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July 22nd, 2000


One of many useful tools that Ryan introduced me to, is SpamCop. If you’re like, well, anyone and are sick of getting spam, this is a great tool. Simply copy the entire email, headers and all, and paste it in the form that SC gives you. It then dissects the email, figures out who to notify, and sends all the appropriate emails – with a note from you, if you wish.

I got a very specific spam this morning, with my email explicitly in the headers (doh!) – that’s been rare. Even without your specific email addy, you can file a report with SpamCop. It’s quite thorough.

In addition, here’s a technique I picked up that works if you have your own domain name and have aliases (ie, gets to you.) When you register at various sites, use the site’s name as your email address ( That way, you can easily see if someplace is using your email addy in, uh, questionable ways. -pm

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