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March 13th, 2001

32 Megs on a Floppy

32 Megs on a Floppy

Those old 3.5″ disks you have may turn out to be more valuable than you thought.

According to IDG, it won’t be long before an inexpensive (< $100) drive is available that will be able to squeeze up to 32 megs of storage out of a regular 3.5" floppy disk (which can normally hold only 1.44 megabytes). I won't bother to get into the technical details, but this would be quite an advancement. The media is super-cheap and the hardware itself isn't much of an investment, considering the storage you get. I have several boxes of 3.5" disks from a "free after rebate" sale that CompUSA had a few years back, and I certainly wouldn't mind backing up some of my data. Of course, this new piece of hardware requires a USB port, but that's beside the point.

I think this might be just the thing to hold us over until we all have 10 terabyte drives on our PCs. -ram

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Paul October 28, 2010, 2:47 am

Wow, 32 whole megs!

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