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December 5th, 2000

The Holiday Season

While most holidays have gotten so commercialized that they’re spoiled, I’ve managed to look past the fact that Christmas is corporately owned — it’s my favorite season of the year. Perhaps it’s because I love the cold weather, or maybe I just like the guilty pleasure of listening to Christmas music. It might be that Christmas lights and decorations are a couple of the few remaining things that can still make me feel like a kid. And, of course, the extra time with family, friends, and co-workers (in a social setting) is also a welcome by-product of the holiday.

The December holiday seems to focus around Christmas and non-Christians may feel left out. But perhaps it’s a good thing for the Jewish faith that Kathy Lee Gifford doesn’t insist on butchering Hannukah songs. And this year, Ramadan happens to fall in December — but thank goodness Disney hasn’t gotten their hands on that holy tradition.

Of course, no matter your religion (if you even associate with one), this season can be one for everyone to enjoy for their own reasons. What are yours? -ram

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