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July 29th, 2000

Supermarkets, Part Two: Organic for the Price of Conventional

More and more major chain supermarkets like Giant are beginning to sell organic fruits and vegetables as well as milk from cows that haven’t been injected with growth hormones, etc. It’s a good sign that organically grown produce is in higher demand by the everyday consumer, but what’s interesting is that in the last four months that I’ve shopped at Giant and bought organic produce, not one time has the cashier correctly rung up the items. Each and every time, they’ve rung it up as conventional (which is generally less expensive than organic). Most of the time I’m paying attention and I point out to them that “it’s the organic lettuce” (good karma and everything), but a few times I’ve been preoccupied and have just not noticed. I wonder exactly how much the cashiers at that Giant alone have undercharged their customers! -ram

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