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February 28th, 2001

A web browser for your Commodore.

I’m not joking, and it actually makes me proud to announce that even the Commodore 64/128 PCs have a graphical browser available to them. Called The Wave, it’s the work of Maurice Randall, a longtime Commie mainstay (he was also big back in my Commodore days.) He’s also programmed the only fax program for the 64/128, geoFAX, and Wheels, which enhances GEOS to function rather similarly to Windows! Impressive little boxes, those two are. -pm

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FROM: Tina
DATE: Wednesday February 28, 2001 -- 10:09:04AM
It's my birthday today!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday February 28, 2001 -- 11:34:28AM
Paul--Pardon my ignorance, but aren't Commodores old and relatively slow to your average computer in use today? What good would all of these fax programs and web browsers be?

FROM: Patrick
DATE: Wednesday February 28, 2001 -- 12:12:03PM
Never would I have imagined that people were still programming for the Commodore -- of course others are using Nintendo Game Boys as a music generator. I think my favorite C64 memory was the games. The Red Baron-esque game is still one of the best flight games ever created and SpaceTaxi was always a challenge.

I considered an emulator, but decided to revitalize another gaming past time, Game Boy -- this time in color. Tetris is still good, but lost it's famous music.

DATE: Wednesday February 28, 2001 -- 1:33:59PM
Happy birthday, Tina. Growing old is FUN. And educational.

I never had a Commodore at all. I can't call myself a true geek. :(

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday February 28, 2001 -- 4:29:19PM
Robert: but aren't Commodores old and relatively slow to your average computer in use today?

Comparatively speaking, sure. The 128 runs at 2MHz and the 64 at 1MHz (if memory serves.) However, one can purchase the SuperCPU, which adds a 20MHz chip into the mix. Considering that people are using 386s and low-end 486s to access the web (Opera! :), speed isn't a problem.

The 64/128 community has dwindled much in the past three-four years, it seems.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Wednesday February 28, 2001 -- 9:07:22PM
Reaching 30 is incredibly educational. Let's just hope I make it to 31! I'm sure by then you guys will write Pings about how archaic DVD's are or something even more fun!

FROM: Frank
DATE: Tuesday February 19, 2002 -- 2:50:38 pm
One argument to getting a C64 emulator is being able to play games that actually had some thought put into them rather than hack-n-slash or 3D shooters that cover the shelves in the stores.

Two of my favorites remain to be beaten:

Rags to Riches
RoadWar 2000

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:10:50 pm

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