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September 2nd, 2000

What are you going to do with 80GB?

It almost seems ridiculously large: Maxtor has an 80GB EIDE drive available. Today. Now. September 2, 2000.

I’ve got a 17GB drive in my machine and have somehow managed to use up about 9GB out of that – and I’d guess that a sizable portion of that space is just my music collection. The question is, what does one do with 80GB? And how the heck do you back that up? -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday September 2, 2000 -- 12:35:03AM
Who will be the first to answer with the most obvious space filler...?

FROM: Tony
DATE: Saturday September 2, 2000 -- 2:05:44PM
That drive must take forever to reformat (if it was full). Or defrag.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday September 2, 2000 -- 4:21:01PM
I would make multiple copies of my resume and my record collection in case I lose one or more. That would take up some room.

FROM: pistol jack
DATE: Saturday September 2, 2000 -- 6:55:05PM



FROM: Tony
DATE: Saturday September 2, 2000 -- 8:16:22PM
I have headches backing up 1.15gb of mp3's, i cnat even imagine 80gb or them..

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday September 2, 2000 -- 8:29:25PM
Jeff -- Congrats. ;)

80 gigs would be torture to back up... but I think as optical storage and other mass, MASS storage devices come into the mainstream, it'll get easier.

80 gigs... yeesh.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Sunday September 3, 2000 -- 9:35:41AM
According to my calcuation you would have about 55 days worth of music on a 80gb drive (assuming each mp3 is an average of 3.5mb and is 3:30 long)
22,857 mp3s total on the drive (rounded)
79999 Minuets total (rounded)
1333.325 Hours
55 Days (rounded)

Now, I wonder how long Id have to save up to buy that drive?

DATE: Monday September 4, 2000 -- 8:56:16AM
Probably not long. The 40 gig drives out there now are less than $200 and hard drives seem to drop in price pretty quickly.

As for backing the thing up... I doubt that anyone's going to keep 80 gigs worth of really important stuff that NEEDS backing up on there. But I could be wrong. This is the moron that doesn't back anything up, after all. ;)

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:44:35 pm

Paul July 25, 2009, 1:45 pm

This Ping is quite funny today.

Paul March 28, 2011, 11:42 am

And it remains just as funny today.

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