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October 4th, 2000

Yahoo! Everything

I stopped by my local large computer store last weekend and had to take a double-take at what I saw. Yahoo! Speakers. There was the familiar yellow-on-purple logo, with these rather generic looking speakers smack dab in the middle.

Now I’m getting scared. I like Yahoo!, I really do, but they’re starting to really branch out and expand the brand… the idea of having all of my peripherals "created" by my web directory is a tad unnerving.

That said, buy your Daily Ping mugs in the Store today. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday October 4, 2000 -- 9:21:19AM
I saw a headline the other day that said Yahoo! was looking for ways to start charging for their services... which services, I'm not sure... so I guess financially they're not doing so hot.

FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Wednesday October 4, 2000 -- 11:25:13AM
Yahoo has made $178 million in profit (post-tax) in the past fiscal year, which I would hesitate to call not so hot, particularly when that is far and above any other dot-com (and when, in fact, almost every other dot-com is losing rather than making money). No, it's not as much as Intel, but in a brand new industry, where only a handful of companies have even proven capable of making money at all, it is extremely impressive.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday October 4, 2000 -- 11:29:36AM
Terry -- my comment was based only on the fact I saw that Yahoo! was looking to charge for some services that they had traditionally offered for free. Since that's generally a sign of a business in trouble, I made an assumption (in this case a wrong one).

Although Yahoo's content is often hit-or-miss (I rarely use their search engine anymore in favor of the Open Directory/Google combo), I do admit that the services they've offered have been relatively strong (though they ran into problems with e-mail last weekend, apparently).

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday October 4, 2000 -- 6:50:38PM
You guys never talk about the Daily Ping mugs and shirts any more. Does that mean they were limited edition? If so, I'm glad I got mine. Rather, I'm GETTING mine.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Wednesday October 4, 2000 -- 8:19:27PM
A friend of mine has a Yahoo! backpack. ewwwww.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday October 4, 2000 -- 10:10:58PM
Robert: they are Limited Edition. Each shirt and mug has actual DNA of both Ryan and myself in the stitching and ink. I still have a few hairs on my head, so I have a little more DNA to give - although, I don't know how Ryan's doin'.

Tony: a Yahoo! backpack seems really out of place!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday October 5, 2000 -- 12:19:40AM
You don't even want to know how my DNA is on there.


And, Robert, I expect a picture of you with your gear for our store page...

... Ryan

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday October 5, 2000 -- 9:52:37AM
Ryan--Is that so that the hideous will not feel alone in Ping gear, or because you just want to scare everyone?

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:49:56 pm

Paul October 5, 2010, 12:01 pm

Clearly, this is evidence that Yahoo! hasn’t had a direction for quite some time now.

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