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October 19th, 2000

New TLDs

Supposedly the ICANN will (finally) be proposing some official new top-level domains (TLDs) next month to add to the quickly-dwindling .com, .net, and .org domains. Some obvious ones are .kids and .sex (or .xxx), but no one is quite sure what the others will be. .shop? .pol(itics)? Whatever the case, these are long overdue, and the “officially” set TLDs will likely do a lot better than the small countries who have sold their TLD to corporations (like Tuvalu selling the .tv domain… this was also the case with the .ws and .md domains).

Companies are paying $50,000 for the privelege of submitting a TLD suggestion and anxiously awaiting the November 20th decision. Since I’m sure the ICANN is reading the Daily Ping (ahem), how about some suggestions? And I promise we won’t charge you 50 grand. -ram

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