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June 29th, 2000

Superior Court

In the past, I’ve featured some semi-obscure TV shows as a Daily Ping, but today may be the most obscure yet — and I don’t even know whether anyone will remember the phenomenon that was the mid-80’s daytime courtroom drama reenactment.

There were a number of these shows I would occasionally watch as a kid that, for whatever reason, I really loved. Imagine the look and feel and production value of People’s Court or Judge Judy except with more serious cases (divorce, kidnapping, embezzlement, etc.). The one major difference (aside from the content of the cases involved) was that all the people involved were actors. The lawyers were actors, the judge was an actor, and the witnesses were actors. And while it may sound like I’m describing some hour-long prime time drama, these were actually pretty cheesy half-hour shows on at the same time as soap operas.

My favorite was called Superior Court. I had my “favorite lawyer” (there were only about four that switched roles each show) and everything. There were one or two other shows that were similar to it — the only one I remember was the slightly more successful Divorce Court. Does anyone have any recollection of these? -ram

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