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May 7th, 2000


When I was in fourth or fifth grade, we had a project of some sort that involved creating an advertisement for an imaginary product. My product was a drink called Orple-T — but it wasn’t imaginary. I actually created a drink for this project and, oddly, friends of mine tried it and actually liked it.

I often wonder how this drink would taste to me now with my “mature tastes.” Here’s the recipe should you be so inclined to try it on a hot summer day:

Mix even amounts of orange juice (pulp-free), apple juice, and unsweetened or lightly sweetened iced tea. Shake it until it’s well mixed and has a foam on top. Best served cold.

And if Snapple is reading this and decides to turn it into a new Elements (“Dirt,” perhaps?), I require a cut of each sale (75% would be fine). -ram

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