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January 5th, 2001

Bad Movie Titles

I wish someone could explain to me exactly how Guy Ritchie’s new film Snatch could have possibly gotten by anyone… about the only more pornographic name I could think of for this non-pornographic movie would be Operation Snatch. -ram

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday January 5, 2001 -- 12:00:36PM
C'mon, Ryan, let's not be so uptight! It didn't get by in England, anyway.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday January 5, 2001 -- 1:25:26PM
Nah, I'm not uptight. ;) I was just amazed that the movie people weren't moreso...

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday January 5, 2001 -- 1:41:49PM
What really offends me is Guy Ritchie being in another movie!

DATE: Friday January 5, 2001 -- 2:23:26PM
I remember before Octopussy came out, I got caught by one of those mall survey-takers. Possible names for the next Bond movie were listed. When I saw "Octopussy" I laughed and asked who the hell would name the movie something that stupid and offensive?? To this day, it's the one Bond movie I've *refused* to watch.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Friday January 5, 2001 -- 4:24:12PM
Snatch is not really a bad word yet with the general public.
I believe it's still in the abyss of slang terms and therefore, got by the 'censors'.
I still use the word in daily converstaion, but using the definition of picking something up quickly. Of course, I snicker inside.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:04:50 pm

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