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October 20th, 2000

Old Ads

I’ve always been interested in advertising and marketing… for as long as I can remember. It’s with a very broad smile on my face that I share with you Yes, it’s a clearinghouse for tons of old print advertisements! (Side note: ads of the 80s, particularly computer ones, were very wordy.) Here are a few of my favorites – post yours.

The Tandy 102 Portable: I saw this on an ep of Night Court recently. Funny how some new portable computers look an awful lot like this. I also came very close to buying one (got a short-lived 286 laptop instead.)

Commodore 64: I have an old issue of Compute!’s Gazette with this very ad on the back cover. Look at that modem!

Sony Portable TV: To think that this is ridiculously simple now….

The Chevy Chase Show: Saw this one a few times. Funny ad. Horrible show.

1988 Dodge Shadow ES: I had a base model! My first car. The guy in the ad is really puttin’ some smooth moves on his date.

Spam & Limas: <insert vomiting sound here>

Happy Days Chewing Tobacco: You just don’t see these types of ads anymore!

Videorax Backup System: Before tape drives were beaten out by CD-Rs, Zips, and Jaz drives, this was an interesting, if not unpopular, alternative. Look! 80 whole megs on a VHS tape!

Hot Dr Pepper: Yuck! Again: Yuck!

And, finally, the Today Condom – the female condom – that just never really took off.

[Note: this link was featured on both /usr/bin/girl and Pop Culture Junk Mail recently.] -pm

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FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Thursday October 19, 2000 -- 11:55:46PM
Paul -- Excellent links, and an interesting Ping. Thanks. I too am interested in old ads, particularly computer ads. My favorite ads, which I can't find examples of on the site are:

- Ads for accelerators (remember those?) which promised lightning fast speedup's on operations which today are considered quite inane (such as word processor search and replace). My, how times have changed.

- Old business computer ads which show people (particularly women) dressed up like they're going to the symphony, for performing such mundane tasks as doing a tape backup, or submitting batch jobs.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday October 20, 2000 -- 9:45:06AM
Oh man, those were great. I never thought of heating up Dr Pepper and I probably never will after today. As for Chevy Chase, with him came the promise of so much for late night but the realization of so little.
My older used to have some kind of Tandy computer. We only used it to play Popcorn and Circus.

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Sunday October 22, 2000 -- 11:23:31AM
Mmmmmm... hot Dr. Pepper and Spam and Limas... I think I'm gonna' run upstairs and make me some right now...

Just kidding! Dear God!!! y'know, the hot Dr. Pepper has me like, curious... very curious (as I love Dr. Pepper)... but Spam? How the hell this synthetic hunk of gellotenous pork ever took off in popularity is beyond me. I remember distantly in some now heavily repressed sense having had Spam... irony serves me though of trying to actually physically remember the consumption or the quality of the taste.

My guess... it just didn't have that quality to displace White Castle's (or burgers from any burger place, Sonic has become one of my faves now after frequenting the South) or any good Chicago or NY-style pizza place. Then again... I know of nobody in the modern sense that actually eats the stuff. Wierd... very wierd. Kinda' like a "food fad"...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday October 24, 2000 -- 3:21:21PM
I was looking at a sauce pan the other day and I was thinking that maybe I should pick up some Dr P soon and dump a few cans in and ....

Then I slapped myself back into coherence.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday October 24, 2000 -- 11:46:39PM
I think Chevy Chase needs a second chance on tv. Fox didn't give him time to try and inmprove. Look at what Conan became with time.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday January 7, 2001 -- 12:49:27AM
I'd like to report that Hot Dr Pepper was taste-tested this night.

I'd like to report that it is ridiculously abominable.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday January 7, 2001 -- 2:47:10AM
Paul--You are a man whose bravery I admire. When my family went to Berlin when I was in the 9th grade we didn't dare drink our Coke without ice despite the fact that German tap water is not pleasant.

FROM: justin
DATE: Monday April 23, 2001 -- 2:08:09PM
awsome site i notice alot of hot dr. peper replies but what about the spam and lima one *GAG* thats fucken gross

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