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July 2nd, 2000

60 Words, 60 Movie Reviews

(Exempting the title for each film.)

The Patriot: quality
Gone in 60 Seconds: fast
U-571: gripping
Head: intriguing
magnolia: awful
The Blair Witch Project: spooky
The Sixth Sense: creepy
Back to the Future: scott!
American Beauty: moving
The Green Mile: gorgeous

The Matrix: provocative
American Pie: ho-hum
Frequency: thriller
Dogma: good
Chasing Amy: better
Clerks: best
Titanic: overrated
Independence Day: purdy
Toy Story: yeehaw!
Ghost: sniffle

There’s Something About Mary: gross
Dumb and Dumber: decrepit
Jerry Maguire: fair
The Princess Bride: perfect
12 Monkeys: exciting
The Fugitive: great
It’s a Wonderful Life: classic
A Bronx Tale: wonderful
Good Will Hunting: cute
Grosse Pointe Blank: funny

High Fidelity: charming
Austin Powers: smashing
Austin Powers 2: funnier
Armageddon: drivel
Stargate: crap
Star Trek Insurrection: yawner
Star Trek First Contact: awesome
Star Trek Generations: eeeeh
The Birdcage: clever
Wayne’s World: excellent!

Big: fun
Ghostbusters: enjoyable
Ghostbusters II: sequel
Enemy of the State: yeah!
The General’s Daughter: okay
The Negotiator: boom!
In the Line of Fire: Malkovich
Shakespeare in Love: surprising
The Rock: good
Death Becomes Her: dark

The Man With Two Brains: dull
Three Amigos!: lame
Fletch: witty
Fletch Lives: satirical
Analyze This: disappointing
Rushmore: sleep
Total Recall: blast!
Speed: neat
The Immortals: trash
Empire Records: rubbish


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