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April 22nd, 2011

It took a while, but I finally like…


For the longest time I didn’t like the stuff. I didn’t like the texture, didn’t like the flavor, and thought it was just generally pretty icky. But, a couple of years back I had a batch of fresh guacamole and it totally changed me. When I learned (yes, I had to learn) that avocado was the main ingredient I was sold.

Guacamole and I get along really well now, but more importantly I’ve come to really enjoy avocados in salads. Now I’m bummed I didn’t start liking it sooner.

Is there anything you’ve tried that used to be wholly unappealing?

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Dave Walls April 22, 2011, 11:16 am

How weird is this ping for timing? I have never liked avocado, despite trying it on multiple occasions. About 2 weeks ago, however, I went out to lunch at an upscale Mexican restaurant in Philadelphia, and they ordered a giant bowl of guacamole. Insisting I try it, I finally caved in and dipped a tiny portion of it onto a tortilla chip. Now, I can’t stop thinking about new dishes to put avocado in, or on.

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