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October 26th, 2000


Heh… you thought 3Com was out of the handheld PC market. Not so fast, bub! Here comes Audrey, the… uhm… thing from the Ergo division. While it isn’t a handheld PC, it is the closest thing to a real net appliance I’ve seen yet. And, I think it has something of a chance.

The greater question is, of course, are the masses ready for something that isn’t quite a computer, and looks more like the Philips line of kitchen appliances? It’s tough to say. The interface looks pretty slick, and the marketing team has got their work cut out for themselves… but I think it’s a longshot, frankly. Nevertheless, it’s becoming more and more apparent that in a number of years, you might not need a PC; the PC might evolve into the home’s server, with tons of little net appliances making use of it. -pm

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