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February 3rd, 2001



Despite the many layoffs and cutbacks, interesting technology is still being born on the web. Take, for example, TVEyes. Imagine Northern Light’s Alert Service, except instead of watching the web for key phrases, TV shows are monitored.

For instance, I entered “laze” into TVEyes, hoping to find some possible sound bites I could use for my own promotion. Then, in real time, TVEyes monitors broadcasts when “laze” is mentioned. Once it’s mentioned, I get an e-mail (or an IM or a page) with a snippet of the broadcast. From there, I can read a transcript or possibly visit the show’s home page. How many shows TVEyes actually monitors, I’m not sure (their FAQ is worthless). It’s a pretty cool application, with the only downside that you can’t actually hear a snippet of the show (this is apparently available as part of the TVEyes Professional package). -ram

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