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October 27th, 2000

The Return of My Teac

A while back, my Teac 5-disc changer broke after nearly ten years. So, I decided to replace it with a relatively low-end single-disc Teac model, which cost about $115 shipped from From the moment I got it, though, it didn’t work correctly. It wouldn’t read certain discs, it would stop partway through others, and it would frequently skip. I decided to get it repaired (it was still fully under warranty) even though the nearest Teac service center is 40 minutes away.

Three weeks passed with no word on my deck other than “we sent it back to be serviced.” So, today, I get it back and turns out my waiting paid off: rather than fixing my previous deck, they replaced it. On top of that, they replaced it with the next model up, which goes for another $50 more than the original I bought! Not a bad exchange.

So, I thought my faith in Teac was wavering, but it looks like this new model (complete with pitch control!) may do me well. Hopefully for a decade or so. -ram

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