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October 20th, 2000

Old Ads

I’ve always been interested in advertising and marketing… for as long as I can remember. It’s with a very broad smile on my face that I share with you Yes, it’s a clearinghouse for tons of old print advertisements! (Side note: ads of the 80s, particularly computer ones, were very wordy.) Here are a few of my favorites – post yours.

The Tandy 102 Portable: I saw this on an ep of Night Court recently. Funny how some new portable computers look an awful lot like this. I also came very close to buying one (got a short-lived 286 laptop instead.)

Commodore 64: I have an old issue of Compute!’s Gazette with this very ad on the back cover. Look at that modem!

Sony Portable TV: To think that this is ridiculously simple now….

The Chevy Chase Show: Saw this one a few times. Funny ad. Horrible show.

1988 Dodge Shadow ES: I had a base model! My first car. The guy in the ad is really puttin’ some smooth moves on his date.

Spam & Limas: <insert vomiting sound here>

Happy Days Chewing Tobacco: You just don’t see these types of ads anymore!

Videorax Backup System: Before tape drives were beaten out by CD-Rs, Zips, and Jaz drives, this was an interesting, if not unpopular, alternative. Look! 80 whole megs on a VHS tape!

Hot Dr Pepper: Yuck! Again: Yuck!

And, finally, the Today Condom – the female condom – that just never really took off.

[Note: this link was featured on both /usr/bin/girl and Pop Culture Junk Mail recently.] -pm

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