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April 8th, 2000

The O’Reilly Factor

So a few months ago, I’m flipping through the telly when I come across this fellow replying to viewer mail. The show is on Fox News Channel, and he’s drawing some heated replies. He fires back at them with equal heat, and defends his position well. Plus, he’s got a sense of humor about the whole thing. The show was, of course, The O’Reilly Factor.

Host Bill O’Reilly is a published author and stresses that his show is fair – for the most part, it is. I don’t agree with a few of his views (the Elian saga, the 2000 election, etc.) but he really digs for a solid foundation. When a representative from Bob Jones University was on a month ago, O’Reilly called him on the carpet for what was really going on there: blatant racial segregation. The representative was truly dumbfounded and came off looking like a blubbering idiot.

Not that having people look like a blubbering idiot is O’Reilly’s goal. He presents the news in a very different fashion – as unbiased as possible. The show deals with everything from the light topics to the truly important ones, and it’s a great watch. Check the show’s site. -pm

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