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February 16th, 2001

Disney’s Chicago Adventure

Recently, Disney opened up it’s latest theme park – Disney’s California Adventure. Finally, instead of tourists having to do such tedious things as drive various places and experience genuine California life, they can simply visit one contained location instead! Thank God!

It got me to thinking, though… if Disney were to create a Chicago Adventure, what would it have?

  • Recreate Geraldo’s Famous Blooper! Try finding non-existant booty in the Al Capone’s Empty Vault Exhibit!
  • Survive Cabrini Green! Before the infamous CHA projects are torn down for upscale townhome development, try to avoid not only the wrecking ball… but gunshots, too!
  • Point A to Point B! Chicago is known for it’s wonderfully complete expressway and tollway system. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a job, place of residence, and non-car method of getting from your job to your home… in the western suburbs alone. Good luck – you’ll need it!
  • Chicago Bulls Tryouts! No, I’m serious. Let’s have people try out for the Bulls right there.

Any suggestions for an adventure in your city? -pm



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