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May 15th, 2000


One site I couldn’t do without on a daily basis is eoMonitor (formerly javElink). It’s one of many page-monitoring services that keep track of changes on frequently visited pages for you, but for some reason I find it a lot more useful than similar ad-laden services.

Each morning I login to my account and I’m presented with four folders (Music, Friends, Computers, and Other). Each contains a number of pages that I monitor for changes — the Computers folder is the most important, as it monitors about 10 or 12 pieces of software I use for updates. The other folder is helpful in that it watches my High School’s alumni page and’s store list — I don’t actually need to visit either page to see what’s changed, either: one click will show me the changes to the page without actually going to the page to figure it out for myself. In that way it’s like the UNIX The only downside is that the free page-monitoring limit is set to 20 (though I think you can get more if you call them and ask for it). But I wholeheartedly recommend this site — it makes the morning web rounds that much easier. -ram

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