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July 28th, 2000

Stinky Sequel

I almost shy away from telling you this, but, stinkymeat has spawned a sequel: stinkyfeet. It’s quite disgusting but… I can’t… turn… away! -pm

Posted in Just Plain Odd

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday July 28, 2000 -- 11:22:47AM
By the time I got to Day 16, I was ready to vomit.

Oh well, off to lunch.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Friday July 28, 2000 -- 12:40:32AM
This is hilarious! I love it! I can live vicariously thru this guy.
We use to do "challenges" back in college for bragging rights. I won't divulge them here for the sake of humanity, but one that I did participate in was to see how long me and my challenger could go without showering. This included playing racquetball, softball, and other physical activities in the mean time. Sad to say, I caved in after 10 days and lost the bet.
Those were the good old days.
-Old Fezz

FROM: Sheriff Buford T. Justice
DATE: Thursday August 3, 2000 -- 2:18:38PM
OK, this might be the most disturbing thing I've read since this article on preventing SIDS:

That just makes me thing of little babies with sharp corner heads.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Tuesday September 26, 2000 -- 9:46:42AM
The group that brought you Stinkymeat and Stinkyfeet is now holding a Fat contest to see if two contestants can gain 30 pounds in 30 days. This should be good!


FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday September 27, 2000 -- 9:27:28AM
It makes me proud to be an American, I tell ya. :)

This should be an interesting experiment. Maybe they can use Laze's Diet Plan to get back down to their optimum weight after the experiment is over.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:38:31 pm

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