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July 26th, 2000

Requiem for Addicted to Noise

Continuing my "Let’s pause and remember a good online resource before it got swallowed whole by a megacorporation" series, this time, let’s focus on Addicted to Noise.

ATN was one of the first online mags I read, since I love music. Coverage was great: feature articles were superior to their print equivalents, the album reviews were well put, and the daily music news was the place to get the scoop. Then, of course, ATN fell under Sonicnet’s wing, which later got swallowed by MTVI, the Interactive arm of Viacom’s little experiment called MTV.

Bah. ATN is gone, and so is the heart. Sure, the name will live on as a smattering of columns, but the real ATN… that’s a part of history. -pm

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2000 -- 7:53:10AM
I used to read ATN back when I first got on the internet. Over time I seemed to forget about it in favor of much smaller sites. Anyway, I'm sad that it has gone the way most good things do these days.

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