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October 8th, 2000


How can anyone forget the Yugo? The ultra-small, ultra-cheap car that did ultra-nothing. An ad from the Chicago Auto Show program of 1991 points out that you can put the car on your credit card! That’s a benefit for you.

Maybe that’s a bit harsh. People have found creative uses for the car, outside of just buying parts to keep it on the road. If you’re in the home country, though, you can still buy them and they still pretty much look the same. -pm

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Joseph October 31, 2008, 7:47 pm

As a Yugo owner for over ten years, I just have to say that the car is awesome. Most people don’t even remember it anymore, so they can just think about how cool it is since they don’t know anything about all the bad press.

Check out this very recent story about a Yugo convert.

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