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April 6th, 2000

Attack of the Weblogs

You’ve seen them: blogs. Weblogs, that is. They’re a weird cross between journals, link pages, and commentary… and they’re very popular. In fact by some definitions, you’re reading one right now.

What exactly is a blog? It seems like a few things are required:

  • Links. They might just be mailto:’s, or they might be external links and commentary (a common type). The external links tend to be things that you might not normally find on the web.
  • Routine updates. Hopefully weeks don’t go by between entries – more like days, and in some instances, just hours!
  • Commentary: Depending on the subject matter, some sort of commentary is warranted. This adds the personal touch that many readers crave.

Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but my favorite blogs tend to stick to these guidelines.

My favorite one, discovered through my friend Liz, is Pop Culture Junk Mail. Mister Pants is pretty good. And, hosts a myriad of blogs including my own.

Is the Ping a blog? Do you have any favorites you’d like to share? Post away! -pm

Posted in Technology

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday April 6, 2000 -- 3:02:31PM
I really dig Mr. Pants' obsession with Game Shows... a man after my own heart! I'm in heaven now that I get the Game Show Network on Dish...

FROM: lizzy inconsistent
DATE: Thursday April 6, 2000 -- 9:41:13PM
i thought of this as a blog from the start. except y'all don't use blogger. :)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday April 7, 2000 -- 1:25:46PM
I'm proud to say that the original Perl script running here is my first Perl script, ever. Of course, Ryan embellished and added on to the thing beyond belief: comments, auto-update, etc.; he's got skillz.

Blogger is something I might use on my next site for its blog, although I'm considering just doing it myself with Perl.

Perl is my pal!


FROM: pandy
DATE: Thursday April 19, 2001 -- 4:22:21PM

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:18:10 pm

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:18:32 pm

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