 3 miles to the one store that had my beloved ChocoLite bar. Growing up in the 70's (born in '62) was awsome indeed. We didn't have the unrest of 60's or the "me first" self absorbed attitude of the 80's. Candy was king, H.R. Puff n Stuff and the Banana Splits was "must see tv" and you could ride to the "big" park in town all by yourself. I think that we miss the time more than the candy...


FROM: cindy
DATE: Tuesday February 7, 2006 -- 9:03:54 pm
Glad to know I am not crazy.... I have not found anyone who remembers
the choco-lite bar either. It is (was) after all the best candy bar in the world. Please Nestle.... bring it back.

FROM: roy
DATE: Thursday February 9, 2006 -- 3:32:34 am
Choco-Lite was the BEST bar ever... remember the song?
"OHHHHH... you never felt so good about choc-late
'cause chocolate never felt so thick and light as Choco-Lite!"

Aero doesn't have the same 'snap' to it, and the Wispa just ain't the same chocolate taste...


FROM: Mike D
DATE: Friday February 17, 2006 -- 5:09:43 pm
Wow, this is a long thread (3/22/2000 - 2/17/2006) about a piece of chocolate, crazy huh? Well guess what?? I'm gonna add to it too. I, like many of the folks on this thread would really like to have CHOCO-LITE again.

If I had a "Time Machine" I would go back to 1977 and...............

Good Health ,Wealth and Happiness to you all.
Mike D.

FROM: James Gardiner
DATE: Saturday March 4, 2006 -- 8:42:05 pm
Ohh Yeahhh!!! God, I remember the Choco-Lite.
Yes, I've had an Aero when I went to Canada. The other "fluffy" bar
available there is the Mirage. Neither is *quite* like the Choco-Lite bar.

I keep discovering re-makes or re-releases of old favorites, but they are
usually not quite as good as I remember them (or I just remember them

Other candies I remember, but that corportate interests ruined for me:
Hershey Whatchamacallit B.C. - Before Caramel;
Hershey BarNone BCD - Before Caramel and Discontinued.

At least bring back the Choco-Lite....

FROM: ThelumberJack
DATE: Sunday March 12, 2006 -- 1:48:54 pm
I personally think that Razzles have a rather bland taste until you've got about fiffty of them in your mouth, and being way too young to even come close to knowing anything about Choco lite, I wonder...

FROM: Donna in RI
DATE: Tuesday March 21, 2006 -- 12:56:51 pm
I wandered onto this site in search of Chocolite candy bars. I can't believe how many of us are out here still in search of the BEST candy bar ever !

I have also been in search of the best malted eggs from my childhood.
Not the Whoppers version of Speckled eggs. These had no chocolate. There were just malted eggs with pastel colored soft shell. If anyone remembers these or knows where to get them, please pass it along to me.


FROM: Julie in LA
DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2006 -- 12:21:14 am
I loved chocolite bars!! Does anyone remember Sour Bites?

FROM: Jon J.
DATE: Saturday April 8, 2006 -- 4:07:43 pm
At last, I have found someplace where there are others who remember the wonderful Chocolite candy bar. I loved this bar as a kid in the 70's. I seem to remember commercials touting the bar using a cartoon mascot crocodile who called himself the Chocodile (maybe that is another product altogether, but it is the association in my memory.)

Growing up in a Catholic family, my siblings and I typically 'gave-up' candy for Lent - an annual routine in our house....and I remember one year, on 'Fat Tuesday' I bought a Chocolite at the Sprouse-Reitz on the way to baseball practice or something, and I put it in my pocket and forgot about it. The next day, I found it in my pocket, but couldn't eat it BECAUSE IT WAS LENT ! Basically, I waited 40 days to eat that bar, and I think the Chocolite bar has been cemented in my mind ever since....No one I know remembers them, but I get frequent cravings, and over the last 20 years or so, whenever I travel, I pop into various candy shops to see if I could find a Chocolite or a reasonable substitute. I never thought to track down the manufacturer and see if they were still in production, but after reading this, I am both bummed that they haven't been made in a few decades, as well as comforted in knowing that it wasn't just a conspiracy against me that the bar could not be found.

I will sign the virtual petition from the link posted above and hope that someday, Nestle will give in.

Cheers all,


FROM: Bill \"The Tick\" Ristic
DATE: Sunday April 30, 2006 -- 2:29:44 am
I was a lucky kid, I guess. My grandmother was a depression child and bought things in bulk (before it was popular) and shopped distributor candy/cig/chip stores (where she'd get my Gramps his Pall Malls). Thus, I'd say, "Gram, could I get a (one) candy bar or pack of gum." I'd walk away with a box of my favorite of the week. Sometimes Choco-Lite, sometimes Marathon, (or the populars still made), sometimes Sour Apple gum, or those rectangular blocks of bubble gum (sorry, the name escapes me but it may have come with an Odd Rod card), or the foot long Double Bubble "ropes." (Still have my teeth too!) And those were in addition to getting my box of Wacky Packages (on cardboard), or Topps baseball, football, basketball cards, Batman Orange Backs, or, well, you get the idea. Wish I saved some Choco-Lite wrappers for sale on e-bay! LOL With that all said, does anyone remember "Purple Passion" soda pop?

P.S.-Thanks Gram and Gramps. You were the best!

DATE: Monday May 8, 2006 -- 3:55:42 pm
I have been talking to my co-workers in the office about chocolite candy bars and they think I'm nuts. I grew up in the seventies and I loved these candy bars. I would love to see them come back.

FROM: Jeff F.
DATE: Thursday May 11, 2006 -- 12:47:36 pm
I also remember Choco-Lite bars, and also had a wonderful grandmother (Z"L) who would take me for candy every Saturday. I actually sought them out after reading this site a few months ago, and was lucky enough to find a Nestle bar called "Aero" that a local store imports here from somewhere (maybe Canada?). It tastes very similar to the Choco-Lite bars (it might taste exactly the same for all I remember), but without those half-oval shaped imprints! If anyone is in the DC metro area, the store is in the Westfield Shoppingtown Montgomery Mall. Does any one remember an even more short-lived candy bar called the Triple Decker? I would love to know if those are still available anywhere!

DATE: Sunday May 21, 2006 -- 7:55:46 am
The ChocoLite was my favorite childhood candy. I passed up MANY a Hershey bar (wrapped in a white wax-paper-ish inner wrapper) to get a ChocoLite. I LOVED the commercial when the guy poured the "bubbles" into the chocolate. I have signed the petition and have also been searching for this bar for years. Even though Nestle has said they gave up on it, I HAVE NOT and WILL NOT.....I WANT A CHOCOLITE BAR !! ! !

FROM: Alka
DATE: Monday May 22, 2006 -- 12:18:12 pm
I'm so happy that I found this website. I was beginning to think that the only people who remembered anything about my favorite chocolate bar was my family. My mother use to bring my brother and I chocolite bars all the time on her way home from work. I loved them.
I've tried those Aero bars. I was disappointed when I bit into them. They look like chocolite when you bite into them, but taste nothing like chocolite. At least, this is what I think. I still remeber the taste of chocolite. It would just crumble in your mouth. Yum! Can't stop thinking about them sometimes.
No one that I know remembers chocolite. For sometime, I thought my family was the only one that bought them.
Hey Lew, I also remember the commercial. I also want one right NOW!!!

FROM: km
DATE: Wednesday May 24, 2006 -- 6:01:30 am
uh... im researching on food in the 1970s, and came across this choco-lite candy bar thingy...but i cant seem to find a single picture of it!! can any1 help?

FROM: Sirka
DATE: Thursday May 25, 2006 -- 10:24:29 pm
Choco-lite...I also remember the commercial. There is a web site that carries "retro candy". A replica of the Marathon Bar is available, but alas, no Chocolite! At least you all remember it, too and I know I'm not crazy!

FROM: heather
DATE: Wednesday May 31, 2006 -- 2:50:48 pm
Everyone is saying that Choco-lite is so good but i had never herd of it until i read these comments. Do places still sell razzles because i really want to try them?but im gonna try and find a choco-lite sometime..

FROM: Mike
DATE: Sunday June 4, 2006 -- 9:44:04 pm
I too loved Choco-Lite bars and I wish they were back... actually they made a very short comeback in 1990/91 as the Desert bar ( I think because of operation desert storm?) I only remember buying it once in a hospital gift shop in Baltimore, but it was Exactly like a Choco lite bar and was made by Nestle. I think they might even have been called this because they did not melt as fast as regular chocolate bars. Choco Lites had a crunchy or chewy texture after you bit into them if I remember correctly ( the Aero bar does not have this) It could be that the ingredient was malt or whey, but I am not an expert on this. Does anyone remember this short lived comeback? I loved Marathon bars as well and I plan on buying some curly wurly bars.

FROM: Lisa
DATE: Saturday June 10, 2006 -- 8:30:13 am
How great to do a search for my favorite childhood candy bar and find out how many others loved it too! I thought at the time that nothing could replace my previous favorite candy bar-the Rally bar--anyone remember that one? It was around 1972-73, I was 10. I just don't get it--there obviously IS a market for this bar--not only for us who loved it so much but with that retro groovy cool writing-it would be a hot seller for all ages. I'll sign that petition! And yes, I do remember that yogurt thing that you tipped upside down and poked the bottom with a fork--the name is right on the tip of my tongue. Anyone??

FROM: LeeAnn B.
DATE: Wednesday June 28, 2006 -- 11:52:52 am
I thought I was nuts as well...There are many of us who loved this candy bar!! I also did a google and came up with this site. I was a child of the 70's and this was my favorite and your right no matter who you ask no one remembers this candy!! Im hoping the new Bubble will be a very close comparison to the Chocolite..I signed the petition to Nestle and sent it to a few of the groups I belong to, hopefully it will jog others memories to there youth! I was shocked to see only 34 people had signed it. I will keep checking here for any updates and if I hear anyhting back from Nestle or the Bubble people I will post it here. LeeAnn in MA.

FROM: Pete
DATE: Monday July 3, 2006 -- 6:13:51 pm
Well guys I loved Chocolite as well but I think we are saved, I found a new chocolate bar called Bubble Chocolate they have a website My sister was at the All Candy Expo in Chicago the largest candy show in the USA in early June and got some of these bars, and I had a taste they are fantastic especially the coffee flavor.
It doesn't have the crunchy but the chocolate is the best I ever had, melts in your mouth. I heard they are going to be on The Today Show July 4th on the best new candy products of 2006.

DATE: Wednesday August 9, 2006 -- 12:20:20 am
I miss the Chocolite bar. I googled on in trying to find one.

Bob October 17, 2006, 2:25 am

I am amazed at how many people remember the Choco Lite amd the Marathon which are the 2 best candy bars in history.. I can probably blame most of my dental work on my love for these delicious morsels.

I have never heard of the Aero Bar? Is it worth pursing????

Thanks for the memories and the new craving for the Choco Lite that will drive me crazy!

Robin October 21, 2006, 3:20 am


How cool……here I was just looking for my 2 favorite childhood candy bars,…the maraton and the chocolite, to find this!! It is nice to find others that not only remember, but miss the chocolite!! My own brither thinks I have mad it up. I have run into the Aero…I got very excited….it was good…but it wasn’t the same. I would be so happy if they could bring it back!!

They just don’t make them like they use to!!

Gary November 4, 2006, 9:48 pm

Very amazed this post has up to date comments on it! Here’s a link to a picture of the Choco-Lite wrapper….
It came up in the ‘images’ search on Google. Enjoy!

Marvina November 11, 2006, 4:03 am

Oh man! I’m so glad I’m not delirious! I too have tried to remind so many of my childhood friends about the Chocolite Bar and they thought I was looney ballooney! I couldn’t get the name exactly right, but I stumbled on what I thought was close, like the Choco lot Bar or something. Anyway, I Googled it and found this wonderfully, validating, site! YEAH! Surely someone should send this to Nestle – Posts dating back this far for one candy bar? I wonder if they stopped making it because it had some kind of drug in it? We’re sure hooked 20 or so years later (Smile).

Scott December 21, 2006, 4:09 pm

I remember the ChocoLite song going,

“Light as a cloud, a chocolate cloud,
Smoo–ooth as a chocolate waterfall!

Chocolate never felt so right as ChocoLite!

pjrichard January 6, 2007, 8:27 am

Wow! It’s great to discover that I am not the only one who remembers Choco-Lite Bars!! Nobody I ever talk to remembers them, however my mother does and for this reason…when I was 8 or 9 years old I asked Santa for Choco-Lite bars in my Christmas stocking. I was thrilled that when raiding my Christmas stocking it contained 5 or 6 Choco-Lite bars. I loved them so much that I could not resist eating every single one that Christmas day. Stupid move on my part!! Not only did I get in trouble w/ my mom for eating them all in one day but I was sick as a dog for several days afterwards too. Ahh the memories of being a stupid kid…(and all the wonderful candy I remember from the 70’s.

Tom January 12, 2007, 1:14 am

I found a candy bar that is similar to the Chocolite bar of the 70’s. It has the air bubbles and everything. I get them at a store called Harry’s market in Atlanta but you can also order them on the internet. This is the link

Hope that helps. I still want the real Chocolite though.

Tom January 12, 2007, 1:27 am

Sorry my last post was incorrect. I forgot to say it wa a Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly. The palan dary mil did not have the bubbles. You can find it at this web sight:

Joe Schmidt January 12, 2007, 9:40 pm

Keep this thread going. I sent another e-mail to Nestle, albeit 6 1/2 years later.

jaee January 31, 2007, 7:40 pm

Has anyone seen Razzles in Atlanta lately?

Lisa K February 14, 2007, 11:14 am

Oh YEAH..Chocolite was the absolute BEST & my all time favorite candy bar..I also remember that commercial with the woman riding the chocolate river & the big close-up of the bar with it’s air bubbles and that it had this enticing yellow & brown rapper with bubble-script lettering. So you guys think if enough of us bug Nestle they might revive the Chocolite Bar? I’ll gladly e-mail them daily if they’d consider it.
I’ve tried the Aero bar & you’re right it looks almost exactly the same as CL but somehow tastes different. Never heard of Wispa..Out of Wispa & Aero, which is closest to Chocolite? The only thing I’ve tried recently that tastes vaguely like Chocolite is Cadbury Flake bar. It’s made of flakes of chocolate loosely compressed into a bar so obviously it looks nothing like the segmented, perfectly bullion-bar shaped Chocolite & it’s also kind of smushy & melts easily. Plus it’s a little too airy, like I can eat 3-4 at a time without feeling overindulged.
Hey, does anyone remember that early ’70s commercial for Cheerios with the shadows of people riding bikes & playing tennis & stuff across the big yellow Cheerios box? The song went something like “you get a pow, pow powerful, good, good feeling from chee-chee Cheeri-oh, ohhs”..then the voiceover a the end proclaimed: “Groovy!”..Just wondering if anyone else remebembers this except me. Commercials from back then seem so much cooler in retrospect but maybe it’s just nostalgia…

Christopher Hull March 17, 2007, 7:43 pm


I seen this petition and decided to let as many know as posible. Pass it on and SIGN the petition.

By the way, check this out. A recent victory to bring back another simular to Choco-Lite, the Coffee Crisp.

Katie Lyon March 20, 2007, 3:00 pm

And here I thought I was the only one who remembered(and still craved) those delicious Choco-lite bars! Never lose hope…just like fashion, certain candies are making a come back…remember Whacky Packs, the trading cards which took an everyday product like Tide laundry detergent and added a comical twist? Well, I found those about a year ago at a gas station. So keep the faith and maybe someday our taste buds will once again be tantalized by that sweet, unmistakable flavor that only the Choco Lite bar could provide! (Of course, an email campaign to Nestle wouldn’t hurt, and just might speed its resurrection)

Matt April 14, 2007, 6:17 am

Yes! I too would describe this candy bar I’d get as a kid, and no one would remember it. I could not remember the “lite” part. I knew it was Choco-something, it was in a brownish wrapper with yellow bubble lettering, and the holes in chocolate. It’s nice to know so many liked it as much as I did! Bring back the Chocolite!!

Joe D April 16, 2007, 12:46 am

I know this is not our baby, but what a reminder. What’s keeping Nestle’s so long re-introducing Choco-lite ??? Even if it’s limited….just to satisfy the masses….get it done.

Donna April 23, 2007, 2:06 am

Choco Lite was awesome! I have been trying to place it for years now . . .only remembering the yellow and brown wrapper and light bubbly holes. I was in Niagara Falls this weekend and saw the aero. It is good but not quite the same. I’m thinking choco lite had more of a malt flavor/texture. I grew up where Ovaltine was manufactured so I smelled that every day walking home from school in the 70’s and used to ride my bike to the dime store and buy choco lites. I had to get some aero’s just to show my kids and let them experience something close to the real thing! Nestle, Please bring them back!!

lisa-again 3 years later May 1, 2007, 2:22 am

I emailed AGAIN and was told…..
April 30, 2007

Dear Ms. Jones,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the availability of Nestlé® Chocolite.

We no longer manufacture the product you requested and have no remaining stock available. Sales volume was not great enough to justify space on the retailers’ shelves. We apologize for the inconvenience and will report your comments to our Marketing Department.

We value you as a customer and encourage you to try another product from our family of fine foods.

Jane Jones
Consumer Response Representative

Ref: N14942164

carolyn May 11, 2007, 8:38 pm

Oh my goodness!!!!! I can not believe I found this site. I have been telling everyone for years how much I miss choco lite bars. I LOVED them. They were the best. What’s up with Nestle? Why can’t they just bring them back. How could they say sales volume was not great enough??? Everyone on this site was buying them! Well, Lets keep the faith…ya never know!

Steve July 25, 2007, 1:54 am

Man it feels great not to be alone.Remember the good old days! chocolite forever in my mind, Areo bars in my stomach (no more break dancing for me)

Dan August 2, 2007, 2:17 pm

OK, so I have found the whopper of all Choco-Lite discussions. I, too, find it really bizarre that no one I know remembers this candy bar, which I loved back in the early 70s. I think it was only available for a couple of years. I especially remember the cartoon commercial with the catchy jingle “light as a cloud, a chocolate cloud, smooth as a chocolate waterfall…” I would love to have a Choco-Lite again some day, but I would settle for just seeing that commercial again. It’s not on youtube. Does anyone have any idea if this commercial is available for viewing anywhere?

Also, as non-political as I am, I signed the petition 🙂 !

Happy munching,


Jeff September 24, 2007, 1:18 pm

Like everyone else here, no one I know remembers the Chocolite bar. I also remember one of their commercials vividly. I showed a bunch of workers in a factory, short guys, alomost like the Keebler elf commercials. There was a big vat of chocolate, and one worker carried a huge sack labeled “holes.” He dumped the sack in, and of course, you saw nothing come out of the sack, but in the vat, all these bubbles appeared. As a kid, the thought of a sack of holes was fairly pschadelic.

B. October 18, 2007, 3:22 pm

I remember and loved and have missed Hershey’s *Rally Bar*. My family has worked for Hershey since before I was born. We used to get free candy a lot and that was the one, along with Rolo’s, that I loved. I don’t know why they stopped making it, but I have read online that it is available overseas. However, it probably doesn’t taste the same as I recall. The chocolate recipe they use now isn’t even the same that they used then. I use to love the chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk, but they changed it and now it is a bit gross. The *PayDay* is quite similar to the Rally bar, but without the Chocolate on the outside. I think I will melt some chocolate kisses and dip the bar in the chocolate. When it cools, I’ll see if it taste similar to my memory. 🙂

Count me in if a petition is ever created to bring back the Rally bar. However, *I might quit buying Hershey products all together if they get rid of all the jobs in Hershey*. My whole family will be out of work and will lose their homes. Not to mention all the other people in the surrounding towns. Hershey and neighboring towns will be come a ghost town I’m afraid.

dd October 19, 2007, 9:51 pm

What year did they stop making Chocolite bars? I moved to Phoenix in 1976, and after that I don’t remember ever eating another Chocolite bar? Were Chocolites sold elsewhere still?


spiff November 5, 2007, 1:00 am

“You never felt so good about chocolate, ’cause chocolate never felt as good as Choco-Lite!” I remember that jingle and the commercial with the bag of holes also. I’m glad to have found some kindred spirits here! 🙂

cynthia delira November 26, 2007, 6:51 am

Thank god i am not the only one who remembers chocolite bars, it took me forever to find the name. I cant believe they dont make them anymore, what i would do to get my hands on one now. They just dont make things the way they used to. The chocolite candy bar was my all time favorite and sometimes i even dream about them after all these years. Im glad there are other people out there who remember them as well, i dont feel so alone now. They were sold in florida when i was a kid.

Etrina Tyler November 30, 2007, 6:11 pm

OMG!!! I’m sooooo glad to know that I wasn’t the only one that LOVED and remembers the Choco Lite candy bar. I grew up in Chicago and it was my favorite candy bar ever! The texture was unusal but it was still oh-so delicious and sweet in only a way that a child could appreciate. I wish that the power-that-be at Nestle would bring it back… *sighing wistfully*

chris December 2, 2007, 4:26 am

Holy crap. I have been trying to explain this candy bar for a long time.It feels good and bad at the same time to figure it out, but knowing that I just can’t get it anymore. It doesn’t make sense that a taste can just go away.

Someone write me about cool stuff from the seventies. I got questions about cereal and erasers and magnets.

I was born Oct 12 1971

Deborah January 7, 2008, 9:55 pm

Unbelievable, I used to spend all of my lunch money on Choc-Lite at a Brooklyn store in NY. Faithfully every morning I would purchase at least 3 bars. I was just telling my co-worker about it and describing the wrapper and the commercial when he suggested that I try and Google it and OMG, I am amaze of how may of us like, well for me Loved Choco-Lite. I have never taste any other chocolate that was so god as Choco-Lite

Joan April 17, 2008, 9:44 pm

Wow, I just conducted a Google search on Choco-Lite and came up with this page, on which I posted more than six years ago! I *still* want my Choco-Lite!!
P.S. I love Razzles, too. Despite the changes that have been made to them, I love them and am elated that I can still obtain them!

Vilma Rosario May 7, 2008, 12:44 am

I Love choco lite bar and I was so upset when they stopped selling it in NY when I was a child . Everywhere I go I search for it and have come up empty……..I want my choco lite bar, please.

Mark May 25, 2008, 10:42 am

I loved this candy bar as well and missed it a lot since it went away in the late 70’s/early 80’s. I can still remember how it tasted.

I am going to try the Aero candy bar and see if it is like the Choco-lite.

There is an online petition to bring the bar back.

Brent May 28, 2008, 1:44 am

I feel like everyone else on this site. I tried and tried to explain the Chocolite to people to see if they could help me remember the name, but everyone just acted like I was crazy. How do you google something you can’t remember the name of? Anyway, I saw a description on an old-time candy site that mentioned Chocolite when talking about and describing an Aero bar. Finaly I had the name! Man, those were great candy bars. I think the last one I had was around 1979 or 1980 (I lived in Southern Cal at the time). I had to sneak them because I was allergic to milk, but it was worth it!

Kasandra May 30, 2008, 6:50 pm

My fiance’ thought I was nuts. Doesn’t remember Choco-Lite at all, but I had a dream I was eating one the other night (I was born in May 1970, and these were my fave candy bars as a kid!!!). I remember the wrapper, and I signed the petition to bring them back. Did have an Aero a couple years ago and it was not as good. Different mouth-feel. Funny to see I am not the only 70s child that misses this candy!

steve July 23, 2008, 7:38 am

razzle’s are all around up here in CT as are gobstoppers and bottle caps chocolite was one of my fav bars but the things i miss the most are wacky waffers they were 8 or so in a packet in different flavors like green apple and bananna

Wilbur July 29, 2008, 2:42 am

Yes I remember Choco-lite too! It was in the 1970’s and the commercial went something like:

“You never felt so good about a Chocolate,
Cause chocolate never felt so thick and light as Choco-lite. Light as a cloud, a chocolate cloud,
Smooo oooth like a chocolate waterfall,
Chocolate never felt as thick and light as Choco-lite!”

I used to eat them buy the case! They were by far my favorite chocolate, and along with Good-N-Fruity my favorite candies, and BOTH were taken away from us!!

Denise August 5, 2008, 11:39 pm

Just like everyone else, I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers that candy bar! I LOVED CHOCOLITE!

Emy August 11, 2008, 1:52 am

don’t know if it’s the same but they say these are Choc-Lite
copy and paste this link

Tim September 1, 2008, 9:41 pm

It’s awesome that this site has been active for 8 years. I, too long for the whipped chocolite of my youth. My wife has absolutely no memory of the seductive taste of the choco lite bar even though we were both born in 1965, grew up in the same town, were high school sweethearts…..who is this woman? lol. I would LOVE to taste that candy again!

Mike G. September 26, 2008, 2:07 pm

I remember again and again. I used to ride my bike to the candy store, grab a Grape Fanta soda and a handful of the chocolite bars and sit outside on my bike and eat and drink and be happy. BRING them back……………Please.

Kelly November 11, 2008, 1:52 am

Now more than ever we NEED the Chocolite back. I just emailed Nestle and suggested they bring it back. I think they would make a killing, I would certainly buy a ton and they would be introducing it to a whole new generation.

Hands down my fave candy evah!!

Lauren January 20, 2009, 5:12 pm

Hey Everybody,
I know I’m a little late to the party, and I’m not sure if this has been mentioned already, but you can order chocolite bars from

mk March 8, 2009, 10:56 pm

Hey another sheri

I remember the space food sticks. First thing i went for when i went to grocery store with my mom. Damn they were good.

Jason L March 16, 2009, 11:37 pm

Hi all. Wow, this thread has been going for nearly a decade! A fan of both Marathon and Choco’ Lite, I’ve spent years searching for original wrappers from said candy bars and finally have them.

If you’d like to see what a Marathon bar and Choco’Lite bar wrappers looked like (in their unwrapped states) check out these links:



michael September 21, 2009, 12:57 am

Cadbury UK is making the marathon bar ,but it is called Curly Wurly $0.99 and Choco-lite (yes, it is the real deal this time unlike the poor version Aero bar) called Wispa for $2.00 at your local World Market store!!!!!!! Wispa=choco-lite I just had one!

michael boellner September 21, 2009, 1:05 am

just look up Wispa on the net-they are for sale at many diff sites from the UK and also dirctly from!

michael boellner September 21, 2009, 1:12 am is NOT selling choco lite bars they are selling aero bars and falsely calling them choco lites!!!

michael boellner September 21, 2009, 1:23 am

Wispa bars are also on ebay for about $1.00 each !!

Cathy Colin October 30, 2009, 5:01 am

Oh! This is fantastic! I no longer feel like a lonely freakish loser longing for the taste of a lovely chocolate bar that hasn’t tempted my tastebuds for at least 30 years!

Thank you Daily Ping — and fellow ChocoLite lovers!

My father would buy ChocoLite’s for us every once in a while. They were ALWAYS my favorite! He would also buy a bag of the small ones (like “fun size” before there was a “fun size”) and keep them in the pantry tucked inside the yellow metal cabinet above the big counter.

The little ones consisted of 2 of the squares and were wrapped and sold in a bag. I have read in several of the previous posts that people describe the design on the chocolate as a sea shell…I always thought it was a half of a wagon wheel. Oh well…Anyways, sometimes at night if I couldn’t sleep I would come downstairs and my father would take me into the kitchen. He would disappear into the pantry for a moment and reappear with a little ChocoLite for me and one for him. We would sit at the kitchen table and quietly eat our beloved treats! He would ask me if I would be able to get to sleep? I would assure him that I would. Then I would say thank you to my Dad, give him a hug and a kiss and run back upstairs and hop into bed feeling like we had just completed some sort of secret mission for the government or something! It was like it was our little thing that we would do. I dont think my mom even knew that the ChocoLites were up in that cabinet! I am certain that she could not have reached them even if she did know!

I think about those times often. My dad would suprise my sister and me with a ChocoLie from the store every once in a while. I always loved them. So fun to eat! I forever will associate ChocoLite’s with wonderful times with my Father. I miss them both very very much.

Thank you for sharing your memories. I have enjoyed reading them.

Sara February 7, 2010, 11:58 am

I feel SO validated right now!! I used to ride my bike to the store in the 70s to get a Chocolite bar and orange soda, then head to the beach. life was so innocent back then. I never forgot the delicious taste but forgot the name. 30 yrs later, I now know for sure i am NOT crazy and didn’t imagine this candy bar. I am so happy right now, I can’t even go to sleep. Thanks for sharing your Chocolite love, everyone!!

Lisa Rothstein March 21, 2010, 2:59 pm

Thank God I found you!! I was racking my brains to remember the name of this chocolate bar. My husband thought I was dreaming and there was no such thing. I found another site that hada picture of the wrapper! Success!! But then I read here that it was discontinued long ago… booo…I think it was the name which was confusing. As a nine-year old, who wasn’t thinking of dieting, I never thought it was low-cal, just light in texture. But I think there were problems with older women confusing it with a diet aid. 🙁 They should totally bring it back as a retro-baby-boomer item. Like the writer above, I at least feel valiadated that i am not the only one who remembers Choco-lite. (I also loved Razzles and Marathon, re: an earlier post)

Maybe we should form a Choco-lite support group?

Kellie May 11, 2010, 3:03 pm

We should send this to Nestle… Choc O Lite was the best!! I think of it a few times a year, and wish I could get me some!

kimo November 2, 2010, 1:37 am

Holy crap! I’ve been trying to remember the name “Chocolite” forever, even pre-Internet. Every time I’d ask someone, nobody had a clue what I was talking about. Problem was, I couldn’t remember the name of the candy bar either. I just new the wrapper was yellow and brown, and the candy was chocolate and airy with those half seashell imprints. Haha, for some reason I would always describe them as a window shape, somehow reminding me of the house in Amityville Horror. Anyway, I finally stumbled on this site. Thank you!

Now, if only I could remember what the commercial was for that had some guy calling out “Raspberry! Luscious Grape!”

Mike October 20, 2011, 2:52 pm

Hershey’s just came out with their “Air” chocolate bar. It is REALLY close to the Choc o lite bar. They also make it in the kisses which to me taste better than the candy bar. Run out and get a few…

Dan March 3, 2012, 10:47 pm

I posted here 5 years ago, and still for this still maddeningly unavailable chocolate bar. I would even settle for seeing the animated commercial with the “light as a cloud, a chocolate cloud” jingle, but that’s nowhere to be found either. I have, in the meantime, collected some photos of ads and such, but don’t see any way to post them here. Is there a way?

Paul March 4, 2012, 8:25 am

Dan, you can’t post an image here but you can definitely link to one. So if you have a service like flickr or mlkshk – both of which are largely vowel-free – you’d be set.

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