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August 3rd, 2000

Lazy Flashbacks

I’ve decided that the laziest episodes of any sitcom are the “flashback” episodes — you know the ones… they have about 3-4 minutes of original content and the rest are flashbacks to the funniest moments of previous episodes. I’m not sure how many current sitcoms use these devices of the devil, but I know in the 80’s, most did.

For instance, Family Ties (of course) did an absurd three flashback episodes in a mere four seasons. The first one had some random relative visiting the Keaton’s, trying to tell them stories about London, but the family kept interrupting with their own inane stories, resulting in the painful flashback sequences. The second and third times were actually back-to-back (they presented it as a two-parter!) where the family recounted stories about Alex to his girlfriend Ellen. Ugh.

Does anyone else have any painful memories about flashback episodes in sitcoms? -ram

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