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February 10th, 2001

Fake Hot Dogs: The Verdict Is In

As a follow up to Battle of the Fake Food, I have had veggie dogs for a second time. I originally gave the veggie dogs, grilled, a 5 out of 10 rating with the clause that this wasn’t an entirely fair judgment.

This time, I pulled no punches and cooked them just like "regular" hot dogs; I boiled them on the stove. The verdict? While they weren’t nearly as gummy as they were when I’d grilled them, the consistency is too far removed from hot dogs to even be in the same ballpark. Condiments can’t hide the fact that these things just didn’t taste good to me. In addition, the flavor is close to what I’d envision eating plastic tastes like.

While the fake burgers are still good, the hot dogs can’t cut the mustard (pun very much intended.) Therefore, my final rating on the veggie dogs is a measly 3 out of 10. Memories of the bad-tasting dogs were happily chased away with some steamed soybeans, though. -pm

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