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March 4th, 2001

Record Store Blitz

I recently had a rather positive encounter with a good record store, and it took me back to a time in which I never existed… when record stores were places you could go, find and listen to great music, and then buy them for your own collection. Here are a few I’ve been to within Chicagoland, and I encourage you to share your experiences.

Reckless Records, Chicago: By far, the biggest used CD place I’ve been to; Nanette referred me here when I was looking for some goods. Huge, huge selection, well staffed, and generally if it’s not here they don’t make it (or, they can order people to make it for you.)

Second Hand Tunes, various Chicago locations: I used to absolutely love 2nd Hand Tunes in Oak Park… I really thought they had everything under the sun, and prices were good. This is actually where I purchased a few rare R.E.M. goodies. But, since becoming part of a big chain, I’ve found things have been a little less interesting and the prices rather unremarkable. I visited the Chicago store on N. Clark but found the selection similarly lacking.

Val’s Halla, Oak Park: This is a record store in every sense, but I didn’t care for it much the few times I visited. I think it was the cats running around. But it certainly has character. Lots of records. Lots. Neat window displays.

In A Groove, Wheaton: Mentioned in the positive encounter above, another true record store. The walls are lined with records at good prices. The used CD collection is confined to a rather small series of bins in front, but it’s very much like treasure hunting. In addition, they sell some new stuff. Great staff – truly good business.

Have you found any keepers? -pm

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