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August 10th, 2000

Palm strikes back

In my neverending saga of "Will I buy a PDA or not?", Palm has thrown a new wrench into the works: the m100. It’s little, for sure, but it’s got a lot of what I want in a PDA. Then there are those darned nice Pocket PCs, which have great features but cost a whole lot more than $150.

Is it just me, or are all of these little portable gadgets going to merge really soon? -pm

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday August 10, 2000 -- 2:22:49AM
" I got armageddon weaponry like the seven seals"
Words of the boogimonsters

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday August 10, 2000 -- 5:03:01PM
So much for simplicity in life.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Thursday August 10, 2000 -- 9:26:42PM
Id buy an older CE device, that has a PC Card slot, there around $70-$150 on eBay, with 2mb to 8mb of mem. The Pc card makes it ultra easy to add stuff like modems, considering you dont need any drivers.

FROM: Dave
DATE: Monday October 2, 2000 -- 10:07:03AM
The world is going the way of the palm. Look at all the devices that are now using (or will be using) the palm OS. an example of this is the new cell phone that uses the palm OS

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday October 2, 2000 -- 10:57:08AM
Dave, thanks for bringing this Ping back up top. :)

Qualcomm has had a Palm phone for a while now - but I have never seen one in person.

I wanted to mention that I checked out the m100 and, aside from the 2MB of memory, I liked it. Nice, small, and the color sleeves are a good touch. I'd still go with a Visor Deluxe in the Palm OS arena, though.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:41:15 pm

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