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July 23rd, 2000

Bizarre Cinema

Alphaville… Jean-Luc Godard’s bizarre vision of the future, as envisioned in the 1960’s. Wonderfully strange, featuring a central computer with the most wicked voice ever heard in a movie.

Week-end… Another Godard flick. All you need to know is that there is a single tracking shot that lasts ten minutes and consists of nothing but people in a traffic jam honking their horns. Chaotic and apocolyptic.

Even Dwarfs Started Small… A cast made up entirely of small people. See my earlier Ping for further details.

The Holy Mountain… Very strange anti-religion flick that features a Jesus-like figure and his sidekick, an ass-kicking midget with no arms and no legs (I kid you not).

Note while I list these all as “bizarre” movies, they are strange with a purpose. They are wonderfully entertaining films from a directorial standpoint even if they totally shun the standard linear storytelling of Hollywood cinema. If you dig fringe films, I urge you to check these four out. And, of course, contribute your own favorite movie from the outer edges of cinema. -ram

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