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November 28th, 2000

Cable’s coming…

I’m just about ready to enter the high-bandwidth club. After starting out on a 2400bps Acrotek Minimodem plugged into my Commodore 128, I’m about a week and a half away from getting a cable modem installed in my new place.

I would have gone with DSL, but allegedly it’s not available here – though the @Home site claims that, yes, cable modems are not available here either. I get a free install and half price for the first six months, which cuts the price to exactly the same as I’m paying for dialup now: $20/month.

However, there are some stories about cable modems on the net that are pretty darn scary. Incompetent service and poor performance seem to be the order of the day. And there are mixed opinions at Epinions, too. I’m still happy to be getting something faster than 56k, but it’ll probably be on a six-month probation period. If things are bad and don’t shape up, I’ll check out DSL. -pm

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FROM: Tony
DATE: Tuesday November 28, 2000 -- 7:29:57AM
I wonder if at&t @home is somehow linked to Comcast @home. If so, get ready. There mail server goes down at the "worst" times. The speed isnt what they say it is (you proably figured that) its more like 2/3's that, (on a good day) . Downloads from popular high-traffic servers top out at about 320k/sec which isnt bad, but its not lightspeed.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday November 28, 2000 -- 11:45:35AM
@Home is, AFAIK, all the same big thing. I don't care about mail servers much, as I don't use ISP mail servers.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Tuesday November 28, 2000 -- 1:05:22PM
Dont get too fond of your desktop settings, You'll have to use the "Autofix" feature on the @home tools so un-godly much, you wont ever have a stable set of settings for more than about 3 hours. When the cable modem breaks, the techs say go there, and that changes everything, on the sys that has changed, so I dont understand how my desktop settings would affect my cable modem.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday November 28, 2000 -- 3:15:56PM
I thought you still used a Commodore 64 Paul

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday November 28, 2000 -- 5:43:17PM
I've got a VIC-20 to this very day, Matt.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:58:39 pm

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