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November 26th, 2000


Okay, if you drive, please confirm: drivers are actually getting much worse much quicker than ever before. And, please share your latest driving tales. -pm

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FROM: Tony
DATE: Sunday November 26, 2000 -- 7:54:30AM
Since myself am only 15, I am in the process of learning how to drive. The other day, I was driving on I-75 and its got a speed limit of 55 and I was doing 60. The guy behind me sat on my bumper for 7 or 8 miles, before he passed and flicked me off. Never let me drive a tank.

On Monday (last week) I was staying home from school, and Mom insisted me and my Father get her some dounuts that morning , (well, my dad and myself just "assumed" that.) As I was starting to go up a small bridge, someone from the lanes coming from the right, blew the stopsign, and swung WAY over into my lane, a few centimeters closer, Id have half a car.

See, even new drivers get this kind of crap.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday November 26, 2000 -- 11:10:08PM
Virginia = concealed weapons permit = driving problem solved as soon as I can get out to my local sporting goods store

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday November 27, 2000 -- 9:00:01AM
Tony -- Going 60 in a 55 certainly doesn't deserve to get you tailgated... there's no doubt that most people (myself occasionally included) follow too closely. My fiancee was driving a moving van (about 10-11') and a middle-aged guy in a little sports car (mid-life crisis perhaps?) was following her too closely, and when she had to slam on the brakes for a guy in front of her, she had enough room to stop, but he hit her in the bumper. She barely felt it due to the size of the van, but the guy's car had some noticable damage to it. You'd think someone would realize "Gee, I can't see around this car, I better give him/her a little extra room in case they stop suddenly."

And this morning I encountered a dopey guy crossing over parking lot spaces here at work to get out of the lot... that's not SO bad, but he was paying no attention to anything and even though I had the right of way, he proceeded to cut in front of me, causing me to hit the brakes hard (and subsequently flick him off).

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday November 27, 2000 -- 10:16:52AM
Tony--Were you in the left lane? If so, I can kind of understand if the guy was frustrated. If not, you should have gotten behind him and used the police bump to make him spin out into a ditch.

Ryan--I can't picture you flippin' the bird. I hope that jackass saw it, though.

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