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March 5th, 2001

Winter Storm Expectations

Here in the northeastern part of the country, we’re looking at what could be the season’s biggest winter storm. The New York area is set for 6-12″ of snow while Boston is looking at blizzard conditions and up to two feet of snow. Unfortunately, here in the DC area, we’re going to miss most of the storm and it’ll only be a few inches.

I was thinking about it, and I really enjoy the excitement of an expected winter storm. As much as news hype bugs me, I really dig when the weather teams are on air in full force predicting a huge storm. Even better (like with this storm) is when the weather gets top billing and some cheesy headline (tonight’s was “Nasty Nor’easter”). This is about the time the Weather Channel pulls out their “Winter Storm Expert,” the highest order of Dork that works at the station and has one of the most irritating voices in all of television.

The thrill of an oncoming storm isn’t as great now as it was when I was in school, when I’d get religious at about 6am (“Oh, please God, let there be no school”), but it’s still pretty exciting. I can’t get enough of snow during the winter, even when others are complaining “enough already!”

The downside, of course, is if you have to do normal grocery shopping and you end up battling the “I have to buy TP and eggs before the storm comes!” freaks (my favorite commentary on the subject comes from Matt’s comment on this Ping). Oddly, though, I went yesterday to pick up some stuff at Giant and there was no mad rush whatsoever.

There’s no doubt, though, that one of the most depressing feelings is when the weatherman’s predicted 8-12″ and you wake up to not even a dusting. That, friends, is absolute zero.

While I may not be on my knees begging for work to be cancelled in the morning (though I wouldn’t necessarily complain), I will still probably set my alarm for 6am just to see if there’s any of that glorious snow covering the lawn. After a mild winter like this, I could use one last big storm before spring settles in. -ram

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