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October 10th, 2000

Ages of Importance

For some reason, getting older’s on my mind today. Here are some thoughts on the "big ages" in one’s life.

age 0-3: you’re a toddler. Just learning the ropes. Getting out there. Learning to talk, walk, and all that good stuff.
age 3-7: you’re not that cute anymore. Unless you’re cute by nature; then you’re good for life.
age 7-10: you find that the world is bigger than your neighborhood. by far.
age 10-12: the tweens. You really really really want to have "teen" as a suffix on your age.
age 13-16: early teens! Social life. Good stuff happens. And of course, driving kicks in at 16.
age 17: nothing.
age 18: first step of legality! You get to vote.
age 19-20: nothing, again.
age 21: second step of legality: lots of good stuff happens. You can drink legally, for one.
age 22: nothing.
age 23: your car insurance probably goes down, and you can get into more nightclubs.
age 24: nothing.
age 25: your car insurance goes down, again, and you’re a quarter of the way done, if all goes well.
age 26-29: worry about turning 30.
age 30-39: worry aobut turning 40.
age 40-49: worry about turning 50.
age 50-54: worry about being able to join AARP.
age 55: join AARP.
age 56-60: say "screw it" and start enjoying things instead of worrying about getting older
age 61-70: young senior citizen. Discounts really kick in. Coffee becomes a friend at Denny’s.
age 71-73: if you’re a very typical male, you’re getting close to the average life expectancy. Females have a few more years to go, at least.
age 90: you’re full of wisdom, and truly priceless.
age 100: you’re an elite.

There’s a lot ahead, isn’t there? -pm

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