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July 1st, 2000

Alex P. Keaton Goes Back to the Future

I try not to repeat topics too much, but I had to go back to the trusty Family Ties for this weekend Ping. On Friday’s TBS rerun, I realized that Michael J. Fox’s first trip back in time wasn’t in a Deloreon to the 1950’s. Turns out that in a 1984 episode of Family Ties, our buddy Alex P. Keaton visited the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Granted, it was during a dream (one of those dreams where everyone from the show plays a different character), but sure enough, it seemed like Marty McFly was hanging with Thomas Jefferson (played by Stephen Keaton, of course). The two time travellers were very similar in their actions (as you’d expect being played by the same person), but I’m beginning to wonder whether this was shot at about the same time as Back to the Future (which was released a year after this episode aired). Granted, Alex didn’t make anybody yell “1.21 gigawatts!” but this was still a thoroughly entertaining episode. -ram

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Da Man September 24, 2006, 3:27 am

This was a classic episode. But MJF is NOT the best actor in the whole, wide world. He was and is entertaining however.


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