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September 1st, 2000

Bad Way to Die #541

In Australia, some fishermen caught a huge fish, and when they opened it up, they found the head of a fellow fisherman that had fallen in the water the previous day. They found the entire freakin’ head. Read the full story here. -ram

Posted in Just Plain Odd

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Friday September 1, 2000 -- 9:21:58AM
This sounds a bit fishy to me.
Ha ha!
-Old Fezz

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday September 1, 2000 -- 10:50:57AM
OF -- *groan* :)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday September 1, 2000 -- 11:16:14AM
He wasn't using his head, I bet.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday September 1, 2000 -- 4:36:20PM
We don't have long before the fish are our masters.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday September 1, 2000 -- 8:10:23PM
This story is like some of the dreams I have had before. I have dreamed of peoples heads being inside fish and stuff. I guess it all goes back to Jona in the Bible.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday September 1, 2000 -- 9:12:20PM
[sings] "My name is Jonas..." Wait, that's not the same thing.

FROM: Huyen
DATE: Sunday September 3, 2000 -- 8:50:16PM
I heard of two Darwin award winners:
one man was buried in elephant excrement because he was trying to cure a constipated elephant...
and another man was doing an experiment where he used helium balloons under his chair to make himself fly and he ended up getting hit by a plane...
hmmm- I don't think I'd like to lose my head when I die, or get buried in massive quantities of elephant (or any type of) poop, or go out with a bang even if I was on a natural high.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday September 4, 2000 -- 8:42:45PM
Is there even a good way to die?

FROM: pistol jack
DATE: Tuesday September 5, 2000 -- 9:44:39AM
i gotta take a line from the Great Neil Young-- "Better to burn out then to fade away" (from the classic Hey, Hey, My, My)

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