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October 23rd, 2006

Rap School

Oh my.

Take west coast gangsta rap legend Ice-T and put him in a classroom with a bunch of young, (mostly) white prep school kids, and watch him (try) to mold them into rappers. It sounds like a recipe for disaster and after one episode, it certainly seems like it.

To his credit, Ice-T is showing some serious poise and has thusfar resisted capping any of the students, but after hearing some of them attempt to rhyme, it may not be long. Perhaps it’s just that it brings back on my own memories of trying to rap when I was in seventh grade, but it’s pretty darned painful hearing every student rhyme “cool” with “fool” and “school” in the style of the Polly-O String Cheese parrot a thousand times.

(Did anyone get that reference?)

That said, I’m interested in seeing what the final product is after seeing how these kids are starting from scratch (har! From scratch!). The final product? “Opening up for Public Enemy at BB Kings in New York.” Yikes.

With the involvement of MC Lyte (!) and DJ Premiere (!!), there’s a chance that this show may develop into a guilty pleasure.

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Paul October 23, 2006, 2:41 pm

MC Lyte! Wow… there’s a blast from the past.

This sounds, uh, awful.

Steve A October 24, 2006, 11:22 am

Oh BOY! Yet another 30 or 60 minutes of potential television viewing time I can now devote to listening to REAL music.

Somehow hearing, “All my honkies come from gated communities” just doesn’t have that flow.

Not wanting to sound like a moron, but y’know, the word “Rap” is only a “C” shy of crap.


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