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June 4th, 2000

It’s time to parent again II

This one hits a little closer to home. A young Berwyn boy was killed when leaving school last week by a car. Allegedly, the boy did not cross at a crosswalk, and did not look both ways before crossing the street.

The mother’s reaction? Close the street down.

Yes, the whole street. No, I’m not sure whether she means during school hours (somewhat plausible) or permanently (incredibly unlikely.) In either event, yes, it is a sad accident but to my ears, it’s simply another shifting of blame… another stab at deferring personal responsibility. Teach your kids to be patient and careful, for goodness’ sake!

Can’t help but wonder if that’s too much to ask, nowadays.

Followup 6.6.00: I got some of the initial facts wrong. First off, it was a girl who ran out into the street. And secondly, the mother is looking to close the street during the start and end of the school day. -pm

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