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May 15th, 2000


One site I couldn’t do without on a daily basis is eoMonitor (formerly javElink). It’s one of many page-monitoring services that keep track of changes on frequently visited pages for you, but for some reason I find it a lot more useful than similar ad-laden services.

Each morning I login to my account and I’m presented with four folders (Music, Friends, Computers, and Other). Each contains a number of pages that I monitor for changes — the Computers folder is the most important, as it monitors about 10 or 12 pieces of software I use for updates. The other folder is helpful in that it watches my High School’s alumni page and’s store list — I don’t actually need to visit either page to see what’s changed, either: one click will show me the changes to the page without actually going to the page to figure it out for myself. In that way it’s like the UNIX The only downside is that the free page-monitoring limit is set to 20 (though I think you can get more if you call them and ask for it). But I wholeheartedly recommend this site — it makes the morning web rounds that much easier. -ram

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday March 29, 2001 -- 4:14:18PM
Say, does this still exist? Click through to the link and you'll get thrown into Business Mumbojumboland.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 29, 2001 -- 4:28:24PM
I've been meaning to comment on this... it disappeared with no explanation about a week ago. :(

There's nothing on their site anywhere that explains what happened to their free service. They may be worth giving a call (616-381-9889 -- thanks, Google cache!) to see what the heck happened.

I wrote to and it bounced back. Nice.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday March 30, 2001 -- 2:26:22PM
Mr. MacMichael,

In light of the dramatic shifts in the marketplace and the decline of the
advertising revenue model, we have made the difficult decision to
discontinue our free services, EgoSurf and EoMonitor. We regret any
inconvenience that this decision has caused you.

Our new direction is to apply our vertical search expertise to the corporate
information market. The EoExchange i3 Methodology and i3 Platform provide
organizations with the ability to measure, analyze and improve the way
information is access and used. Working with existing content management,
search, e-business applications, and business processes, EoExchange delivers
dramatic improvements in a corporation's information access and usage.


Tony Aaron
Director, Sales Operations
EoExchange, Inc.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday March 30, 2001 -- 3:27:31PM
Help! The buzzwords hurt!!

Anyway... that is a severe bummer. Any other recommendations, Ryan?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday March 30, 2001 -- 3:40:35PM
EgoSurf? Is that a service for self-important assholes? Maybe I should be glad it's dead.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday March 30, 2001 -- 3:58:51PM
EgoSurf was basically just a search engine that encouraged you to enter your own name and see where you showed up on the Net. It was OK, but javElink was where it really worked.

Other suggestions... I haven't found any yet that are as good, but I'm sure they exist. I just liked the layout of eoMonitor so much more than any of the other similar sites I've seen over the years.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday March 30, 2001 -- 4:35:36PM
Who needs that? I use Google every once in a while to see what my name turns up (or the names of my friends and enemies). And for the record, not a whole hell of a lot turns up on me. In fact, one of the few things I remember was a shout-out on

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday April 3, 2001 -- 5:07:43PM
Robert -- Egosurf really wasn't one of eo's better services. Google and Northern Light both do good jobs.

Paul -- I found a good replacement. I actually have used them for a while, but forgot about them... SpyOnIt. You can even get an instant message or a text message on your cell phone when a page changes.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday April 12, 2001 -- 2:48:16PM
A Wired News story about eoMonitor, et al.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday April 13, 2001 -- 10:44:15AM
I ran across a better alternative today: TrackEngine. It's much more similar featurewise and simplicitywise to eoMonitor than the aforementioned SpyOnIt is. SpyOnIt tends to be a little too busy designwise whereas TrackEngine is straightforwand simple.

FROM: Fred [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 1, 2003 -- 11:53:02 am
Try ChangeDetect for web page monitoring services. Its free and is loaded with features, but you have to pay for the good stuff.

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