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October 8th, 2000


How can anyone forget the Yugo? The ultra-small, ultra-cheap car that did ultra-nothing. An ad from the Chicago Auto Show program of 1991 points out that you can put the car on your credit card! That’s a benefit for you.

Maybe that’s a bit harsh. People have found creative uses for the car, outside of just buying parts to keep it on the road. If you’re in the home country, though, you can still buy them and they still pretty much look the same. -pm

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FROM: Joseph Long
DATE: Sunday February 18, 2001 -- 9:48:13PM
I have a Yugo with 275,000 miles on it. It still purrs when I drive it every day. 45 mpg on highway, and if you're willing to wait, it'll go 85 mph, which is certainly fast enough (and that's with the smaller 1.1 litre engine). My dreamcar? A Yugo Cabrio with a 1.3 litre fuel injected engine. Ahhhh, one day....

FROM: Joseph Long
DATE: Sunday February 18, 2001 -- 9:53:05PM
Oh yeah, I paid $50 for it. That was ten years ago.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday February 19, 2001 -- 1:01:26AM
Well, I'd have to say that's probably one of the best bargains I've ever heard of -- $50 for a car with almost 300,000 miles on it. If that's a true story, it's a hell of a deal!

FROM: srdjan
DATE: Tuesday February 20, 2001 -- 8:16:34AM
that is a wery good car,the best i ever had.

FROM: Oskó József
DATE: Thursday March 29, 2001 -- 1:12:37AM
I have a Yugo homepage too:

FROM: igor
DATE: Wednesday April 4, 2001 -- 12:39:28PM
this is shit

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday April 4, 2001 -- 12:59:28PM
Your pronoun lacks a clear antecedent. Yugo now. (rimshot)

FROM: jas
DATE: Saturday April 14, 2001 -- 4:39:21PM
i am a big yugo fan ,i have a yugo 65a 1300cc and it goes!!! i use it for motor sport.
i have got a yugo web site
my dream yugo would be a yugo 65a gls fuel injected ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

FROM: Yugofan
DATE: Thursday February 14, 2002 -- 8:57:44 pm
Yugo Cabrio at $3500. Red Yugo with only 5,000 original miles--$2,000 starting ebay bid. Beat up Yugo, blue $40 ebay. A Yugo for all styles and price ranges, still available in the US in the twenty-first century! Get yours today!!

FROM: Joseph Long
DATE: Wednesday June 5, 2002 -- 5:51:59 pm
The Yugo is coming back--to a dealer near you!!! Don't believe me? Read the article in Forbes online mag.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday May 17, 2004 -- 10:29:51 am
Malcolm Bricklin backed out. No Yugos to these shores any time soon. Though the new ZMW seems to be doing fine over there. It'd be a great time to bring the car back to the U.S. with gas prices over $3 in places and expected to top out at over $4 a gallon this summer--maybe even $5? Where are we? Europe?

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:50:31 pm

FROM: anthony
DATE: Wednesday April 26, 2006 -- 11:41:16 pm
I bought a mint condition yugo that was sittin in storage(heated) for 15 years and found at a mercedes dealer here in Vancouver i paid $1100 for it and love it the 1100cc is a nice purring italian masterpiece. it fits four adults comfortably and everything still works...i have nothing to regret about buying this car so far. if you have the means and find a decent one,with gas the price that it is ,i recommend picking one up!..thanks for reading

FROM: lol
DATE: Thursday April 27, 2006 -- 6:04:53 am
get a bmw sad bastard

FROM: delij@
DATE: Tuesday May 2, 2006 -- 8:47:06 pm
people, YUGO is the best car for rebuilding!!!It's cheap and you can put any part on!YUGO RULLES!!!

Joseph October 31, 2008, 7:47 pm

As a Yugo owner for over ten years, I just have to say that the car is awesome. Most people don’t even remember it anymore, so they can just think about how cool it is since they don’t know anything about all the bad press.

Check out this very recent story about a Yugo convert.

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