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The 1st Ping was published on January 6, 2000.

January 6th, 2001

Just the Ten of Us Revisited

One year ago today, The Daily Ping launched with a small feature on the TV show Just the Ten of Us. Today I’d like to revisit those stomping grounds.

First off, can you believe that out of those surveyed, 4 people thought the show jumped the shark on day one? Matthew Perry of a little show called Friends was in an episode. There are some fuzzy screencaps of the Lubbock girls available. The lyrics to the theme song are buried down on this page although astute Pingers will remember that my friend Liz and I knew these by heart, a year ago. The show debut aired on April 26, 1988. And, there must be a connection to Friends since Matt LeBlanc was on the show as well.


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