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May 16th, 2000

I hereby declare a new unit of measurement.

Several years ago, I started describing the load time of some web sites in "forevers". For instance, my old personal site had a front page that would take "1.4 forevers to load".

I’d now like to establish a standard for the unit of measurement forever.

1 forever = 2.0 minutes

Think about it. Two minutes of loading graphics, code, or whathaveyou on a web site is a long time. How long? Forever. If it takes any longer, you might be waiting longer than forever – say, 1.8 forevers. I do think that, for most people, 0.6 forevers is going to be the maximum waiting limit.

Of course, forevers vary depending on net connection, phase of the moon, etc. For some people, The Daily Ping may take 0.2 forevers to load; for some, 0.9. That’s how the net is. But now we have a way of describing how long things take to load. Forever forever! -pm

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