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February 9th, 2001

Lovely Lynn

When I started work at the company I’m with now, a small cult had already formed around a nameless female. She was a “stock photo girl” used on the company’s web site. Since then, it seems that this “stock photo girl” has become one of the most popular people in the country, as she’s appeared on everything from billboards to web sites to dating service ads.

Turns out this girl has a name: Lynn. Lovely Lynn, some call her. And here is my tribute to her.

  • 1997: Lynn appears on my company’s web site.
  • 1998: Lynn works for William Byrne & Associates site (her image is no longer on their site).
  • 1998: Lynn starts with lender Sallie Mae.
  • 1998: Lynn takes a night job at NiteTalk — it almost ruins her career.
  • 1998: Around the same time, Aaron spots Lynn on a billboard on I-95 in North Carolina (on the way to Myrtle Beach), working for a telco company.
  • 1999: Lynn goes back to school at National-Louis University.
  • 1999: Lynn starts work at Centura Banks, Inc. (her image is no longer on their site).
  • 2000: After a short banking stint, Lynn starts selling for
  • 2000: Lynn finds an apartment and decides to help The Apartment Connection sell real estate.
  • 2000: Lynn (under her pseudonym “Lisa Raymond”) volunteers for the National Organization for Pretty Women and is featured in The Onion.
  • 2000: Lynn changes careers again and works for the job website
  • 2000: Lynn eventually models for a company providing “The Unified Messaging Solution” named
  • 2001: Currently, Lynn is working for Haywood Mortgage Company.
  • 2001: Lynn is featured in a CNN report about the decline in office productivity due to multitasking. She’s fired from her position. (Shout to Paul for this one)
  • 2002: Lynn hits tough times and gets a shitty job at (thanks, Pinger Barbara!)
  • 2002: Moving into the charity space, Lynn joins Azalea Charities
  • 2002: After a brief stint doing charity work, Lynn jumped ship for a position at TDNet, a library e-journal management service (thanks to Laura for the find).
  • 2003: Headed for the hills, Lynn moved on to the Apartment Association of Metro Denver (hat tip: Paul)
  • 2003: Has Lynn moved elsewhere in “the industry,” working for
  • 2004: Lynn considers pie charts at TerraFirma (via Paul)
  • 2008: Lynn shows up on the National Federation for Credit Counselors web site. (thanks to Dave Walls for this one)
  • 2010: Lynn works hard on flowcharts at (spotted by Laura)
  • 2010: Cheeseball congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) has Lynn join in on Town Hall meetings
  • 2011: Lynn returns as a spokesperson for WorkLife4You, a work-life balance website for federal government employees. (thanks to Laura, who notes “It’s like seeing an old friend”)
  • 2018: Lynn pops up on Twitter, courtesy of Jason Scott, from 1995 CD-ROM.

Ain’t Lynn somethin’?

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Dave Walls January 3, 2008, 9:41 am

Looks like Lynn is only collecting a small paycheck nowadays..She’s only 50 pixels high on the National Federation for Credit Counselors website. (next to the “First Step” link.)

Hey, a girl has to eat.

Laura May 26, 2010, 8:13 pm

Lovely Lynn is still out there: working hard on flowcharts at Edraw.

Ryan May 24, 2011, 9:45 am

Just added a new Lynn spotting (14 years strong!) and caught up on submissions from the comments that I hadn’t added the first go-round.

Paul May 24, 2011, 10:24 am

Truly incredible. What a career!

Aaron May 24, 2011, 2:33 pm

Just like high-school girls…the older I get, Lynn miraculously stays the same age….

DrBob February 19, 2018, 8:10 pm

I wish she had her resume up on LinkedIn. I’d love to have her “in my network,” she Has a broad set of skills and experience.

Has no one figured out who this woman is IRL?

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